I am going on my third year living here and I still love it. It is the perfect place for a college student. The staff is always friendly and attentive!

It’s a nice affordable place to live, but it’s pretty loud, which is the issue I have had. Not to mention there’s always a dog barking. It’s not as safe as well.

I love the highlands! My own bathroom, balcony, my roommates are awesome. My dog loves having playmates in the area and I'm eager to try the pool out!

Very nice compared to my last few living arrangements. Im very glad my room was furnished as that saved me quite a bit of a headache. Overall very happy i chose this apartment.

The highlands is a great place to live! It is close to campus and the staff is very friendly. The community always has fun activities going on during the year.

The workers are helpful. The facilities are clean. However, a lot of residents don't have respect for others and play loud music well into the night.

I love the highlands! Taking over someone’s sublease was easy & the workers were very helpful! I love my random roommates! I love having a community pool as well! everyone is so nice!

The highlands is a friendly apartment complex with beautiful facilities. There are activities that you can do around the complex to relax and keep fit.

To me, Highlands means family. Living so close to my friends really allowed me to have a good time and look forward to going back to my apartment.

I like the highlands because it is close to campus and feels more like home than the other apartment complexes nearby. I also like the individual buildings - again more of a house than apartment

It's been pretty good. The community events are fun and free, but they aren't really advertised as much as I thought they would be. The gym and pool are of very nice quality. Given its location and amenities, I wouldn't say it's the best (or cheapest) price, but it's probably the cheapest on the UNR bus route.

The process of applying and getting approved was long and kind of annoying, but now that I am moved in, things have been great. My only complaint is that the neighborhoods are sketchy, but I don't think that's the Highlands fault.

This is a great apartment in a great area. The maintenance and office staff are always friendly and quick to respond to such issues. I have loved my time here and will always recommend it to others

The upstairs neighbors were extremely loud and there was often times trash in hallway. The security was good, I always felt safe and the maintenance crew was phenomenal.

Good for students. Quite with not much noise at night. Very close to campus is a plus. The grounds are very well maintained. Lots of amenities offered.

Living in the highlands has been fun. It’s much better than the dorms and is nice to have my own space. The only complaint I’d have is the small fridge space for 3 people to share.

We have had some minor issues with internet reliability and appliances, but overall the apartment is excellent and the staff is friendly and helpful.

The facility is nice and they have a lot of amenities. The main issue that I have is rent keeps going up insane amounts but no improvements have been made. This is my third year living here and the apartments have not changes any. Many other complexes near are newer and are completely renovated for almost the same price. They just raise prices because they can.

I like living at the Highlands for many reasons but the things that i dont like is, the amount of dog poop everywhere, how thin the walls are, how fast people drive, how little t.v. channels we have, I also wish we had better lighting in the kitchen and living room!!!

The highlands is a good place to live after the dorms. Overall it's a good living experience but the rent is just way over priced and the appliances aren't properly fixed the first time after breaking. It's very convenient but I won't be living here next year.

The walls are really thin so you can hear others flushing toilets, taking showers, etc. Whenever I have WiFi problems they don’t help, they just give me a tech service number to call which never helps either.

I have really liked it so far in the 2 months I have lived here. My roommate is a Grad Student working on her PhD and is really cool. As I am more in the private sector working in various business roles we find a common ground and have great discussions. Our place is very nice and the grounds are kept up very well. I have a small dog and she likes it here too! Staff is friendly and helpful! I give The Highlands 4.5 Stars!

I was super excited to live here but when I came it was dirty and not what I had expected. Everyone is super nice here. There are good amenities and it is close to campus. There are just some maintence problems I have experienced, and the condition my apartment was in when I moved it was not meeting my personal standards.

I really like my community here at The Highlands. It is a kind and accepting community. However there are times I feel as though people dont take into consideration that there are people who walk from theur cars or towards the buss stop and the fly thru the community at high speeds in their cars.

so far, living at the highlands has been a pleasant experience in comparison to what I had heard about it before living here. maitanance is always on top of fixing things & rent is affordable.