You are basically scamming college students. With small fees that add up and also the 12 month lease that should be optional to 9. Since some students go back home early but have to still pay rent even when literally nobody is there. Also not being reasonable with your residents. As some students have different paydays which make them have late fees even though they pay their rent every single time. Wouldn’t blame the staff since they just do their job. It would be the people who actually are the owners and the operational managers. Maybe just try and be less greedy and be more for the people. I don’t know, just something that was on my mind since I lived there and did enjoy my stay, but not really.

Its pretty okay to live in. Your can hear everything outside and what your roommates do. Wind howls through the doors and makes everything move. And maintenance is slow to fix broken things (which there are a lot of). Other than that, everything's good.

The people are nice in the office. The apartment walls are very thin though, which can be frustrating. I like the new way to get packages a lot!

Highlands has a Great living atmosphere. I like they have the gym and the study room. It's very peaceful and clean. The employees are very helping and kind. I chose the highlands for my two years stay in Reno. And I am loving it.

Was good but, some apartment appliances could be upgraded The dishwasher, stove, and dryer have broken or stopped working multiple times. :)

Living at the Highlands, I feel very safe. Overall I enjoy living here a lot, but some things bring down my rating (i.e. amenities being closed/not working, noise levels of maintenance work, mail issues, etc.). However, I do enjoy living here a lot. Having free uncovered parking is a definite bonus to choosing the Highlands over another complex.

Very nice community and people. Very nice pool and grill area. Lots of free parking spots. Only bad thing I’d say is crappy furniture that never got fixed.

My experience living in the highlands is great, sometimes I worry about not getting my rent in on time because of my class hours, but all is good.

Living at The Highlands is very convenient as a college student. This is my second year here and my roommate and I enjoy it. As the weather gets warmer, it’s also been great being able to use amenities like the pool! :)

The apartments are great and there is no noise at night which is good. They fix the problems immediately and the staff is very nice. I would like if they organize more activities on weekend or travelplans

The accommodations such as free printing, the pool and the gym are very nice. The grounds are overall very pretty and nice. We could use another treadmill in the gym.

Apartment complex is made so cheaply. Can hear water flowing through pipes in my walls. It is so loud that it wakes me up at night. Can hear full conversations of people in rooms next or above me because walls are so thin. Place is not insulated well and it wastes energy and money.

It’s only been a month but everyone in the leasing office has been super helpful. Was beyond excited when I found out I could bring my cat with me and they have one of the cheaper pet rents in Reno.

I really liked having my first apartment here. I will be staying for the next year because of how convenient it is, the staff is helpful, and I like the amenities

I like the security of living so close to campus. I think the rent is too high for what we are offered. I find too often that something is always breaking down whether that be the sink or washer.

I like the highlands it has a nice community. My only problem is it’s kinda trashy and has small rooms. I still give it 4 stars solely for the community and safety there is here.

I find that this is a very enjoyable place to live in. Management is always helpful, the location is close to school. And the complex is always clean

The highlands is a great complex for college students. They have all the amenities you need plus they are fully furnished. The staff is very helpful. Highly recommended!

The highlands is super convenient to campus and it’s nice that it’s fully furnished as well as the amenities it provides such as the gym and pool!

I have had a great time living at The Highlands. Maintenance usually responds to problems quite fast. Many fun activities are thrown in the front office!

Highlands is a very nice place to live while going to UNR. The pool and gym areas are very nice. The apartments are perfect for college students living on their own for the first time.

One of the best complexes around. The staff are always smiling and helpful. The utilities are one of the best around: gym, pool, business center.

Beautiful place with tons of useful amenities and a great community. Free parking is a huge plus, and the rooms are nice and spacious- well worth the rent. Love living here!

There’s lots of amenities but the security of the complex lacks integrity for the fact that the gate is left open often and the guard lets anyone in.

There was a lot of pressure to resign leases early and little leeway. Most issues take a while to resolve, but everyone at the front office has always been friendly and as helpful as they can be.