Very private and comfortable facility. I really enjoy how quite the neighborhood is but the amenities could be nicer. I love my room and It feels very comfortable

I love the gated community, I always feel safe. I also like how the apartment access is inside a building rather than just being outside, this way I feel safe and stay warm while getting out my keys and unlocking my apartment.

Super nice, everyone is so kind. Amazing amenities and fast wifi! I really do enjoy all of the community events that are put on by the lodge.

The Lodge is very accommodating and the staff here is excellent. I love that there is free coffee, a fitness room, and a pool. The Lodge is well organized!

I love living here, the amenities are great! The only thing that sucks is our loud upstairs neighbors & our walls sounding like they "click"

Great staff, great community, great clubhouse. I really enjoy living in this community and would recommend it to anyone. The staff goes above and beyond to make this place extremely pleasant to live at.

Love the staff and pool! My roommate has a pup, so the dog park is perfect! The gated community also makes it safe and reliable. The gym and cozy clubhouse is just a bonus :)

Safe. Private. High Quality. Top 3 words I would use to describe the Lodge. I have loved living here since this past August and I really don’t think I’ll ever choose to live elsewhere. From the gym and tanning saloon, to the pool and basketball court... the Lodge has it all.

I would say overall my experience at the lodge has been good. The guy underneath me likes to complain about the noise, but that’s not too bad, I love the pool and the staff has always been friendly with me!

I have had a great experience! Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. Whenever we have put in a maintenance request or had issues, they were resolved within a day

I love all of the amenities at The Lodge, my favorite part is how pet friendly the entire place is. My pets love it here. The only thing that can get a little frustrating is the noise level between apartments, but all in all, The Lodge is great.

The lodge is a very nice and safe community. Great friendly staff and maintenance crew. The appliances work great and are in good shape. The only real problems are small things.

The amenities are great, staff is super helpful, and it is just overall a very friendly atmosphere to live in! The walls are super thin though and the layout of some bedrooms are very small. Overall though, I highly recommend it.

The experience at the lodge as been alright. The noise level has not, I can hear all walking of a large dog all day and night to the point of concern that people are falling above me on a daily basis.

I love the amenities, the community feel, and the events at the clubhouse. The apartments are made out of paper maché, so everything breaks easily and you can hear people outside through the walls with ease.

All in all it's not bad, the only thing that I'm disappointed in is the plowing. Often times the sidewalks are poorly plowed and you have plowed in all of our cars making it extremely difficult to get out

Living here has been mostly great. We’ve had a few problems with maintenance requests getting marked as complete and never actually completed, but it’s been completed in the end

I love the friendly atmosphere. The staff is super nice and very friendly. The amenities are great. I especially love the study rooms and lounge area.

The Lodge overall is a great place to live. The appliances are up to date and the clubhouse is great. The only complaint is the price for the rent and the cheap build of the walls and doors

living at the lodge is great. the staff is great and addresses all issues efficiently. the free printing is really helpful when it actually works!!

The lodge is a great community to live in. Everyone here is super friendly and helpful. There is never a question that goes unanswered. The amenities are sensational and it’s super close to school!

For the most part everything is nice, but the stairwell to my building hasn't been cleaned for a while. That's the only issue I can think of.

The location is great and super close to campus and I love having my own bedroom and bathroom. The fitness center is great because it is so close to my apartment.

It is a lovely complex to live in. So many amenities and genuine people to live by and encounter. It is very clean and pet friendly! There’s always a new dog to greet everyday.

The Lodge has been the best place I’ve lived at since starting college. The price might be somewhat high but worth it to me. Having my own personal bath is great.