The staff is helpful and they are always holding activities for residents to enjoy. Its also conveniently close to the university. I have enjoyed my stay at the highlands and have nothing bad to say.

Highlands is conviently located. But problems with WiFi (that we pay for in the rent) along with service requests that take a long time, and responsiveness from management have been below expectations. Overall, the community is nice, allowing pets and having recreation areas is definitely a bonus.

The staff here is great! They always attend to your needs in a timley manner and they have the best customer service! The amenities are great too!

The managment honors room and roommate requests well from what I’ve seen. The apartment has a lot of amenities. It would be nice if students didn’t have to purchase a parking pass to ride the UNR transit bus from the apartment. I dont like that the rent price to resign a lease keeps going up every month.

The people I live with and those who live in the same building as us are absolutely awesome and I’m glad I was able to meet them by living here.

I like how maintenance requests are handled. However, I don’t like that if you submit one over a weekend you have to wait till the week to get it handled. But I do think they’re handled well.

It has been a great experience living here! I would definitely recommend it to a friend! I have already renewed my lease for the next school year!

The complex is a really great place for college students, especially as a first apartment. I plan on living here for two more years because I love its proximity to campus and the culture of the neighborhood.

Living at The Highlands is very convenient as a UNR student! This is my second year here. It is pretty nice and this student housing complex does a great job at providing amenities. My roommate and I have had issues with the WiFi which can be hard with school. But overall, nice place to live.

Besides the roomate matching being wrong and the extremely loud roomates above us, it has been a great time. Thers's always a party going and the parking lot always has spots.

Great community and parking is a major plus. The internet quality is atrocious unless you can use Ethernet. I think its the best option for off-campus student housing.

Love that the place is so dog friendly! And the closet in the 3 by 3 is very large. Great amount of storage space in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Great place to live. Large enough community to have little noise around the room. Good amenities in the apartment. Heating and air conditioner works well, and there's enough hot water. Would wish for more modern appliances and a trash system.

I really like having all the students around is it feels like I’m still on campus. But the maintenance crew has been so unresponsive especially in the beginning.

Good so far, the amenities are nice but the package room can be a little bit shady since anyone can come in there and just grab whatever they want technically if they have a package in there.

The highlands have some amazing amenities and even better workers. I love being greeted by friendly faces every time I stop by the office! Would recommend to any UNR student!

The Highlands is a good student housing option for people looking for more of a home than an apartment. the individual buildings with only three stories make it different from other complexes.

I really like living here. Its definitely the cheapest place and I hear the Younion workers are pretty trash, so I'm glad I live here instead. The only issue I have is the internet. It's slow.

I have felt overall very safe living here at the highlands. I would say the follow through of the front office / community assistants regarding things we needed completed or fixed is slower than ideal. I would say I was irritated when we’ve been residents for 2 years + and the rent kept increasing. Anywhere else I know the rent stays right around the same price for renewing residents. The additional fee for internet and etc seems silly judging that it hardly works and is super slow. The hot tub is also very rarely working and at an enjoyable temperature. Overall, not the worst living experience. Just wish they’d treat their recurrent residents with a little seniority.

This is a great community to live in when you are in college. For me it was perfect coming from the dorms to here, because while it is a big change the people make that change not as scary but rather welcoming. The new package pickup system is super cool as well! However, moving into this residence was not what I expected. On move in day everyone was totally awesome, but when I got to my apartment and my room in particular it was dirty. As if the person who lived here before me literally just moved out. I was upset to know that no cleaning crew went through after to make my room clean and new looking. Instead, there were chip bags on the floor, the bath tub was basically gray, and I could see big chunks of food crumbs lining the walls in plain sight. A big disappointed at that.

Relatively great experience. Can sometimes be noisy but generally a great place to stay. Maintainence can be a while if you’ve put a request in but when they do come their work is very helpful.

I have enjoyed living at the Highlands. Apartments near campus are too expensive overall, but it’s a nice space. Easy access to school. Nice amenities.

The location is great and the setup of the apartments is nice and very community like. the staff is great and always helpful. However, the wifi sucks and our appliances seem to have issues.

liked the location and community. Furniture was pretty cheap. Maintenance request often took a really long time to complete. Hot tub gate locked when it's supposed to be open.

I love all the events the front office does. The staff in the front are all super nice and very helpful. The gyms are both great and have good equipment, although some equipment should be replaced in the back gym