Friendly people, place is always clean and in order, Maintenace people are very nice and always ready to help out. Could improve in the work orders though :)

So far I’m loving it! I just moved in this weekend, and the apartment was perfect and ready for me to move in first thing in the morning, with little to no damages left from previous renters. However, the gate to enter the community has been open the last 36 hours, and one of the reasons I moved here was for the gated community aspect for added privacy/security.

Love living here! It’s nice we can have our doggy. The office staff are very friendly. The maintenance are always on top of what needs to be done!

Staff are amazing and very professional. The move in experience was easy and trouble free. The neighbors seem nice and there have been no noise complaints.

The community here is really great! The perfect size for me with all the amenities I need. My apartment was in great condition for when I moved in and the staff was very helpful and willing to help with any other things I needed.

I really like living here. The staff is always friendly. The maintenance always fixes work orders in a timely manner and are also very friendly.

I enjoy living right beside the church my stay is very quiet and tranquil The pool is very refreshing I really love it here. The maintenance and office staff are very friendly and service is taken care of immediately

Good peaceful apartments enjoyed living here. Good staff always very friendly. Pool area is very big and fun to have family barbecue. Great place to live recommend

Very quiet at night. What concerns me the most is seeing numerous glass bottles of beer at the poolside. There are unsupervised “tweens” at the pool who could access the beverages..The main concerns relates to broken glass possibilities .and the little ones at the pool. The adults don’t read the sign obviously ,that states, no glass containers.. Also the kids/ adults diving off that large decor by the pool.I came home at 2 in the morning last week and the jacuzzi was operating, is this ok? How do you turn it off and on?

My experience has been good but what I'm not liking is how I see folks with Dogs not picking up after them each day I come outside its dog poo everywhere.. I have seen neighbors take there dog out at night and they just let them use the bathroom and they just leave right there!!! Inwish they could get charged for it.. I mean dont get an dog you not going to pick up after it !!!

I enjoy living here. Management handles requests in a timely manner and maintenance is always very helpful and friendly and the property is well kept.

Someone broke into one of our cars and we’re told by front office there could be nothing done. Ridiculous. You’d think that since it’s gated they would atleast have some cameras all around the complexes.

Shyanne at the front office is great, but the apartment itself is not what it felt like in the front. There are dog pop everywhere, trash by the stairwell. I don’t want to pay this amount off money to walk around dog poop, and trash.

Living here has been a pleasant and peaceful stay, not too noisy and its in the middle of a lot of my favorite venues which is very convenient

My husband and I really love it here! I don't want to start of negative, but I let them know the second day after I moved in my dryer was VERY LOUD and had a burning smell. Seen a maintenance guy 2 days after and he never returned to fix it.

I enjoy living here. We haven’t had any issues for the 3 years we’ve been here. The office staff is friendly and attentive and don’t even get me started on the maintenance guys, they’re the best!

Mostly positive, only wish the windows could be changed but it had been a positive experience and have no complaints! Maintenance is very attentive and had never not been able to resolve an issue

A few things need to be more clearer when explaining things and maintainace especially rush should be looked at but overall I really like this place.

So far everything is great! Move in went well & the area is nice & quiet. Our kitchen is really nice & the carpet is so soft. We’ll definitely be enjoying this new apartment.

I have a one bedroom apartment huge kitchen huge bathroom and a huge closet pretty quiet neighborhood. Everything works in the apartment. It was an easy move in process that helped tremendously. All around good experience so far!

Very comfortable, spacious living space with up to date appliances and modern interior. Definitely worth the value of monthly rent in comparison to other apartments in the Valley. Staff is very friendly and community is very relaxing.

Amazing area, easy going staff and friendly neighborhood. With plenty of food choices and a very nice pool with a great gym and just a great community overall

I have only been here about a month or less but so far my experience has been great, my washer had a little problem and it is already fixed and the staff is very nice I look forward to staying here :)

We have lived in the grove for almost 6 months. Overall our experience with maintenance has been ok. There are many times when no one gets back to us for awhile.

We choose this complex because I heard you guys don’t have bed bugs or roaches , I’m bearly moving in today . I just hope there’s no roaches or bedbugs

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