I really enjoy living at the Monroe. Rent is affordable and it is located in a convenient spot; close to all the stores and not too far from campus. The only concern I had was how unclean the apartment was when we first moved in. The maintenance staff is very kind and helpful although they do take a little while to get stuff done.

The Monroe is great because it offers many different events to meet people. Whether it’s chilling out by the pool or having a game/movie night they offer something for everyone.

So far, living at The Monroe has been wonderful. Maintenance is timely, the office staff are friendly and supportive, and the complex is beautiful. I have no complaints!

The amenities are great. Not having utility bills is great as a new apartment owner. The apartment complex is great with the ponds, pool, and gym.

This property has basically all that you need. Other than that the appliances are not state-of-the-art and that the closet is tiny I have no major complaint.

Great living here! Immediate vicinity to a lot of places nearby within walking distance is awesome as well! Maintenance is quick to respond to problems! 5-stars.

I'm struggling to get to campus on time for classes, which is mostly my fault, so next year I'm probably gonna go with a house or apartment that is closer, preferably in the neighborhood east of campus. That's where all the theatre bois are.

I like it a lot the vibe is always cool and the cool events always are a plus. The people are very nice and caring. And they really care about your needs

I only lived here for a semester so my feedback won’t be that accurate. I guess the best thing about this apartment is the free cable and internet. Also private bedroom and bedroom.

So far my experience st the Monroe has been outstanding!! I intend on living here next year as well the apartment size is perfect and you are so close to everything you could possibly want to do!

I’ve had the best experience so far and I can’t wait to renew my contract! The community is amazing and I love how it’s pet friendly and has a good student atmosphere.

I love the location of this place! Pool and workout room is nice to have. Maintenance is good, we've had to fix our dishwasher 3x and its still not fixed but they are fine to work with. Always see staff around caring for the grounds. Office staff is nice and helpful.

Maintenance is a little slow to get things fixed. We've had a request in for about a month now. Location is good and I love that the buses run through this area.

Staff is friendly when I pick up my packages and I liked the apartment. Not a fan of how far it is from campus and some things were dirty when I moved in.

Maintenance seems to be a constant problem. We are always experiencing some kind of breakdown, but overall, our apartment is tidy and quiet, which is absolutely perfect.

Amenities and utilities need to be up kept frequently. There should be more attention to cleaning community spaces. Also, send and email to residents about cleaning after their pets.

Really nice for what your paying, everything included If you report any issues to office maintenance are very quick to get it taken care of ASAP a lot of gnats for some reason Overall so far pretty adequate

Very nice depending on which apt u get..they are all different. Would give 5 stars had i had new carpet and updated furniture. Also front door needs painted and breezeways need cleaned.

It gets 3 stars for being economical and the staff are friendly but it's pretty dirty. There are stains on the floors of the common hallways, steps and balconies. A power washing would do wonders.

Everything has been good, even with maintenance requests. They have been completed in a timely manner. I also think the staff are kind and giving me the info I need.

I've lived here over a year and love my apartment. My favorite part is how close it is to everything! I love the size of my living room and our pool.

Apartments are nice and clean. Maintenance is somewhat good with being on schedule. The price is great. Overall a great apartment to live in.

Great experience. Living at the monroe has been an awesome decision. The rent is affordable and the staff is awesome. Maintenance is much improved as well!

I really enjoy living here. It is a great experience for my first off campus apartment, and the location is great. It is very convenient that there are two different bus routes that go to and from the apartment.

Everyone seems chill. The people working at the office are always friendly. I haven’t used the pool or the gym yet but they seem nice. My apartment has some issues but I don’t mind.