Everything looks very nice however, the place still seemed banged up from the previous residence upon move-in. It always seemed like something was going wrong in the apartment. Whether it be a fridge fuse blowing or the a/c shutting down. However, everything looks really nice and it is very spacious. All in all you get what you pay for.

The lodge is a nice place to live. It is close to a couple bus stops, and isn't too loud or dirty. I would reccoment living here, because it provides a nice atmosphere for school life.

I think the experience is okay so far. I wish it weren’t so expensive to live here but it is. They should do a little more exciting things for their residents

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The lodge is a nice place to live until one of the Amenities is broken. Also the fitness center is subpar with absolutely no mirrors. I find this very odd.

I love living at the Lodge! The apartments are the perfect size and are easy to make feel at home. The maintenance man also is amazing and great at making my day.

Love living here! Really nice private bathrooms, and my own bed. But the walls are pretty thin and I can hear people yelling at night! That is the worst part.

The laying is nice and so are the amenities, but the walls are thin, it’s overpriced, and the leasing office acts like they’re trying to help, but does not do so. They will also try to get as much money out of you as possible.

It’s really nice here. Few problems with how dirty my apartment was left. The staff is slow at times, although they eventually get it done. Maintenance is really quick and fixes issues.

noise level is not great. Recently was given less than 24h of a new roommate and spent an entire evening making room for her in the common areas instead of doing hw and then she immediately moved out anyway.rent is WAY too much.

I love living at the lodge! It’s way nicer than my old apartment. I feel at home when i’m here unlike previous apartments i’ve had. I would definitely recommend living here.

It could be better but I like living here. It is a nice complex and people in the leasing office are nice. some improvements could help. I wish my packages could be delivered directly to the flat

Love the place so much the only down fall is the day we moved in the ac went out and then a few weeks later again too. The furnishings are very nice along with the appliances.

I like it, nothing spectacular or bad about the place. But, lets comment on the maintenance man because he is honestly the nicest guy in the world and should probably get a raise. He made my entire experience here haha.

This is my first year at The Lodge and I couldn't be more pleased. The whole community feels safe and everyone is super friendly! Also love meeting the residents dogs!

After living at The Lodge for several months now, overall it has been a good experience. Upon moving in, the common area and bedrooms were not clean but was quickly taken care of by staff.

Really cool place overall!! Wish there were many more community activities though, they seemed to only happen during welcome week and it should happen all year.

When we first moved in the apartment wasn’t as clean as I was expecting it would be. They answer maintenance requests very quickly. Overall it’s a great community.

My living experience here at the Lodge is nothing to complain about. The only thing I would have to say is that sometimes the staff doesn't really seem to interested in your concern you address with them.

The walls are super thin and it was always really loud and amenities never worked (printer, gym equipment), but maintenence was helpful. overall it was just fine living there, but other places are much nicer

The lodge is a wonderful place to live. The second I set foot in my apartment I was impressed. The place is simply beautiful - clean and well designed. The staff is awesome and are helpful with anything residents need. Love the amenities including the gym especially.

The lodge is a nice place to live if you are looking for a modern apartment. The rent, however, could be much lower for what you are getting.

Decent so far...maintenance has fixed or replaced everything in a timely manner... room was not cleaned at all when we moved in so be ready for that... the staff is super helpful.. overall a decent place compared to everywhere else in allendale

Awesome nice easy too deal with love it here. I plan on living here the last 2 years of my schooling and I’m excited too say the least. If you have any students planning on living here I highly recommend it here

So far I love being at The Lodge! The apartment are beautiful and it’s surprisingly pretty quite and I like that! I have yet to use the gym and other facilities but I hope to soon. My roommate is great and we get along very well.

The apartment is nice as are the grounds but the walls and floors must either be paper thin or else I have really loud neighbors on all sides. It sometimes actually sounds like they might be falling through the floor with all the loud banging or footsteps everywhere. It especially sucks because one of the bedrooms is against the stairway so anyone going up and down the stairs can be heard loud and clear at all hours.