I loved the location of the apartment complex. I took advantage of the workout room and pool. Unfortunately that’s about all. My roommate and I put in several request for our kitchen light, oven and stove to be fixed and there never were. It took months to get a new refrigerator after we had complained of leaking multiple times. In the beginning of the school year, our air conditioning unit wasn’t working. It was extremely hot and humid at night. I give 3 stars to the Monroe because the staff were very helpful, however maintenance could have done a much better job.

The complex doesn’t have recycling which I generate a lot of. Can’t seem to find the billiards that were advertised. Friendly staff, though.

Decent place to live.. although you can hear your above neighbor s walk across the floor all the time. Ceiling and floors need more insulation.

Its been the smoothest yet Thank you The pool has been clean and well as the surrounding area. The residents friendly and to there self Its been great.

It was great. Everything is close by, College mall is a few minutes walk. Kroger he is very close. Rent rate is considerably below average compared to other apartment complexes. Great staff.

It was a good space but the people I lived with were not so clean and the couldn’t change it. I felt trapped and it’s horrible with unclean places

Wish this place recycled! There are many good things like: This place is really conveniently located. Bus is almost always waiting for pickups. A lot of green area is nice to break up all the buildings. Just wish there was recycling available!

Clean, quiet, and for the most part, well taken care of. Neighbors aren’t The greatest but that’s what you get at a college apartment complex. I would recommend living here.

really good management! try to get all maintenance orders done as soon as they can. i love the location and how beautiful it looks around. definitely one of the most beautiful apartments in Bloomington!

The place is really cheap but you get what you pay for. Terrible staff. Awful maintenance. Very poor quality things in the apartment. Won’t be back again.

The environment is quiet and a very comfortable living area. Maintenance has been very reliable and always fixes things as soon as possible.

Overall, a pretty good place to live for the price! Maintenance takes a while, and the appliances are old, but still very nice. I would definitely refer my friends!

Overall I love living here. The staff has been wonderful. Sometimes I wish they would update us about maintenance problems within the unit. I wish maintenance would leave a note telling about what they did/if it’s fixed/if they’re coming back. Other than that it’s been great!

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My time here has been over all not too bad. I really loved the location and the amenities when they were actually available. The staff was very helpful and kind. Maintenance could’ve been a little quicker

I like it because the furniture is nice and I like my bed. I like that the furniture came included. The location is nice being next to Kroger.

The apartment I have has very thin walls I can hear when someone walks in the apt above me. I always smell cigar smoke coming in from another apt. I have made a complaint twice but they didn't care so I gave up. The apt is nice but small and the area is great. If they would clean the breezeway floors like they said before I moved in.. i would've given it 4 stars.

Great location and easy access to everything. Stores, restaurants, oh and also close to school. There is public transportation to take you to and from

It’s goin alright I suppose. Just glad I have a place to stay over the summer, couldn’t stand going back to my hometown. I just need a quiet summer here and The Monroe will provide.

A lot has improved and the staff is super nice. They are always helpful and understanding. A lot of stuff I’m the apartment breaks if you lay a finger on it though and it’s frustrating.

Very good for study. Furnishers are also comfortable. I love Monroe. Sometimes it is noisy as i live near the fan. It is very good apartment for college students because it is close with Kroger and also bus stop.

The staffs are awesome and helpful.However, I think the community should stop the new community policy about charging for unclogging disposal and toilet. These kind of maintenance should be provided for free and should not be charged. Other than this, The Monroe is a great place for those who are looking for cheap apartments with many utilities.

I’ve lived at the monroe for over two years now and still am enjoying it! I am excited to see all of the renovations that they have been working on!

Location wise, you can’t beat it. Close to college mall, a lot of bus stops around. Rent rate for last year was amazing compared to other similar complexes. Staff is helpful.

Since I've been living at The Monroe, it has been one of the best experiences I've had. My room mate is cool, as well as everybody around the area. So much to do on sight you almost never have to leave. It's perfect!