Landscaping used to be more lush and more well maintained than now. Now you see dryness, dying grass and full of weeds. Fitness machines are very outdated.

I love the neighborhood, but the apartment is outdated, dark and stuffy. There needs to be a ceiling fan with lights on it downstairs. Its always super cold upstairs and warm and stuffy downstairs. Also, the cabinets are outdated and painted. There should be a microwave over the stove so it does not have to take up counter space in the already small kitchen. There should be a new cabinet in the bathroom also.

I have lived on this property going 3 years and the change in neighborhood environment has changed drastically and not for the better. Very loud and inconsiderate neighbors and tenants not picking up their pet waste..

I'm comfortable living here, and I've really had no complaints. I've been lucky with my neighbors, and how close grocery, shopping and restaurants are you just can't beat it. Apartments are just over priced in my opinion.

Not sure why residents are being charged effective Jan. 1st $35 for trash pick up when we don't use the service. A large amount rent increase with no explanations. Which at this point won't matter because nothing seems to change.

We have have been residents a little over 3 month now and have little complaints until recently. The parking needs to be improved due to visitors not being able to find parking and as a resident, if someone is parked in your spot you are forced to struggle to finding parking. Staff is nice some of the time but can be difficult if you a ask for something.

I really like the floor plan for the 2 bedroom with 2 story. It makes us feel like home. The courtyard is nice & clean and quiet. Never a problem with parking.

The apartment need some upgrades and residents need to police after their dogs. There should be security cameras by the pool and coming in or out of the workout room. Big potholes in the parking lot needs to be fixed.

Great location. However the rent amount doe not justify the condition of the apartment and the buildings. The structure is old and needs serious update. I wish the would use special padding or look for way to lessen the noises from the apartments above. You charge for absolutely everything. The maintenance crew is ok. The office staff could be more friendly. Every time they see you at the office they have a "what now" look on their faces. But they are willing to work with you.

A lot of noise coming from the unit above.There is not enough padding to buffer the noise. The wood in the cabinets is rotten. Bathroom tub has rust.

So far it has been ok. There were some issues at first but they were fixed, the only thing that is a bit uncomfortable is trying to find a parking spot for our second car.

Overall I have enjoyed living here. The amenities are great, and so is the neighborhood. Maintenance is usually fast and professional. The actual apartment is a good size.

There were several miscommunications and the apartment was not ready upon move in. However we are happy with the location and apartment layout.

I have lived at The Glades for 3+ years. I chose the property because of the location and amenities. The neighborhood/street we live off is safe. I have never run into any issues - ever. Everything you would ever need is in a couple mile radius around the complex: Publix, Seminole County Trail, restaurants, parks, etc. It's a great central location.. close to I-4 (SR 434 & SR 436). The apartments are definitely older. Although they remodeled the kitchen area, adding a backsplash (which does look very nice), the appliances and cabinets are clearly dated. Frank, maintenance manager, is great. He always has a positive attitude and will help you at any hour of the day - or weekend. I haven't spoken much with the new management in the leasing office.

The location is super convenient and the apartments are nice. The only downfall is parking. We have one spot and the person next to me always parks halfway in my spot. Also visitor parking can be very limited.

I love the park like setting, clean and quite nice neighborhood. I also love the fact that all the shops and stores are close by. The staffs are friendly and helpull.

I've been here for almost 4 years and I love it. Other than the huge spike in rent this year still like being here. Michelle is awesome love yer

Apartments are dated but still nice. Staff is always friendly as well. The downside to living in this community is the price of rent for what you get.

I love the staff thus far and the neighborhood is fairly quiet. The apartment itself is spacious and I love the kitchen and the living room space. The walls are kind of thin as far as noise level, but all in all loving my space for the 2 weeks I’ve stayed in it.

My wife and I moved here to The Glades from a much larger community with about the same amount of amenities, I can definitely say our place here at The Glades feels a lot more like home. The office staff has been amazing so far and do all they can to make this a great community.

Townhouse is great. A little outdated but functional. Very quiet neighborhood which is fantastic I just wish the potholes and roads in the community would be fixed.

Great price and value. Also a good location. Office staff is nice but oftentimes is not at the office during business hours, so they could use some additional staff.

This place is like a resort except it's not. The pool is dope. The only issue is the potholes. There are some issues in the apartment with things like the dryer sucking, a light not working, and a small scratch in the mirror. Other than that there are no issues.

I enjoy living here for now. The buildings need to be sprayed by pest control much often. This is a very nice neighborhood to live in and the employers are nice.

I moved in here 2 years ago and it's been more or less a pleasant stay. The staff is helpful and attentive, the neighborhood is quiet and the neighbors are friendly.