My experience so far has been great! Maintenance was timely and helpful! My apartment when I moved in, though, wasn't fully clean. Lots of dust.

The apartment looks nicer since all of the renovations. There are problems with bugs in the kitchen that seem to never go away after all the months they’ve been there.

good apartment complex. no complaints so far. nice staff. the gym is nice and everything else is up to date. i enjoy living here. keep it up

The location, apartment space, and atmosphere is good but maintenance takes a while to reach you and I never received the rest of my bedroom furniture after moving in.

What a wonderful world it would be, if you lived at the Junction. The office staff is very friendly, and every other day they have a resident event going on

The property is well kept, the rooms are nice and spacious, the staff is super friendly and very helpful, and there are great amenities. I love living here

Love this apartment community. Going on close to 4 years and still a great place to live. Staff knows me well, and makes it very welcoming. I enjoy all the activities and effort this community tries to do for its residents!

There's a bug problem. The dryer still doesn't work. The washer smells awful even when we use washing machine cleaner. Restating that there is a bad roach problem. We've had them spray several times and it's still so bad.

The community and its amenities are great and the location is ideal for Texas State students. Staff is nice, but there's a high turnover rate. It's hard to tell who works here because there's always someone new.

The staff is amazing. They are always smiling and greeting me by name. They’re so willing to help you and host awesome events that get residents together.

The front office staff is really helpful and nice. The amenities are all efficient and new. I have lived here for two years and I have had a good experience except for with getting something fixed that’s been broken at the apartment.

The property maintenance team has improved drastically! I love my apartment and have enjoyed living here for almost a year and a half. The office staff is also so helpful. Great place to live for the price.

So far everything is great! I love the dog park and how nice and big it is, I live in a two bedroom and my room is huge and I love it. There is always plenty of parking, the office has lots of convenient amenities. There is really no loud noise ever at night and I’m just overall happy!

Staff and maintenance have been pretty responsive and helpful so far. I love how close the bus stop is and how it takes about 10-12 minutes to get to campus.

Overall the apartment was in good condition when I moved in. There are a few problems here and there like the seats at the couch having tears in them. There's also a wasp nest at my room's window that hasn't gone away. But besides those things everything seem to be going fine.

It’s getting better since they got new maintenance workers. Y’all are also starting to do more activities for the residents and I appreciate that.

i love all the staffs here. everyone is nice and helpful. staying here definitely feel like you’re have freedom but still have responsibilities.

the junction is a pretty good place to stay. theres alot of dogs ans stuff. maintenance could be better but other than that everything is pretty good

Every since management changed halfway through my first lease, everything has gotten better. Maintenance staff is my biggest complaint. Everything else has been good. The gym is my favorite part of the complex, I’m there multiple times a week!

The Junction isn’t the worst apartment you could live in in San Marcos but it’s not the best either. There’s some things that need to be worked on but overall I think the place is decent and close to Texas State University.

It's nice for a college apartment, it's not perfect but it's alright. It takes a while for things to get done, but at the end of the day it's a college apartment.

The apartment itself is nice and the staff are nice, but they did not do a good job making sure the apartment was ready for new tenants. Maintenance does not fix things but says they will or they have.

Alright place to live everything I've asked for has been done. Slowly but they get there. Only bad side would be the outside of the apartments (hallways) need some sweeping. For maintenance issues you just got to bug a bit for them to get it done. Apartments aren't renovated like they told me but its a nice small apartment. Staff is nice and any questions will be answered in a respectful manner.

Nice employees but the outiside could be cleaned up a bit , I like the environment and how everyone gets along with eachother and is welcoming.

overall a good experience, the staff is really friendly and helpful. they’ve helped me and fixed the issue that i’ve had so far. the only thing is that i still haven’t gotten the items that were not in the apartment or things that were majorly damaged when i first moved in.