Good option for student housing. I can appreciate the effort the staff goes through in order to help connect the community. I would likely recommend leasing here for future students.

Highlands is nice. Living close to people is one of my favorite parts. Individual leases is also really good to have. I would recommend if you can get a good price.

Always able to find parking! Love the pool and hot tub! Great staff and apartment complex! I have lived here for three years and I love it! :)

Living at the highlands is great! The staff is kind and the apartments are spacious. They do their best to take care of maintenance problems, but they do occur frequently.

I love having everything right around me, access to a pool, tanning bed, gym, printers! It is a little spendy. Also most of the buildings are upgraded, but mine isn’t yet and that is also another downfall.

Average living environment, sometimes hard to get help from the front office. Always complete service requests in a timely manner. Furniture is old and slightly ripped but never been replaced. Rooms in a 4x2 are a tight squeeze but furnished.

It has been a good experience here at the Highlands. I really like the layout of the unit and of the bedrooms specifically. I love having my own bathroom and a walk-in closet.

Had no issues. Noise wasn't bad. I did live on the 3rd floor (top floor). Lots of parking. Security was there half the time (didn't need to worry about shady characters). Maintenances responded quickly when you submit requests.

I have lived at the highlands for almost two years and have really enjoyed my experience. The staff in the front is always very welcoming and helpful. One of my favorite parts is the gym, pool/hot tub, and computer room that is available to all residents.

Overall the highlands is a great substitute for the dorms. When you break down the cost it’s aproxinately the same minus a meal plan, no to mention your bedroom alone is bigger than an entire dorm.

Living in the Highlands has been a huge step up from living in the dorms. The people are so friendly and the maintenance is quick. The only complaint is that many neighbors are loud but this is to be expected in an apartment complex of mainly college students

Great place to live with a Great community! If something ever breaks they are super quick to come and fix it within the week with no charge!

The Highlands is mostly nice however there are a few outstanding issues such as noise. Even when the toilets flush or showers run in another apartment you can hear it. There should also be normal trash cans outside buildings.

I love my apartment community. I appreciate the increased security to help me feel safe and know my car is safe. Its a very home welcoming enviornment and pet friendly.

Everyone in the office is really nice and helpful. It’s nice being around other students and being so close to campus. It’s a really great community.

I’m very happy I’ve had the opportunity to live at The Highlands. It’s super convenient because of its location and also very nice as well. I already signed to live here again next year.

The Highlands is a very quiet community in comparison to the Summit and the Republic which I appreciate because I am able to do my homework in peace. The maintenance people are usually very quick with fixing up any problems. One complaint I do have though is you can hear every little thing from the people above and below since the walls are so thin. I like that they have upped the security after the incidence with the stolen car.

I love living at the highlands because of the open parking, and the convenient location. I also love the friendly people in the office who are always patient with me when I come in super close to closing to get my packages.

Living here has been nice and much better than the dorms. I like how there’s more space and we have our own bathrooms but the fridge is kinda small for 3 people to share cuz we all buy different stuff

I really like the Highlands because it is close to campus so you can walk or drive your car when it is cold. I always get a parking spot which is really njce and the staff are really nice and helpful out front. I love the 24 hour computer lab with free printing. I also like how the staff have been doing activities in the front to get us mingling and having a Highlands snalchat

It’s a great environment and I feel safe here. I think that any college student is lucky to live here although it is a little on the expensive side.

love the proximity to school and all the ammenities the Highlands has to offer. Parking is never an issue as theres a substantial amount of available "uncovered" spots

For being close to campus and giving me a nice step after the dorms I think this is pretty good. You don't need to commit right away to having to pay all the bills yet get to start getting the feel of being independent.

Despite the troubles that I had with one of my roommates, this is a very nice place to live. The facilities are nice, issues are resolved quickly thanks to maintenance, and I feel safer here than I would at the Summit or the Republic.

It has been good. When I was first looking into renting here the one complaint I saw a lot was that it can be noisy but as of now that hasn't been true. The one issue I have is the wifi doesn't work very well which can be annoying when trying to complete school work.