When I first looked at this apartment complex, I knew from the beginning I wanted to move here because of the friendly environment and how friendly the staff was. They make you feel so welcome and I am so happy to live in such a great community.

An overall great experience. My roommates (selected at random through their matching service) are fantastic and I couldn't be happier with them. The appliances and furniture aren't the best, but they get the job done, which is all I really ask for. Despite being a residence for college students primarily, with the exception of a few loud parties and the occasional fire alarm in the distance, the noise level isn't bad at all (except on the mornings when the garbage trucks are doing their jobs, but c'est la vie). Although maintenance is slow, they work hard and I understand that they're not going to get around to everything immediately. I've chosen to renew my lease for the next year and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for making my move to Nevada that much easier, Highlands!

It has been pretty good, not too many experiences with neighbors which is a plus. It’s a clean place and the staff is always nice. A lot of parking too

I love the environment I just wish maintence would be faster when something goes bad in the apartment. I like the privacy that the rooms have. Wish the common area was bigger. Love that there is a pool and a gym in the facility.

Everything is great besides the internet connection. I’ve gone over my data limit every month living here because the WiFi never works for my building.

i enjoy living here. All the ammenities are nice and people are kind. I just have a personal problem with a roommate. Everything is nice. Would prefer maintenance to be faster though

The community is really nice and helpful. However the maintence could be more kept up on, I had a hole in my ceiling, my furnace does not work at this time.

It seems nice in the beginning but lots of things break throughout the lease the management doesn’t do preventative cleaning so you have to do a lot yourself

It’s a pretty nice place. Shouldn’t have a curfew for pool area. More event things where you provide us with free food. Bus passes included in fee as incentive.

I do enjoy the convenience of being close to the school however the front desk staff is sometimes rude and we have difficulty getting maintenance to come out and help

The highlands is a great place to live! The community is gated and the property is beautiful. The staff is friendly and always willing to help.

Love all of the events that go on. Never had a problem with management or maintenance. This is everything you can ask for in a student apartment!

I very much enjoy my apartment. Its safe, feels homey, and I get my own bathroom which is the best. the only thing i dont like is how slow the staff help is. I asked at the beginning of the semester for someone to help fix my droors and bring in an extra dining room chair. They still havent gotten back to us

My experience here has been good and bad. To begin with the roommate matching program needs some tune ups. My roommates fit nothing of the description that I put in my profile. I feel miserable here all the time. The WiFi never works and I always have to delay school projects online.

This complex is very close to school with free printing at the front office. They don’t have anywhere to let your pet roam freely but they have free dog bags to clean up after them. They have free events at the front office!

This is a good first apartment, but after living here for 2 years, it has really gone down hill. They don’t ever get back to you in time for maintenance. They are way to expensive and it is always dirty

I still really enjoy living here. It's quiet and comfortable. The best reason to live here is that it is close to campus. I like the living style much more than the other student housing units.

I enjoy that there’s a bus stop right outside the complex, it makes it easy to get to campus. It’s also a plus that there’s a locked gate for a certain period. The internet could be upgraded cause it’s slow and unreliable. Enforcing a quiet period/curfew would also nice seeing as there’re always parties or people causing loud noises in school nights.

It was quite a pleasant experience with the leasing process as it was quite simple as well as time saving with the help of the friendly staff.

Friendly atmosphere and clean environment. Closer to college. Friendly roomates. Its good that the highlands provide fully furnished rooms for this rate.

Slow maintenance crew at the beginning; if you are subleasing, they expect the previous leaser to tell you everything; The bathroom and room was absolutely filthy when I got there, so I had to clean it up. No tours for subleasers.

Very nice place, and lots of activities. But maintenance is short staffed so it takes a while for things to get fixed, and the quiet hours rule is ignored frequently.

The Highlands is a very convenient place to live! Very close to campus and pretty nice all around. The amenities are useful as well. The only thing is service requests/maintenance can be frustrating and some of the stuff in the apartments seems to be pretty cheap and breaks. Not a bad place to live at all though! :)

I love the location of my specific apartment, there is a beautiful view of the sunset and there is no one above us. Other than that the experience is so-so. The rent went up a lot from the first year even though they told us it would if we re leased as soon as we could. I am definitely moving out into a house lol. Also maintenance staff is really slow at responding to our requests.

Great housing complex, close to campus, but bad wifi. The best thing is that they furnished most of the apartment. Was a relief to find this place