I love the bus, but going from not having to pay electricity one year to having to this year really isn’t great, but we’re living here anyway. Wish electricity was included and it would be better.

Its really nice. The amenities are up to date and modern. The rooms are spacious and the common areas are as well. Its close to Walmart and things on skyland which is a plus. The only thing i have to complain about is parking and how far away it is from UA.

My experience has been great, it was off to rough start but I believe I made the right choice by choosing this complex to reside at. Besides the bugs the common area is good as well.

It's in a great area, very friendly people and staff, not to far from campus! I feel pretty safe staying here. I love how things are ran in the complex.

I love the grand. I am definitely staying another year. The maintenance is awesome and the front desk is very reasonable. I don’t think I would find another place to compete with them.

Big spacious apartments. Issues come up, but when mentioned to staff are fixed very quickly. Very good price. Staff is very friendly and have lots of community events.

There were a couple problems when we first moved in, the furniture was a little damaged and there was paint on the floor. Overall I think this apartment complex has a lot to offer its residents, I love how they regularly try to help us out and get us to bond. It’s a great place and the workers are very nice.

The Grand offers a lot of amenities that are very useful and convenient! It's a safe neighborhood and I haven't run into any problems so far

It was pretty good until now I think if you guys just try to improve the trash containers because always when we try to put our trash in the container we found it full so try to make them come to take the trash every 4 days.

Somethings can be fixed like the front gate for starters. Hit or miss on getting new furniture some rooms have new chairs bed frames, etc while others are stuck with damaged goods.

Apartments are nice, comfy, and roomy. The location . is convenient. The office does everything slow and gives automated responses about anything thats asked.

great price but there has been many issues this year and I would not want to live here again. It is a bit too far from campus for me to live here again.

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Great service and a great place to live as a college student. Love the events held at the Grand. The customer service at the grand is the best in Tuscaloosa.

I have been living here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for four years and I have been a resident here at The Grand at Rum Creek since the fall of 2017.

Overall, I like living here. Besides the occasional sirens, it is usually pretty quiet. The gym here is much better than my old apartment's gym space which I was happy about.

I really enjoy living here. Besides the occasional sirens, I think the Grand is a nice place to live. I frequently use the gym and it is much better than my last apartment​​ gym space.

Front desk very helpful, great amenities and very large spacious rooms. All new/good working appliances in apartment. Good location, quiet apartment complex

Communication skills are not all that great but they are slowly working on them. Sometimes would move roommates in without informing residence.

I love the experience. The communication has gotten better. Rent is acceptable. Nice community. Very peaceful and quite. I really have no problem with The Grand.

I like it over here and not having any troubles with anything. When l first move over here l had trouble with missed Communication about rent but since then everything else been smooth paying it.

I love staying at the grand because it’s quiet and I never really have a problem. They take care of us during the summer time too lol it’s pretty fun. Now that it’s cold I’m looking forward to some more fun things for the holidays

Roaches in the complex are terrible we need more pest control trips. My rug in my room is messed up as well. Yet i do like staying in the complex though

The Grand at Rum Creek is affordable and close to campus. The apartments are very spacious and fully furnished which is always nice. The shuttle is convenient as well.

I haven’t really been here in a like two months. So i really can’t complain about anything. So keep up the good work you guys. I love this place