Candace made moving in so easy! She was helpful through the entire process and was quick to answer any questions. I am looking forward to the rest of my experience here.

Beautiful community and great location. Hardly ever in traffic, not far from the mall, Kemah or Galveston. This is a area this is in the middle. Minimum travel time of 30 minutes

Haven't had many problems. Like the privacy. Gated. Got a gym. But bring your own wipes because neighbors don't care about cleaning up after themselves. They have pest control, make sure you use it. Other than that it's great.

Great apartments! Quiet, clean, and well-maintained. Awesome, friendly staff who know you and care about your well-being as a resident. Fast responses to any requests or concerns.

I love it here the area is nice and it really convenient to get to the stores I have to drive j no more than 5-10 miles away from the store

I love it here it’s a great place i love how the townhouse looks it’s in a great location I’m close to all the stores so no need to travel no more than 5 miles to a store

I like living here because it is quiet and safe nothing crazy happens here like many other apartments near by. I like the peace this pls e offers.

The apartment complex has a helpful staff. The location was ideal to my work. Plus, the price was great with all its amenities. Neighborhood seems to be quite.

I would personally introduce myself to everyone on my floor and let them know that they can reach out to me at anytime. I think it’s important to be highly visible and down-to-earth so that residents feel comfortable coming to me with their issues. Although my goal is to form friendships with residents, my responsibility as an RA would be to remain professional and enforce the school’s policies

I always get the impression I’m always “bugging” the staff when I ever have any questions or concerns on the the move-in process. The lady helping me seemed friendly only on the first day, but now it’s been completely differently. Makes me wonder if I made the right decision.

Great place to live! Quite and friendly. Management very helpful with all your needs! Maintenance quick to help with all needs! Awesome place to live

There is quite a bit of noise around my building with the kids playing around it. Also the neighbor that lives above me is pretty loud too .

Great staff, amenities are just what you need. Lease prices are very affordable. Have been here almost a year and will definitely renew my lease!

I am happy to live at The Huntley. I have lived here for 7 years, and the apartment is still probably the best on El Dorado. Maintenance always works hard to fix any issues.

Parking is horrible! Thought the apartments would be more updated for the price we pay. Also dont like that we cant be us! I understand we want to keep our community clean but not to be able to even put up an American flag is a bit much

I love living here , the place is always clean and the service is very good. And my baby loves swimming pool. We have nearby grocery stores and restaurants

Great Customer Service, and everyone in the office is really helpful, made the leasing experience really easy and helpful. Appreciate all the help

The Huntley is an excellent community. It's nice, clean, and usually very quiet. I've lived here for two years now and have really enjoyed it.

The leasing process, which was smooth. and the community is clean, very polite and quiet. The parking lots and covered parking are well maintained (I got several flat tires from all the potholes and glass and nails in the parking areas at my last apartment!) and maintenance seems to be done with minimal interruption or imposition. I find the security to be reassuring in this area. The Huntley is like an island of peace in a not so appealing neighborhood.

when i first moved to Webster this was the place i wanted to live at. After two years of living in a mediocre complex i was able to finally move to the Huntley. I love it here.

Very quiet nice place to live. Never had issues with neighbors and nice complex. Am going on my fouth year and I haven't had any issues. I like this place.

Overall a great living environment. The staff is friendly and the apartments are great for the price. My only issue is the cars that stay within the parking lot sometimes sit there for days, making parking hard to find. The noise level is never out of hand but people are often times noisy.

Move in was a smooth transition once I received the info I needed it was good. Looking forward to my experience here as an resident of the Huntley

The experience has been good. Typical apartment neighbor sound level. Maintenance came by 1 day after request, so no complaints here. Very quick service, and handled the job.

Love it here! Clean, safe, beautiful, and prompt maintenance service. The mail does not notify you if you have packages, so you just need to check with the office, but living here is awesome!