It’s been pretty average, if not less. I wish there was a better way of interacting with other residents, as well as having amenities that actually work and are present.

Very nice place to live. Comes with everything you need. Great service and staff support. Could use more maintenance as far as housing hallways and sidewalks.

The employees are very nice and helpful. The lodge is a great place to live and I would renew my lease until I finish my scholarship. I really loved living here.

Great community, awesome folk, really everyone is just nice. I cant pass up a great coffee maker in the office every time I have a visit. The whole rec-room space is excellent for recovering from studying or an early morning session to sharpen my skills while stretching legs.

Overall the complex isn’t the most quiet since it’s a college town. Some of the neighbors can be inconsiderate. The apartment itself is nice and my dog loves the park he can play at.

Great location! The lodge also has very helpful and friendly workers in the clubhouse. Love the free parking! Also the free food given and double tap tuesdays.

There are great amaemtities offered and everything is new and modern. A really nice place to live. There are always fun community events throughout each month.

At the beginning the lodge was a great place to live but recently I've come across a few issues. every time I go to use printers they are never working or the wifi is always out. Everything else is pretty solid!

Wish the amenities work more often for what we’re paying for. I do like ah omg my own space within my apartment and a gym right on site has been great

The lodge is a great place to live. There are always lots of events during the week and the staff is always so kind whenever you call or go into the office!

The lodge amenities never work. Our apartment had 100 million things wrong with it. The WiFi sucks, the printer hasn’t been working for like 3 months and the coffee is always out

Not too bad haha. It isn’t overall good but I wish they would mention who won the $500 for doing the resident surveys or tell us what resident won the weighted blanket. A lot of things in the emails are never discussed again

Too much money for the quality of the apartment. go somewhere else and save money, the lidge is not worth it. Staff isnt very helpful and stuff breaks easily.

i really like the community and the staff. But the walls are incredibly thin and i can hear everything from the room next to me and the stairs. everything in this apartment is SO cheap.

I love the atmosphere that the community has! I've lived here for two years and wouldn't want to have lived anywhere else. It's a great spot to live.

The neighbors were too loud and nothing was done about it. The electric bill was almost $100 a month. I wasn’t told I could get on a program to pay $45 a month.

Very private and comfortable facility. I really enjoy how quite the neighborhood is but the amenities could be nicer. I love my room and It feels very comfortable

I think living at the lodge was and is a good expirence to have when you move away to college. I was looking for a place to stay and had little time before I had to move in and the lodge helped me find a place.

most of the time the hallways in our apartment aren't clean and its the apartments are always cold so we have to crank the heat so that wee don't freeze

I love the gated community, I always feel safe. I also like how the apartment access is inside a building rather than just being outside, this way I feel safe and stay warm while getting out my keys and unlocking my apartment.

Modern apartments, really nice, with lots of amenities, although I do wish we had more equipment at the gym. Personally I think they're not worth it for how much you pay monthly for them.

my experience has been pretty good overall. In my own personal opinion I would do some things differently but I am enjoying myself and where I live in the building.

Super nice, everyone is so kind. Amazing amenities and fast wifi! I really do enjoy all of the community events that are put on by the lodge.

The Lodge is very accommodating and the staff here is excellent. I love that there is free coffee, a fitness room, and a pool. The Lodge is well organized!

I love living here, the amenities are great! The only thing that sucks is our loud upstairs neighbors & our walls sounding like they "click"