Love having a pool and gated community. I have enjoyed the year so far with my roommates and having fun all while exploring Reno and going to school!

I love living at the highlands they provide such great amenities the only thing is wish they provided was better cable. Other than that the pool hot tub, gym and grass areas are super nice to hangout.

The amenities offered including the gym and pool are very nice. The maintenance staff take awhile to respond to service requests and the staff in the front office aren’t very helpful, however.

The location of the highlands is in a great place. I love that the apartments come with furniture and are separate rent for each person. I also think the front desk people are always so kind and helpful

I love living at the highlands. Everyone is so friendly and it is a great transition from living on campus to living on your own. It’s very close to campus and it has a beautiful environment.

I have had a good time living at the Highlands. The apartment is nice, but very small. We have had some issues with the freezer and the dryer. The things we have had issues with are fixed quickly. I am already renewing for next school year. I like that the complex is gated and the gates close at a certain time. It makes me feel safe.

The highlands are a great place to live and I would defnatly move here again. 10/10 Also I would recommend to all of my friends who attend UNR. The location is very practical

It extremely fun to live here. Seeing people interact and have fun outside is a welcome experience. The apartments are nice and so are the staff in the office! This is an amazing college experience that everyone should have!

WiFi needs to be better our tv is always pausing. The office staff isn’t nice and always bottles us. My roommates are only renewing because it’s close to campus

I love this community, it makes it feel like home. Whenever there is a problem they fix it right away. And it’s pet friendly!! I love living here

The highlands is super rad and a sweet/convenient place to live so close to campus, but my roommates are terrible and they're ruining the experience.

Overall I’d say the highlands is alright. I enjoy the large amount of grass and walkways. I don’t enjoy that maintenance orders take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to fulfill.

I have been having a great experience living here my first year. The staff is all very nice and I feel welcomed here. There are great facilities here to use as well.

Experience not terrible; however, I am extremely dissatisfied with the state that the apartment was in upon move in. Apartment damage and terribly stained carpet are just two of the many complaints.

Overall very good. Yet the apartments were dirty and there isn't enough staff to get to services quickly.The view is fantastic and the apartments are the perfect amount of space. I wish the bus would come more often though.

I sometimes feel as if the front desk/leasing office is not very helpful. I have had multiple frustrations with trying to get problems fixed

The apartment living is nice and the maintenance service is quick and easy to ask for. The overall experience with applying and renewing is confusing and isn’t made very clear what the options are and there is a lot of pressure really early to make a decision.

Move in wasn’t the best. My room had a broken fan with glass on the floor and it took a month for maintenance to come fix it. I asked multiple times as well. Super loud area with low security.

Everything is perfect except WIFI... I live in apartment 10, almost half of my time being in my room I can't use WIFI, cannot even just receive email or text message!

the highlands is a beautiful property and close to campus. the amenities are well maintained and the staff and other students living here are incredibly nice

Living in the highlands is good. I like the fact they have dog poop pick up stations around the apartment complex. I like the different events they hold in the front office. I do not like the front gate entrance where cars comming in dont have the right away like they should. Its always the people who are leaving the highlands who keep driving anf dont allow people coming in to have the right away. Sometimes its hard to see people coming when they are going fast speeds and accidents are apmost caused.

Great apartment complex, community, and setup. Considering this is student housibg, the Highlands does a great job of ensuring a comfy spot to stay in year round while going to school.

cute apt but has issues. we were told we were getting a new fridge and we were pretty upset when we didn’t receive it . Other than that it is pretty good

I like living here. It’s a pretty complex and the rooms are a decent sized not big but enough room, I’m grateful for the big closet size too. My only problem is I never know about any events , the hill to get up/ down is a struggle with no car , and my apartment never has too much natural light going in so it’s pretty dark. But over all nice place.

Overall, the highlands have had amazing staff and living conditions in the apartments. I love the amenities such as the business center and gym.