They rarely complete a maintence request, our apartment has a major cockroach infestation that hasn’t been taken care of and mold in several areas that hasn’t been taken care of

I am 38 years old and this is the worst experience I've ever had live in an apartment. I've been here problems for months and they never fix the things that were wrong with my apartment when I moved in. that wasn't even a door on my room when I moved in the apartment was filthy we had to clean it ourselves. But yet they keep sending me emails to resign my lease when they haven't done anything they were supposed to do. I tell everybody I know to stay as far away from this place as possible

The Meridian is slow on maintenance. also the bugs are bad here also the community is dirty. there is dog poop on the stairs and no one cleans it up

Tried to add my review to the website but of course it didn’t post. I absolutely HATE this place. Moved in last week. Before moving in I asked to see the room that I was moving into because THERE IS NO FLOOR MODEL and I was told no by Portia, Glenn and another staff member whose name I can’t remember. I was told to base my room on the floor plan so I said okay because I know someone who lives in this DUMP and their room is very spacious so I requested a room JUST LIKE THEIRS. The bigger room that is extended and has a walk in closet WITH CARPET. I ordered furniture (a king sized bed with a headboard & footboard, a dresser, night stand and another taller dresser) because of the unit that I had been in and based everything off of the dimensions of that room since “all rooms are the same size and EVERY FLOOR PLAN IS THE SAME” which was a complete and utter LIE. Upon move in day I was put into a TINY room with dirty wood flooring, a terrible paint job with a dirty bathroom and no walk in closet. I went to the office not upset but disappointed because anger would have gotten me nowhere. I went to your LIFELESS, RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL staff to express my distaste and everyone was rude and seemed nonchalant about them selling me a room that is not what I asked for and not what’s on the floor plan. Everytime I tried to talk Portia would cut me off and when I asked if she was going to keep cutting me off she had the nerve to say “yes because you keep saying the same thing” I had every mind to drag her through the office by that cheap weave in her head but I remained calm and asked to speak with the manager and was told “she’s just going to tell you the same thing I told you” . So the only resolution for the proble that they caused by LYING TO ME about where I am going to be living for a year is to find someone to sublease or just deal with it. I asked for the dimensions of the room because there are none on the floor plan and I was laughed at. I recommend you save your money and find somewhere else to live. ANYWHERE ELSE

I asked several times before I moved in to see my unit and I was told no because I have a roommate and to base my unit off the floor plan. I asked for the bigger room in the floor plan with the walk in closet. They moved me into a 9x10 super small unit with no walk in closet. When I went to the office upset I was told there was nothing I could do but find someone to sublease or move into the trap unit that they put me in. The staff in the office is very rude and unwelcoming. No one smiles or seems to care about the concerns of “residents” I asked for the dimensions of the floor plan and was told they don’t have them and the manager Laughed. I’m used to being in very spacious rooms. So I chose this unit because I’ve been in a friends room that lives out here and it’s just like the floor plan.Ive already ordered furniture that WONT FIT IN THIS BOX SIZED ROOM and I am being forced to stay somewhere that is not what I paid for. Walking into the unit it smelled like mildew and the room Hadn’t been swept or mopped at all. I would not recommend living here. Still trying to find someone to sublease this dump.

It's my second year living here in a different room under a different management company and I am not liking it one bit. After transferring rooms I realize how lucky I had it last term. The relatively new "park n pay" is utter bullshit, it took two months past the expected date to receive my referral bonus, and promises made by management when we moved in never were fulfilled. There's a reason this place is so inexpensive and it makes sense after dealing with the issues my apartment has been having and other issues residents are experiencing. My roommates and I are in agreement that signing here was a mistake.

Residents let there pets poop everywhere and didn't pick it up made the apartment complex look worst and staff was slow on responding to maintenance request

I like the price of the units. However, the feces on the stair is a real problem that needs to be addressed, along with the roach problem in the units. Spray more for bugs and make it known that feces on the stairs will not be tolerated.

The apartments are beautiful which is a big reason why I chose to live at the meridian. The staff on the other hand is horrendous, they are extremely unprofessional and very rude. They always seem to have an excuse whenever something goes wrong.

My apartment was filthy and Ihad to cleaned and I didn't even have a door to my bedroom. Still no amenities pass to this day and its already been 3 weeks and the paint is peeling in my room.

Dirty when moved in . 3 different managements in 1 year . Maintenance horrible. Work Orders never get answered . Rent is high not a good experience

Honestly have heard the longest and most horrible service. Haven't had my furniture since I moved, which makes 3 weeks today. I have alot to say

I tho k it is a great place to live but the management is not good neither the maintenance. I have been asking for some things to be fixed since I got my apt and they haven’t done anything about it

I love that It’s very quiet. Although Outside the apartment could be improved like. Dogs need a dog park, because owners leave there feces behind in the hallways and it need more rocks

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The meridians were ok. Good pricing for ok living. Nice and quiet complex. But some outsidework needs to be done as far as the landscape, and stair repairs for bld E. All in all I would recommend the meridians to a friend.

The apartment does the job but is just that. Its not super nice but you get what younpay for. Good price for a good apartment. Changes management every week.

It’s alright but I have been displeased with many things. I put in a complaint about my refrigerator and they came and said they fixed the inside door but no cap it’s been worse since they said they fixed it. So..

It is a place to stay. Most of the complex smells bad. Residents litter constantly too. Noise at night can be an issue.The staff is nice and helpful.

The apartmentis very nice. But too many false information and maintenance take too long to do any service request. Utility is way higher than expected.

Everytime I submit a request for something to get checked or fixed, its ignored, but its cheap so not surprising. But overall the conditions could be worse I suppose.

when I moved to the meridian I thought it could be better, but my apartment had many problems and for more than claimed not solve it, after a while things changed and talking so much solved the problems and I hope everything improves

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The conditions & location are decent I like the seclusion. My neighbors & I get along great & the complex is way more pet friendly than i expected & for that i'm greatful.

Although I loved the apartment, it was an older building so I dealt with a lot of issues from it just being an old building. The one positive is that this is the best management I’ve had since I was a resident 3 years ago

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Never pay online it’s easy to accidentally pay a double payment and overdraft your account! Employees are nice though and get everything taken care of

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The Matinence people are great but the communication between them and the leasing office needs work. Also the leasing office looks nice but it doesn’t feel welcoming.

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