I have loved staying at this complex. Everyone has treated me and my roommates with the utmost respect and has always been so helpful with any questions I had.

I love my apartment, the location, and the community. Often there are mix-ups involving the staff, but nothing that communication can't fix. It's a nice place to live for the price.

Everyone who works here has been so nice and good to us! Maintenance is always around and willing to help out with anything. I can't tell you how many times I've been locked out of my apartment and maintenance came right away for free!

The Monroe is a solid place to live. What I love most is the quiet neighborhood and the fact that I’m close to everything, including the mall and food.

I enjoy living at the Monroe because of the location and the bus services. Both of these amenities make it an enjoyable living experience, I would recommend.

At first living here wasn’t too bad but recently I haven’t had the best e perience with their office and renewing my lease. However the price here is better than most other place in Bloomington so you get what you pay for

This is a good place to live but I have had issues with some things. When we had the fire detector tests someone came in but they didn’t check anything they just walked out.

Good living space. Feels like home & management has been helpful. Had a problem with a resident above, which resulted in roof damage, but management fixed it quickly and my roof looked new again.

I really liked to live here so far. My room is so warm even when it is cold outside, and close to the Kroger, bus stop, and restaurant cafes! That is the best thing to live here

I have had a really good experience so far! With the close bus stop, there is never any trouble getting to and from campus. The cost is also very nice.

I really like the room and spacing. The apartment is near the bus station, which make is very convenient to get elsewhere. Also, there are 24/7 gym and game room, which I can use everyday

Good location, close to Kroger. However, the office open hours is too short, if people are busy, it’s difficult to pick up packages. And the pipe of toilet is old always plugged

I really enjoy living here! We have already renewed our lease for next year! We are just curious if we could get new carpet next year? other than that, all is well and we are loving it!

You pay for what you get. It seems as if all the things that have been bad before, we’re just painted over. But if you get a good deal it really isn’t that bad and is better than most.

The staff is very knowledgable about the services, units, and payment system of The Monroe. On move in day, we walked into an apartment that had not been cleaned and they made sure that the problem was taken care of with absolutely no problems!

Good location , nice place , nice apartment, very organized , many available parking for my car, good team of maintenance, they were good and calm

The location is great as it isn't too far from campus and there is almost always a 9 bus running and waiting to take you to campus. The internet at the apartments is amazing and I have had no issues.

The Monroe is good for the price and still going through renovation so it should get better, which is promising since it also is conveniently on the 9 bus line

The Monroe is a good option for singles who want to stay somewhere safe that isnt terribly expensive. Everything is furnished. Some things are a little outdated, but everything works.

The monroe is a really good value for what you pay for, and you don't pay a whole lot compared to other IU housing options. If you're not a super picky person and looking for a practical living option, this is your best bet.

Shinaed Peavey I love living at Monroe! Very helpful and friendly staff. I just want to give a big shoutout to the hard working staff at Monroe that work tireless daily to ensure the tenants are safe and that the community is kept clean the overall experience is just refreshing espicially moving from a area in which money meant more then the upkeep of the property and the safety of the tenants . The move in process was easy and affordable! I have lived here over a year and just resigned my lease. I would highly recommend this apartment and company!

I really enjoy living at the Monroe. Rent is affordable and it is located in a convenient spot; close to all the stores and not too far from campus. The only concern I had was how unclean the apartment was when we first moved in. The maintenance staff is very kind and helpful although they do take a little while to get stuff done.

The Monroe is great because it offers many different events to meet people. Whether it’s chilling out by the pool or having a game/movie night they offer something for everyone.

So far, living at The Monroe has been wonderful. Maintenance is timely, the office staff are friendly and supportive, and the complex is beautiful. I have no complaints!

The amenities are great. Not having utility bills is great as a new apartment owner. The apartment complex is great with the ponds, pool, and gym.