For the price it doesn’t make up in quality unfortunately, furniture and appliances are cheap. Maintenance just try’s to cover up the problem rather than fix it as a whole.

The apartments are well set up, and everyone helps take the trash out, clean common areas, etc. I also love the pool and fitness center! It might be more convenient for residents if the front help desk was open for longer hours.

I believe the Highlands apartments were a great transition from residential life to living on your own. The office activities made the place feel more like a community.

I’ve enjoyed my stay at the apartments so far this summer. I have plenty of room, and the apartments are gorgeous on the inside. The only complaint I would have would be that it may be loud sometimes, but it’s never too bad. And I’ve had a few issues with the staff but nothing too major. Overall, highly recommend for any college student who needs a place for themselves.

I enjoy living here because it is kept clean and taken care of. I also have found the staff to be very helpful when finding issues or asking for any general information.

So far so good! Love the amenninit​es and the neighborhood itself. I have not had any issues as of today. The pool is very close and conveni​nen​t as well.

This is my first apartment and with it being in a state where I’m not from everyone is nice and helpful and friendly. No matter how many questions I have someone was always available to answer

I like it however I’m getting slightly annoyed with the random checks of the apartment, I get that they’re necessary but are they all? Other than that is fun

My experience was interesting. I suppose it could have gone better if the roommate matching program were more accurate. Overall the community is quiet which is why I’m giving it two stars.

Great outdoors. Service requests are usually completed pretty quickly. Only thing I would like is to see a recycling bin within the community instead of just a garbage bin outside.

Initially moving in, our apartment was very dirty, dust on the walls carpet matted together etc. we also don’t have any cell service and sometimes wifi in our apartment, besides that I enjoyed living here and all the things that there is to do! Also the free Parking is great.

It’s great. The people are amazing who work there. They’re so nice and friendly. They’re always willing to help and get the job done. Very impressed with everything that goes on in the community.

The staff and maintiance crew are super friendly and thats what makes this place so great. They are highly valued and make this place everything it js. Keep it up!

I've lived here a year and it's been pretty good! My roommates were matched really well and we get along great. The noise isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be for being near train tracks (though the garbage trucks can be a little loud in the mornings). Not nearly as many loud parties as expected, especially for a bunch of college students. Location is excellent, and maintenance does a good job for how much work they're always asked to do. Other than desperately needing to replace some things (such as my carpet), it's been a pretty good place to live!

Extremely safe and fun place to live with a super friendly staff of hardworking college students. Such a fantastic place to live and definitely resigning my lease for next year!

overall my experience at the Highlands has been pretty good. I print at the front office often and use the gym as well. The pictures online don’t look like the room in person.

Good place for a college student to live. Not ideal for someone looking for a quiet and clean place. Not very accommodating when it comes to turning in keys early and inspection. I asked to do a walkthrough to ensure no extra charges were made, but they simply answered no.

Maintenance never comes and one time I was bare cheeks naked in my bed and someone from the front office randomly opened my door Saying that my floors needed to be fixed but they got the wrong apartment number.

It is great living here. The staff are so friendly and are always willing to help. I have never had any issues getting maintenance done or asking questions to anyone.

I love living here. he office staff is very friendly, and the maintenance people solve issues very very quick with high professionalism. It is expensive, but its the cheapest of the student apartment monopoly, so its my only option.

You are basically scamming college students. With small fees that add up and also the 12 month lease that should be optional to 9. Since some students go back home early but have to still pay rent even when literally nobody is there. Also not being reasonable with your residents. As some students have different paydays which make them have late fees even though they pay their rent every single time. Wouldn’t blame the staff since they just do their job. It would be the people who actually are the owners and the operational managers. Maybe just try and be less greedy and be more for the people. I don’t know, just something that was on my mind since I lived there and did enjoy my stay, but not really.

Its pretty okay to live in. Your can hear everything outside and what your roommates do. Wind howls through the doors and makes everything move. And maintenance is slow to fix broken things (which there are a lot of). Other than that, everything's good.

The people are nice in the office. The apartment walls are very thin though, which can be frustrating. I like the new way to get packages a lot!

Highlands has a Great living atmosphere. I like they have the gym and the study room. It's very peaceful and clean. The employees are very helping and kind. I chose the highlands for my two years stay in Reno. And I am loving it.

Was good but, some apartment appliances could be upgraded The dishwasher, stove, and dryer have broken or stopped working multiple times. :)