I think the Highlands is horrible and that they have ruined my living experience. I will be moving out as soon as possible due to their lack of attention, communication and the care of management.

Absolutely hate living here, nothing works, the laundry always smells like mold. This place needs to close for a year and renovate. They need to strip the place and start over.

I currently have numerous pending requests that have been there for over 2 weeks. My room has 6 loud ac fans right outside my window so I can barely fall asleep every night. I managed to get the one bed frame in my unit that is oversized and has bent legs that creek with even the slightest movement. Our kitchen sink has clogged twice. Internet here is sub-par at best. That’s how my experience has been. Horrible

This site is poorly made and the support services are nearly nonexistent. The payments will be delayed, and the customer support is terrible.

Maintenance never comes and one time I was bare cheeks naked in my bed and someone from the front office randomly opened my door Saying that my floors needed to be fixed but they got the wrong apartment number.

I like the security of living so close to campus. I think the rent is too high for what we are offered. I find too often that something is always breaking down whether that be the sink or washer.

Good location for its proximity to campus and it’s parking is great. The gate never has a security guard there, the walk in gate is always open. Maintenance will never replace problematic things only attempt to fix it to undoubtedly be called in a month later

The highlands is great because it allows you to have individual lease, so if a roommate moves out, you aren't stuck paying the bill. One unfortunate part about the highlands is that the workers do not always show professionalism and allow for apartment rules to be broken. This really upsets the atmosphere and needs to be fixed in order for it to be ranked higher.

I wasn’t even able to move into my apartment on move in day. Then I was lied to multiple times about when I would actually get to move in. Finally I got moved into a different apartment.

The rent is to high. We are collage students who pay thousands for tuition. Six hundred seventy dollars is nuts. If you are rich this is the place for you.

The community as a whole is respectful, but overall no one is social at all. No one is too loud which is nice, but I wish more people socialized.

It’s overpriced and the maintanence is worn down. The office staff could be more organized. The kitchen appliances and the old carpets do not compete with other student living places near by. The Highlands needs to update if they want to keep their price tag and stay popular with students.

I was living by myself at one point and found that the lock on my front door was extremely damaged. I filled out several maintenance requests and was told every time that the condition was fine, and management did little to nothing to assist me in feeling that I was safe. Similarly, upon move-in, the apartment was in terrible condition. And about 2 months before move-out, someone vomited all over the outdoor hallway/staircase and it was never cleaned up.

When we moved in the apartment was not ready. It was very dirty and the A/C didn’t work. The price you pay is not worth it. I will not be staying here another year

It's alright, but the printing thing is really upsetting. Every time I want to print something the printer doesn't work, or something else. Also, the treadmills should get fixed.

The apartments themselves are in shambles, with everything from black mold in the showers to torn up chairs in the shared living space. Getting assistance for problems takes several days, unless you insist it is an emergency. But It's livable I guess.

You are basically scamming college students. With small fees that add up and also the 12 month lease that should be optional to 9. Since some students go back home early but have to still pay rent even when literally nobody is there. Also not being reasonable with your residents. As some students have different paydays which make them have late fees even though they pay their rent every single time. Wouldn’t blame the staff since they just do their job. It would be the people who actually are the owners and the operational managers. Maybe just try and be less greedy and be more for the people. I don’t know, just something that was on my mind since I lived there and did enjoy my stay, but not really.

Maintenence sucks. Management sucks. Rent is too high. Youre scamming college kids because you know they take out loans or have their parents pay for it.

A large complaint for the Highlands is how they have numerous hidden fees that they try to always get their residents with. This includes apartment transfer fees and pet deposit fees.

It is a good community but I feel that there should be more work done on the basketball court and more work done in the buildings as well. Overall, it is okay.

Maintance is overwhelmed and our apartment was torn apart since we moved in. 5 weeks later it’s still not fixed. Other than that, i like the location and ammenities.

overall nice safe community. very hard to get anything fixed tho. parking is always available. moving in, apartment was very dirty. make sure you read EVERYTHING before you sign, they can be tricky.

I think this place is a very homey place to live, however; the management is not the best and doesn’t get much done when it’s needed to get done.

First of all, when I moved in my apartment was extremely messy due to the fact that a resident renewed. You should check and make sure renewing residents clean before new residents move in. I had an issue with my roommate leaving a threatening note and met with the highlands but nothing ever happened. My washing machine has been broken for a week and no one's fixed it. It took 3 weeks to get a light fixed in my apartment.

Getting too expensive for what this place is really worth. I had an issue at the beginning of the year that I never heard got resolved which is frankly quite frustrating,