The sound insulation of the room is not very good. Everything else is OK. So, if party could be banned after 12pm, the experience could be 5 star.

The Lorenzo is a great place to live. The amenities are very nice and it’s a lot of resources available. The staff is very friendly and supportive.

Maintenance could be improved by a lot more. Some service requests are send in and somehow they get marked as completed. Otherwise, everything else I can’t complain.

I love living here, but the service isn’t very good. We have mentioned multiple times that our dryer doesn’t work and everytime we put in an order for it no one fixes it. Also, there are a lot of bugs. Other than that, the place is nice.

It is pretty good for the most part. They could take my consideration to people sleeping when they are mowing by the lawn early in the morning.

Best place for students to live at if you’re looking for a place in the area. Safe, very responsive staff, comfortable living and a great community.

I am extremely happy with my choice of living here at the Lorenzo. Once my roommates told me everything about it, I was so excited to move in! Everything here has been great so far, I'm excited to see what happens next!

The amenities are amazing and i love my room.. The gym and pools are probably the main reasons i love it here so much.. but the repairs take a bit too long after placing service calls

I love my apartment, it's big and really convenient. The amenities at the Lorenzo are amazing, there's everything you need. I'm only disappointed that the service is not that great. I could not move on the day I arrived because I arrived after 6pm, which is a bit crazy since I paid $1000 rent for the month of August while arriving on the 19th. Not having access to my apartment is really really unconceivable and not normal! They also told us they would help us to find someone to take over our lease. But in the end, we have to do all of it on our own

Amazing, have no problems at all living here! I love the convenience of everything. Also the free food always makes my days. The air conditioning is fantastic of course lol

great place to live! staff is soo nice especially maintence. leasing agents can be a bit annoying when they do not answer emails or phone calls. other wise a good time!

I love Lorenzo's abundant ammenities and warm community. I feel like the bathrooms get clogged very quickly and the service to fix these bathrooms could be more punctual. Additionally, the architecture of the complex makes it hard to explore but the maps on each floor make it easier for me to find my way. Overall, I think Lorenzo is a great place for student living.

Being a resident for 3 years, I love the Lorenzo! This place is my home away from home, and I love it so much. I'll be super bummed to leave the Lorenzo, it's such a fun place!

Fantastic and fantastic living experience with good and good people. Fantastic and fantastic living experience with good and good people. YES

Great place 👍🏼 Love living here, but a bit far from school but that is ok because the amenities are great. I love having my own bathroom, washer and dryer, and dishwasher. Free food is always awesome.

The service is terrible and they don’t follow up on promises, and they say they repair things that they don’t. I’m tired of being told things are fixed when it’s clear they never even entered my apartment.

Overall the facilities, rooms, and building are extremely nice. Most times the grounds are well maintained, and there is rarely any garbage on the floors. My only cretic is the shuttles are sometimes late or they have to many people in them so you could be late for things.

I love living at the Lorenzo. Every once in a while the staff can be hard to reach and the bus system can be a pain, but otherwise it’s a great place to be.

I’ve been living in Lorenzo for more than a year, and I already renewed for another year. It is a safe place to live in and is convenient to go to the campus with shuttle service.

It was a great experience. Everyone was extremely helpful and was eager to assist in any way I needed. I have enjoyed meeting new people and the shuttle service is great

It really is nice here, and the staff overall are super friendly! There is the downside of the rooms being pretty dark (our room only has one small window) and that actually has a large impact. Additionally, there have been a few problems with our TV working that have been troublesome. The biggest thing I think the Lorenzo can work on is the mosquito problem – there are a ton here, and it makes it hard to sit outside and enjoy all the wonderful amenities they offer! But I love that the Lorenzo actually helps their residents a lot, especially since we're all college students and can get stressed during certain parts of the year.

I enjoy living at the Lorenzo, but some neighbors play loud music very late at night or very early in the morning which is why I gave the Lorenzo 4 stars as opposed to 5.

the lorenzo has treated me so well in my 2 years of living here! ammenities, employees, environment and all! will definitely continue to recommend this complex to anyone in the market (:

Lorenzo is really good! I love the study rooms which are pretty convenient for students! And the gym is also really nice, which is located in 3rd floor and we can easily get there. And I have to mention that the free dinner on Tuesday and Thursday tastes good!

I just feel the walls are very thin. I can always hear the people who live above me. I enjoy the security and my location. I also enjoy the amenities. My friends are always welcome.