My community is very peaceful and calm ! No loud noise or disruption ! Our neighbors are very friendly whenever we see them when arriving home !

Really nice apartment community. Very friendly staff make sure you and your needs are well taken care of. The place looks very clean and quiet.

Needs reliable maintenance and up keep of amenities. I think this place need to focus more on the up keep of the apartments and the grounds.

I have lived here only a couple of weeks, but I really enjoy it so far! The grounds are kept clean, the management is friendly and helpful and the community is friendly.

Overall it has been great. I think that the common area outside my apartment needs some updating as the carpet is all worn out. Maintenance has been quick. The building i live in has been quiet for the most part aside from a few times there were concerns. Overall great after a couple of months.

Clean, safe and very nice community to raise a family with near by schools, parks, shopping, dining, as well other amenities such as an exercise room, 2 swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts along with a doggy spa.

Still working out kinks. So EVERYTHING is a work in progress. The office staff needs to be a little more friendly with residents. With that being said I know how one bad person can make you guarded towards all. But everyone is not like the one.

The neighborhood is really quiet. I love the lights that management put around the complex and halls when it begins to get dark. You feel more safe when walking the complex at night. I am really impressed with the improvements that are going to made for the swimming pools.

So far it’s been great. Quiet and peaceful area My appartment is cozy and feels comfortable. I’m happy to call this home. Friendly neighbor as well.

Community is nice and quiet. Maintenance staff is friendly. Great amenities in the community. I enjoy living here. Parking can be an issue sometimes however

Apartments and the grounds are clean and well taken care of. Maintenance is great about completing work orders in a timely manner. The dog park and dog spa are both great add ons to the community

Got a roof over my head. There are multiple hallway doors broke, outdoor paint and carpeting in bad shape. For what it costs to live here, I say there is wasteful spending.

Maintenance has been inconsistent and leasing office has lied non stop about maintenance showing up but they have not. The apartment is perfect but the employees need to get their act together.

First week of moving in dishwasher installed improperly asked matienence to fix it right away on the first day of move in. The matienence man sent to set it up properly failed. I ran a load of dishes the dishwasher never drained it is full of dirty water I asked for it to be fixed multiple times and I get excuses of why they can't even show up and do there job correctly its been 12 days going on 13 they seem to not care. Also my hot water heater tank dangerously needed to be replaced corroded pipes leaking water had to deal with that at 11am when having to wake up at 5am to go to work the next morning huge inconvenience when it never should have passed inspection in the first place. My windows leak water when it rains because they aren't sealed properly. My bathroom fan was broken other bathroom toilet barely flushes. I'm disappointed in matienence they are neglecting all my issues. I actually love the inside of the apartment and this area. It was a Very stressful move in experience with all these issues.

i have lived here for 7 years and i love it. I love that when you put in a work order they get my stuff fixed in on day. I am a smoker but i am glad that we have to go to the sidewalk so that the apartments don't smell like smoke

The switch to the new management company is always full of bumps on the road. But they surely have made it simple. Love living here. I tell all of my friends about it!!

Great experience overall. Friendly, personable staff, good neighborhood, and great amenities. The only thing I would change is the fitness center. For how amazing the Hampden's is I expected something a little better.

I love the Lakewood area. The apartments are nice, some of the office staff isn’t the nicest. Biggest complaint I’ve lived here for a month & my AC. And fridge are still not properly working.... but live the area

We’ve been here almost a month and it’s been amazing. I’ve lived in two other complexes and this really doesn’t compare! The neighborhood is by far the best and the amenities are incredible!!! The best thing is the price for the apartment. Its affordable for myself and the other two individuals I reside with! Thank you Hamptons for making my experience here great so far!!

The apartment is nice, but you can hear the neighbors upstairs quite easily and they are up at all hours of the night. Not a huge deal, but the sound proofing could've been better. The staff in the office are quite slow. Its taken over a month to add a person as an official roommate to the lease and we have been prompt about everything on our end. I was also told some things would be fixed the first week i l moved in (June 20th) and those things have still not been addressed. I wish my review to remain anonymous.

It has been great so far, quiet place, price and in unit laundry are all great. I live right by the park and I love having space to be able to do things.

I enjoy the location and the buildings themselves are well maintained. The fact that it took almost 3 days to have someone look at my refrigerator was disappointing. Not getting a garage that I thought was reserved for me was extremely disappointing. I wanted one close to my residence for physical reasons, not one that was not even close by.

Overall a very affordable price for what you get. Maintenance hasn't fixed any of the issues we had upon move-in but there are a lot of units and its only been a week. Staff is very friendly and welcoming and definitely know their stuff! Grounds and apartments aren't necessarily pristine but do appear to be well kept.

I enjoyed living here at first- but with new management it has been extremely unpleasant. No one ever calls me back, even when I specifically ask. I was requesting a garage for about 3 weeks, no one would get back to me or get around to it or call back when they said they would. I had to physically go in to finally get what I needed. I gave them the benefit of the doubt until this- the most recent issue was when i tried to log onto my portal on Aug 3rd around 7pm to pay rent. Office was closed and it was last day to pay rent- my portal said that it was unavailable. I called the office and left a voicemail so I wouldn’t get charged a late fee because I couldn’t get on and to call me back if there were any issues. Never received a call back so I assumed it was all fine when I paid rent next morning. 2 weeks later I get a notice that I have a late fee. I called and she said she can’t remove it because I paid my rent late. I told her what happened, she said “well the portal was working.” I told her I couldn’t get on- I’m not lying, I left a voicemail with this information of what it was telling me if she wanted to just go back and listen? Why didn’t I receive a call back then? Then I asked what am I supposed to do when YOUR portal doesn’t work next time and the office is closed? She said “but it WAS working.” So basically I was told I was a liar and had to pay a $50 late fee for something that was not my fault. I learned my lesson- i guess I need hardcore evidence and to make sure my rent is paid before the office closes. So ridiculous- I have never experienced such terrible management and service with an apartment complex.

Unfriendly staff, never willing to help when issues arise. When portal didn’t work when we tried to pay rent one day and the office was closed and it was last day to pay rent- we called and left a voicemail to let them know and to call us back if there was a problem. Never received a call back or anything so assumed it was fine when we paid it next day. Received a notice (2 weeks later) saying we owed a late fee. Spoke with the person in the office (who never calls us back when we ask), she basically insinuated we were lying and told us the portal was working when we told her we couldn’t get on. We asked why we didn’t get a callback or why they didn’t respond to her voicemail, and all we get is “the portal was working and everyone else seemed to not have a problem.” So ridiculous- so we had to pay a $50 fee because she didn’t believe us. Next time we will be sure to screenshot I guess. So irritating- sick of it.