Wonderfully new, clean, and well-maintained. I loved living at The Nine. It seemed to be quite a distance from all of my classes; but, it is actually the closest UofL affiliated apartment complex to campus.

Good place to live. The rooms are nice. Quick access to maintenance has been a major plus as well. Some cons though are the pool could be kept open longer and the parking situation is a mess.

The nine is so cute! I love living here. The office staff is always understanding and willing to alleviate issues. There have been some issues such as the water issues, but it was understandable, and unavoidable. Overall it is a great apartment complex. Love it!!

I really enjoy living here, the staff is friendly and maintenance requests get taken care of in a very timely matter! I really appreciate that!

I had a great experience getting into the apartment. The layout is gorgeous and spacious. Tommy played and excellent part for helping e move-in comfortably.

I love the look of the apartment, how modern it is and all the amenities, but I really wish things didn’t break down so much. Also it’s already expensive in terms of rent and utilities, but having a pet makes it even more so. I pay around $650 each month.

the nine is generally a good place. it can be annoying in terms of the management, the manager thinks she can boss us around like children but otherwise its ok

It’s a great place to live if you’re a student considering the location. There are sometimes random charges but it’s still a really nice place to live

There are two major problems I have with the nine, it's the slow elevators and the fact that there is always dog poop on the grass. I like the amenities that this place provides and the convenience of distance from school.

This has been a good place to live I would renew my lease but I do not plan on living in louisville past the end of the summer because I will

Living at the nine has been a Okay experience so far I️ have really friendly neighbors on my floor . Even with the stress of finals , everyone seems to keep it super friendly .

Best place to live hands down, the property is amazing and the staff is even greater. The nine is the place to be, I would highly recommend it :)

Excellent location and beautiful apartments! Comes with nice furniture and appliances. I just wish parking was included in rent or cheaper than the current price.

I️ have been very pleased with living here. There is sometimes too much noise above my dorm, but only a few times since I️ have lived here. Staff awesome.

The Nine is a great place to live. They’ve handled all my problems with grace. They could have been fixed in a more timely manner but at least they got the job done.

I really enjoy life at the nine. I have always found the staff to be very friendly and they are always willing to help with any issues that come up. As for my apartment, it is lovely and all our appliances are functioning, so, no complaints here.

The Nine is a decent place to live. I’ve found that I like the room and location and amenities more than anything else. I’m disappointed in the fact that the management is not the best and that the hallways and stairwells are not kept well. I enjoy the community opportunities but I never have time to attend them.

I like the quality of the apartments the granite counter tops and the stainless steel kitchen appliances. But the management is hard to get a hold of and I have had numerous problems with paying my rent. All in all it is a nice and safe place to live as long as you are willing to pay a little extra.

I love my apartment! The staff is also very kind and helpful. The work orders are competed in a timely manner and always leave the paper that says what they fixed.

I love this community and I love How safe it is and how close it is to campus, it’s only a 5 min walk to all of my classes so it is nice waking up later

I like living at the nine. I love the privacy of having my own bathroom and closet. The community is great and all of the fun activities the nine has throughout the week are a joy to go to. I would highly recommend living at the nine to everyone.

Other than the dishwasher taking a whole month to fix, so far so good. The coffee and other amenities such as the gym or pool is pretty sweet too

I love living here at The Nine! The only thing is I wish there was more communication with your financial account! Some charges are random and there’s no explanation unless you go to the leasing office

The security measures installed in the building need to be fixed if they are broken. A door has been broken for over a month and still not fixed.

Overall the staff is very helpful and accompidating. There are some noise issues but that is expected. The kitchen and bathroom are very nice and love having a balcony. I wish the door came compleatly down to the floor.....