Great location and community overshadows the horrible living conditions. If you are one who requires beauty and elegance in your living space they may not be for you. You get what you pay for. Can't complain for the price.G

Quiet neighborhood and convenient location. I like the air conditioning unit in my unit. Residents near my unit make noises all the time. Another resident was littering the ground at night. Those can be worked on.

I like the meridian a lot. There are a plethora of perks coinciding with an absolutely perfect business plan. The facilities are always clean as well.

The meridian has been very helpful with anything needed, apartment is always clean and my roommate and i have been very happy. Definitely deserves 5 stars

The staff is nice and helpful. There is a lot of room for improvement regarding the cleanliness of the apartments. (I.e. carpets are a main one!!!)

There’s some minor issues inside but it doesn’t get in the way of everyday life. We filled out forms of what was wrong in August and it took them a month and a half to come fix it with zero warning to us that they would be coming. Neighbors are very loud and the walls are thin. They also gave us no warning about guest spots being paid for on game days so we have also had several people towed due to the lack of telling residences.

Although moving into the Meridian had a rough start, I've started to love my experience here. It took a while to get some of the things that came with the apartment, like cable and Internet, but once it was done, I made it my home!

It’s a Great quiet place just some of the dog owners don’t know how to control them. The office assistants are very helpful also. And the pool and the gym is open 24/7 THATS AWESOME! 😃

I’ve been living here for a couple of months, and it’s been good. What finally made me move here is the great customer service Zarinah gave me. My only complaint is the little worms that I’ve found occasionally in my unit.

This has been amazing. They are very nice they take really good care of you when I was having issues they stepped and made sure aI was taking care off

I am so glad I found Stadium Walk at Belle Vue! The location is only a 10-minute walk to the football stadium and an easy drive to where ever you need to be in Tallahassee. The structure of the houses are perfect, and the utilities are great. I wish there had been a better cleanup of the apartment before me moving in, but overall a beautiful place to live!

Great apartment. Not the safest community. Cars get broken into and the front office has yet to put in more security. But other than that our apartment is really cute!

The paperwork and getting into the place was a breeze. The moving in was rocky, however, nice houses for what you pay. I'd recommend to anyone. Cant beat the pricing.

Very nice location. Not a crowded neighborhood to live in. The at your door parking is a good feature I’n this place. It’s a great location for campus because a bus stop is near by. Only issue is the cockroach problem.

It’s very quiet which is a plus. I love the location and I don’t have to worry about anything happening outside my apartment. Did I mention I love that it’s quiet?

I like it here for the most part. It’s really nice and they are very open people when it comes to helping us at the different complexes.....

The housing is very nice at the Highlands. We do have maintenance issues often as well as bills not being paid and our internet and cable getting turned off every other month. It hasn’t happened in a while, but the fire alarms also go off a lot.

We had A LOT of issues with Move in (plumbing, floors, cleanliness, AC, etc) but most things were immediately resolved. The staff has been kind and very accommodating

It’s a good price and they matched me well with a random but people have to pay to park over night, they are slow with maintenance, and the trash can area is gross

Overall the housing complex is great, all the rooms are big and clean but management can be unhelpful. In our unit the fire alarm went off every morning at 3:30 for 3 weeks before managament fixed it and they still have yet to give us our mailbox keys

The Meridian isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. The neighborhood is quiet, maintenance is fairly quick with my requests, and you can’t beat the price! Overall, So far, so good!

Doug our maintenance man has been such a great help! He is extremely quick to come help solve our issues and show us tricks on how to fix things in the future.

I love it here. The transition was really smooth, and the staff here are very helpful. They really do try the best they can. I wish there was more people in maintenance but I guess that’s okay too. I once had a problem with my room but it got fixed in literally 10 minutes when I told them about it. Overall the Meridian is a quiet and calm complex with plenty of parking spaces. Anyone would be lucky to be here!

This place is actually great ..close to everything I need and the staff is very friendly and nice the only thing is I wish the pool was cleaned more often but other then that it’s a great place

I wish management would be more attentive, but other than that the place is neat and clean. I love that it’s newer. I have heard a lot of bad things here but personally, I have not had a bad experience yet. It wasn’t great when I moved in and they didn’t have my key ready though...