Great amenities and responsive maintenance staff. Layout of development is inviting and well-designed. Great location near campus as well as shopping and direct access to interstate.

I love living here! it is a really cool environment! I personally have not had many issues here! I have never had any issues with my neighbors!

Everyone here has been laid back, friendly, and helpful. Ive enjoyed my experience living at the Lodges thus far and plan to stay here a while. :)

Fun ! Great , Sate place to live! Wonderful people working in the office and staff is always helpful! Would Definitely recommend this place!

Clean and modern apartment complex. The amenities are quite nice and make living comfortable. The staff are helpful but you have to get the right person.

I love how much the lodges care about thier tennants. They listen and make changes. We had probelm with not enough maintnenance staff, so they hired moew on. We also had problems with security so now we have added security guards. I love the lodges and feel safe.

An enjoyable place to live. Lots of amenities and community involvement available. They do have inspections every few months and maintenance takes a few days sometimes.

It feels like I’m in actual mini neighborhood. I live in a three bedroom lodge and I like how in each you can adjust the air conditioning without bothering your roommates. It’s a very good spot and it’s gated! Definitely will be renewing my lease.

I love the majority of my roommates and now that we’re settled in, it’s a decent place to live. We got a few things fixed by maintenance so now it’s in top shape.

The Lodges 777 is fun and relaxing. Lodges offer a volleyball court, basketball court, and a entire pool area. I enjoy my stay here in the cozy home like apartments and the protected community. I really enjoy myself, everyday holds a different adventure.

I love my apartment is very roomy & appealing in the eye. The gym is amazing I cancelled my gym membership because now I can do everything I have to do here. The lodges are amazing.

I love living here! There are super friendly staff and is all around a great place to live! I would highly recommend living here to anyone that asks.

Not the greatest living experience but not the worst. Could use more grassy landscape, better security, and more lighted walkways , it’s very dark at night

I love the duplex set up that really sealed the deal that we didn’t have to live in a traditional apartment. Rent is also cheaper here than most everywhere else which is a big factor.

It’s awesomeeeeeee. Love living here. So clean. Great staff. Much space. Fast maintenance. Always so friendly to everyone. Never had any issues

The club house could use some upgrades. My water heater could also be increased to make the water hotter. Overall, I am enjoying the property and the amenities.

I mean its lit, I like the people and shit, super nice pool and workout area, I got this girl to sign a lease for next semester and I didn't get 200 dollars doe so bummed

I love the community, the bed space, and the amenities included staying at the Lodges at 777. The fact that they come get the trash from your door is even better!

At first, I was having some issues with maintenance and having them get things done on time. But recently I have been getting better service.

I believe this is a great place for the price of it! Love the layout of the apartments, and they definitely have a home-y type of feel to them.

Everyone is a amazing here, I've had nothing but fast and friendly service! I am happy to live here because I feel safe and I feel like you all care about your residents.

the lodges are a very nice complex. the only downside is the maintenance. they take a minimum of a week to come and fix any issues and always have an attitude while doing it.

Great maintenance response when something goes wrong and really nice front desk staff. Very helpful with everything. Grounds are always well kept.

Great living area with even greater people! Love how close it is to Lsu and also the heart of Baton Rouge. Just overall love living here care free and happy.

I really like the overal environment of the Lodges and the staff was very helpful whiten I signed. I love my roommates and the amount of private space I have. I would recommend this place to other people.