The staff is super nice and the room is great. My puppy is super happy too! If there are any issues the office employees will help immediately. It’s really great. Maintenance could be a bit faster but that’s understandable, it’s a big apartment complex.

I love the space and feel of the two bedroom apartments. There’s plenty of room for all my belongings and it’s a nice price per month. The staff is always friendly and really engage with their residents by knowing their name! Love all the events that goes on during the months, and can’t wait to see more!

The staff is great! They are all very friendly and willing to help with whatever you need! The gym is very nice and has a lot of equipment to use.

so far the experience has been alright, i am missing some furniture i think though. the front desk has also been super nice and helpful. so far i would recommend living here.

My favorite part about living here in the price. The junction has the lowest prices in San Marcos but, it seems almost everything is broken from things in the apartment to the gym.

I love the relaxed vibe of The Junction- San Marcos! It’s the easiest place to live. The 2x2 floorplan has the biggest rooms ever, all my friends are always jealous! Only issues would be the maintenance can be a tad slow but everything is overall fleet pleasant and relaxed.

Christi is dope. She always helped us with anything we needed and it willing to do anything to make sure that you are satisfied. Also the weight room is nice.

I’ve enjoyed living here and decided to resign because I like the apartment. My only complaint is sometimes it takes a long time to get maintenance done.

Everyone is friendly and for the most part pretty quiet. Every now and then there's a party or get together, but nothing gets out of hand or crazy. It's pretty chill here.

Everything has been improving since management has taken over, nice job! The gym is great, and the complimentary coffee is good pick-me-up before class.

This place has been a great atmosphere to live in and to thrive as an adult and student.Staff is amazing and there's nothing I dislike about the Junction

Great place to live. Just a few things that I wish would get sorted like the odor from the carpet and the burning smell for the dryer. Other than that, the staff is great

Ivana is great! Best customer service in San Marcos. The junction has been a great place to live and I suggest it to all my friends. I love the junction

theyre pretty good to us, yes maintenance is slow but they are short staffed so its understandable. love that its close to campus and that they hold events to support both student/residential life.

My experience so far has been great! Maintenance was timely and helpful! My apartment when I moved in, though, wasn't fully clean. Lots of dust.

The apartment looks nicer since all of the renovations. There are problems with bugs in the kitchen that seem to never go away after all the months they’ve been there.

good apartment complex. no complaints so far. nice staff. the gym is nice and everything else is up to date. i enjoy living here. keep it up

The location, apartment space, and atmosphere is good but maintenance takes a while to reach you and I never received the rest of my bedroom furniture after moving in.

What a wonderful world it would be, if you lived at the Junction. The office staff is very friendly, and every other day they have a resident event going on

The property is well kept, the rooms are nice and spacious, the staff is super friendly and very helpful, and there are great amenities. I love living here

Love this apartment community. Going on close to 4 years and still a great place to live. Staff knows me well, and makes it very welcoming. I enjoy all the activities and effort this community tries to do for its residents!

There's a bug problem. The dryer still doesn't work. The washer smells awful even when we use washing machine cleaner. Restating that there is a bad roach problem. We've had them spray several times and it's still so bad.

The community and its amenities are great and the location is ideal for Texas State students. Staff is nice, but there's a high turnover rate. It's hard to tell who works here because there's always someone new.

The staff is amazing. They are always smiling and greeting me by name. They’re so willing to help you and host awesome events that get residents together.

The front office staff is really helpful and nice. The amenities are all efficient and new. I have lived here for two years and I have had a good experience except for with getting something fixed that’s been broken at the apartment.