Great place to stay! Environment and the surroundings are very nice. Beautiful conditions and the house is very nice and affordable. Definetely consider

I really enjoy living here and I like that there is a lake right behide my apt. The clubhouse is great. The staff members are very nice and helpful.

The leasing process went very smoothly. The tour was lovely, the staff are very generous, and I look forward to moving in this summer! The pond and wildlife are beautiful, and the clubhouse is a very nice place in which to study and exercise.

very good and friendly neigoudbournned . the guide and people are all very nice. i know the fields from one of my friends. He has lived here for two year.s

My first five months have been amazing, I can not wait till the summer to enjoy the pool and the sunshine. The morning walks are so comfortable and relaxing plus quite for those that like that.

I think the staffs are very friendly, and they always solve the problems as soon as possible. Once, Our bathroom have a little problem, they send someone to my house just after we send a email. Otherwise, it’s convenient to get package.

In general, I have really enjoyed living at The Fields for the past year. The staff has been excellent and friendly, with maintenance usually quickly taking care of issues. I would appreciate more lights being placed around the premises though, as it can get extremely dark when there are no lights near you.

People at the leasing office very helpful and efficient. I recently signed my lease because I found the apartments to be very spacious! Can’t wait to move in

Honestly the best place to live while in college! Not too close to the city, and not too far away either. Surrounded by both the mall and nature! Perfect! It provides very comfortable living conditions, with a very respectful and quiet community... Not to mention the fireplace, which really was a selling point for me. If there was anything that I would say I would like to see later on would be more single-person apartments. Hard to come by, but something I'd just like to imagine. More realistically though, a couple small ideas. For one, I think the 'basketball court' was very poorly done, and I would like to see that redone properly. But if nothing else, I would say if there's ever room in the budget, I would push in favor of including more gardens. Either community gardens for residents, as I'm noticing that sort of hobby increasing, or just flower patches and whatnot around the area. I would also say, if this is being used as a sort of fantasy wishlist, a return to gas stoves. In my opinion, a much more efficient way to cook - however, that's the opinion of a long-term resident grad student, as opposed to a quick undergrad. Either way though, love this place! Here for either another year or maybe even two, and I'm certainly going to enjoy it.

I love all the amenities offered here, and the apartments are very nice! I wish there was a shuttle to campus though, and recycling services would be fantastic!!

The Fields is a great community to stay at. The amities at the field is new. The staff member listen to their residence request and make change what is needed to in order to make their residence loving experience at top.

Well, I really have a great time living here. Especially when the new organizer came. Its pretty awesome that we have a study room in the basement, it could gone better if we can use internet right there.

Great experience to live here. Staff in the office are very helpful and very friendly. It is a dog friendly community, and they provide bags.

The staff has been very helpful along the way of us trying to join this community. Every step of the way the staff was there to help with or answer any questions I had.

My experience so far has been great! The leasing office was amazing with communication and getting everything sorted out! The tour was amazing and the amenities for the neighborhood are astounding. Would recommend, great place to live!

Overall, I believe living in the fields is a nice experience. Really nice environment and beautiful house. I guess the only improvement I would suggest is technology thing. I have trouble on making payments in past years

I have been living in this apartment for about 2 years. And I really enjoy the time here I spent with my friends. Staff are really nice and everything just perfect for me.

I really enjoy all the events that are planned for residents. There is a bit of a littering issue but that’s not really the complex’s fault.

Great Staff that was willing to help out and answer any questions regarding the complex. Very generous and explained to us very nicely about the apartments and its features.

Love the Fields, clean, beautiful property and quiet close to campus. Public transportation is near by. The property leasing office is amazing!!!

Love it here!! The staff is amazing and the property is super chill and relaxing and close to everything. We are renewing our lease because this is the best place in town.

It’s been a great experience living here. They did a good job for most of the things, and would fix things in a timely manner. They also love my dog, and they’ve been super friendly and helpful.

The fields is a good place for your choice if you want to move out from campus. Near college mall and the service is great as well. If will be much better if the price cheaper a little bit.

overall i have a good experience living here. the staff is nice and helpful. the environment is very nice and quiet, and the club house is great.

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