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Here is the property management team only focus on how to make money rather than improving resedents living experience. You may be charged for some reason like take friend's pet to home. Really rediculous.

hummm, i think its the owner that doenst really care about providing good service. so that stuff here are warm in genneral, but when things happen, they just dont know how to help honestly

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For the past two years, I've been living in fields. The apartment is great , and I prefer the big house and the large bathroom for the master room.

The location and services are great. They respond to requests quickly and fix it within one day. But the house is old and needs various maintanances.

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the altitude of the officer is not so good. when I ask them question and I dont understand what did her talk about. I wanted her explain again but her face is very strict make me feel I was done something wrong.

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I am so disappoint with when I was not here during summer, employee just entered my house and turned on my AC. I paid so much for electricity bill when I was not here hehe but after several communication, manager just refused to do anything :( but others things are good

Positives: 1- clubhouse (very nice facilities, especially study rooms, PlayStation, and the gym 2- location (close to Kroger, the mall and IUB) 3- staff ( they are being nice.) Negatives: 1- too many unleashed dogs 2- the dirt of pets smell at sidewalk, 3- there is no insulator in the windows and roofs, so the air and noise come through the windows even though they’re Locked, and you hear almost every words and steps of people above you, 4- packages are not delivered to apartments. 5- the bus stop and trash are far from build E.

so far so good, no major mistake has been made, relatively responsible compared to others, hope it can be more flexible when it comes to roommate match.

Good environment. Quite and spacious compare to monthly payment. Overall, satisfied. Great amenities, Clubhouse has various features, like printing, ping pong.etc

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At first I loved the Fields, but the people who work here were pretty rude and made me wish I lived somewhere else. I do love the apartment and dog park and gym.

The grounds maintenance has deteriorated over the last year. Typically not enough notices posted for those breaking rules/not enforced well indicating money is more important. Overall communication has decreased. Good at showing appreciation for residents, but those too have been reduced. Quick maintenance turn around but recently office not as responsive as in the past.

It is a good experience in living in the fields. i like the environment and this quiet neighborhood. i have friends who also live here.....m

I am fairly pleased with my stay here. Although, I feel that this company who runs the apartments are money hungry. $425 pet fee that's not a deposit and non refundable? That's ridiculous. My apartment was not fully inspected before I moved in. The shower was missing a handle so we were unable to change the water temperature. The carpets have holes in them. For the price I am paying, it's not a horrible deal but, it could be better.

The officers and staffs are very patient and kind. Their service is good. The environment of the entire living area is attractive. The only thing that bothers me is that the trash-recycling area is too far away from some buildings.

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I enjoy living here. I wish employees here can be more caution and sensitive with check details when we turn into our rent. I appreciate the package reminding emails.

People at the leasing office very helpful and efficient. I recently signed my lease because I found the apartments to be very spacious! Can’t wait to move in

Great place for leaving. And there is opportunity to get free check fill a breakfast. And the workers for fixing home is very fast and willing to help.

I appreciate the fact that the office staff makes it really quick and easy process to get paperwork completed and has it prepared for you before you even walk in. I also like the fact that they're very good at communicating with future residents via phone and email.

All the things are good, except the officers follow rules so strictly. Sometimes, the officers can find another way to solve the problems as while as following rules, but they always refused our requests firstly. We solved some problems after making arguments several times, but I think these problems could be solved at the first time. The officers need to try their best to help residents, not always give us excuses and explanations.

I think here is not really near school and it takes time to get there. At night, there is no light around my house, and it is really scary. The house is good.

The Fields is very good But assistants are not friendly.Dont let your people down the overal rating of the whole community. Everything else is perfect.

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The Fields staff/management respond very fast and make their residents a top priority. We really love the free drinks & snacks at the clubhouse! The apartment itself is nice after days of cleaning. When we moved in it was filthy. The carpet is absolutely destroyed, but they won't replace it because it is "not as bad as other units." The entire place smelled like smoke and still does. Maintenance did, however, fix a few things that were broken after we moved in and put in the requests.