I really enjoy all the events that are planned for residents. There is a bit of a littering issue but that’s not really the complex’s fault.

Great Staff that was willing to help out and answer any questions regarding the complex. Very generous and explained to us very nicely about the apartments and its features.

Love the Fields, clean, beautiful property and quiet close to campus. Public transportation is near by. The property leasing office is amazing!!!

Love it here!! The staff is amazing and the property is super chill and relaxing and close to everything. We are renewing our lease because this is the best place in town.

It’s been a great experience living here. They did a good job for most of the things, and would fix things in a timely manner. They also love my dog, and they’ve been super friendly and helpful.

The fields is a good place for your choice if you want to move out from campus. Near college mall and the service is great as well. If will be much better if the price cheaper a little bit.

overall i have a good experience living here. the staff is nice and helpful. the environment is very nice and quiet, and the club house is great.

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i think it is really a good experience in living in the fields aparment as it is very comfortable to live and the envirnoment is very beautiful.

From now, I'm really appreaciated the living condition. The rental office have everything we need in our daily life. Also, the application process is really easy

I think all furnitures are clean and the kitchen stuffs are very clean and new. And they did pretty good job on check all fire machines routine.

As a student at in IU, it's so necessary to have a home in Bloomington. After 3 months of living here i felt the neighbor is so beautiful and the service is great.

Love my apartment, all of the amenities, and the staff. I think it's cool that you guys put effort into creating fun little events for residents.

Overall, the environment and the service is pretty outstanding. However, the furniture in the house was somewhat old. Also, if the office can provide some tool to clean the house would be nice.

This is really a place where you are looking for to live. It has big bathroom and kitchen. Everything seems pretty nice to me. I strongly recommend living here with or without the roommate.

Great experience staff are good environment is nice. Not to mention the upgraded clubhouse. All those offices and facilities are great and very nice

The living environment is overal great. However, the sound insulation is not as great as the environment, sometimes, I feel there is someone maybe theft break into my house, but it was my neighbors walking on their dorms.

I really like the recent upgrade to the community! The new gym with added equipments, along with the new computers and meeting rooms has greatly heightened my experience living at the Fields.

I like the facilities, which is really new. The only thing I don't like is the office hour which relates to the package picking process. I am very busy during weekdays and I have to go back home really early in order to be able to pick up all my packages.

This is really the best community in Bloomington, IN. What I like most is the basement of leasing office. It has outstanding workout place and entertainment.

Amazing team but just a little busy so I have to push them to do something. But really good community team. Kind, comfortable and friendly. The best manage team.

In general, it is Nice place and good location with great facilities and good equipments. There are noisy neighbors with their dirty pets. No close garages.

Everyone was great when we were moving in! The check in process was super easy and everyone here has been super welcoming! So far I absolutely love living here!

The fields is awesome! Jennifer, the manager is one of the best to work with and always is looking out for your best interests as a community member!

Some bumps and bruises super early into the lease but management is at lease doing something which is better than a lot of places. I'm really hoping this new clubhouse is as amazing as it sounds. The rent is so high for a small apartment. I'd rather have that than a roommate though... So far it's been fairly quiet. My upstairs neighbors like bowling at 11pm somehow but it isn't too bad and other than one night it didn't bother my sleep. Management said they sent them an email. When we got here our couch and chair were full of dog hair but they switched them out asap. Like literally next morning. Still shouldn't have happened in the first place but I really appreciated the quick and easy solution, especially when we attract still working on moving things in and super stressed. Our problem now is just the carpet. It smells like dog and nothing seems to help. They are going to steam clean it again and won't just replace the living room carpet but did say we could get out of our lease. Problem is it's too late to move and etc. At the moment I'd rate 3/5 but honestly I can see it being a five if that stupid smell would leave. It messes with my allergies like crazy. I really appreciate how helpful management is being though and I won't forget that.