Things break even after fixed (the garbage disposal, my door knob, etc) and the whole water stunt really made things worse. It just seemed deceitful.

I like having such a large bedroom and the apartment is nice as a whole, but I have dealt with multiple issues while living here. Issues have ranged from water being turned off an entire weekend to avoiding going out alone after dark due to parking lights being out since I moved in.

Its alright, I like it because they answer all questions and help whenever you need it. The rooms are affordable and they are pet friendly so I really like it.

The furniture is nice and the appliances work well so it’s a lot better than the previous apartment complex I loved at, and I love the dog park here

Had a lot of ups and downs first starting off with the water bill and now to new management which happened at the same time the water issue was happening

The staff and new management have been awesome! I love all of the new events they are doing and the giveaways. It feels like there's something awesome every week!

I would give it a 5 star rating if maintenance and management was efficient in fixing problems that units deal with. They should also consider hiring people who will do the job right so that the problem gets fixed the first time rather than only doing half the job.

overall great place to live, nice environment, close to campus, bus stop is located in front of the Junctions office, and the staff is kind and helpful

Love how nice the management is!! They are always willing to help you and go out of their way! Also the new maintenance team is pretty good as well.

Took a whole semester to finally get our water heater properly fixed. When I first moved in everything was extremely dirty. Nothing was cleaned out; we found clothes from previous residents as well as the floor and carpets were so dirty that the bottom of our socks or feet were black from all the dirt.

The staff is super nice and the room is great. My puppy is super happy too! If there are any issues the office employees will help immediately. It’s really great. Maintenance could be a bit faster but that’s understandable, it’s a big apartment complex.

I love the space and feel of the two bedroom apartments. There’s plenty of room for all my belongings and it’s a nice price per month. The staff is always friendly and really engage with their residents by knowing their name! Love all the events that goes on during the months, and can’t wait to see more!

The staff is great! They are all very friendly and willing to help with whatever you need! The gym is very nice and has a lot of equipment to use.

so far the experience has been alright, i am missing some furniture i think though. the front desk has also been super nice and helpful. so far i would recommend living here.

My favorite part about living here in the price. The junction has the lowest prices in San Marcos but, it seems almost everything is broken from things in the apartment to the gym.

I love the relaxed vibe of The Junction- San Marcos! It’s the easiest place to live. The 2x2 floorplan has the biggest rooms ever, all my friends are always jealous! Only issues would be the maintenance can be a tad slow but everything is overall fleet pleasant and relaxed.

Christi is dope. She always helped us with anything we needed and it willing to do anything to make sure that you are satisfied. Also the weight room is nice.

I’ve enjoyed living here and decided to resign because I like the apartment. My only complaint is sometimes it takes a long time to get maintenance done.

Everyone is friendly and for the most part pretty quiet. Every now and then there's a party or get together, but nothing gets out of hand or crazy. It's pretty chill here.

When everything in the apartment is okay then it’s fine, but when something goes wrong, management and maintenance needs to significantly improve.

Everything has been improving since management has taken over, nice job! The gym is great, and the complimentary coffee is good pick-me-up before class.

This place has been a great atmosphere to live in and to thrive as an adult and student.Staff is amazing and there's nothing I dislike about the Junction

Great place to live. Just a few things that I wish would get sorted like the odor from the carpet and the burning smell for the dryer. Other than that, the staff is great

Ivana is great! Best customer service in San Marcos. The junction has been a great place to live and I suggest it to all my friends. I love the junction

The experience here was alright. We always had trouble with our air conditioning either shooting up too high or being to cold. Maintenance took a forever to fix my carpet (about 3 months to clean my carpet from the moment I put the request in).