The staff here is very friendly, and the amenities are great. However I have already run into a few maintenance issues. My room was not ready by the time I moved in and my door was left open.

It's really nice here. Roommates are very nice and the lay out of the apartment is very well thought out I would highly suggest this to anyone that asked me.

I love the staff here! Very friendly. Whenever I have a problem the try their best to resolve it and they always do. Also, the pool area....

Great. Very helpful and quick to respond to questions and fix repairs when i submit requests. It's only been a week but overall it's been awesome so far.

I'm a resident coming from a previous apartment style housing, known as the Province. One thing I like about this apartment community so far, is that everyone 'seems' nice. While this place does include lights in the resident's rooms, unlike the Province, the rooms lack the noise canceling capabilities of the Province--the walls here are like paper...I can literally hear someone having a conversation outside without them shouting.

Move in day was frustrating to say the least, and my key didn't work when at first. The staff was very helpful and worked with me to get my key replaced, and t extend my temporary parking pass, so i could get all my stuff moved in.

Going great just moved in. Needing point this will be fun. Oh boy 140 characters is a lot. Does any one actually read these. I doubt it. Oh well that's 156!

So super cute, clean, and well run. Move in day was easy and people were always willing to help if I needed it. So excited to see how it goes from here.

The first night was a little weird, realizing this is my home. Summer is over and now is the beginning to my education and responsibilities. There is pressure but it is what keeps you motivated

Awesome! I love the nine! The environment is inviting and the staff is very helpful. I can't wait to call this place my home! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an apartment near campus.

its honestly amazing i love it so much! I can't wait to see what this year brings my roommates and I. this is my very first apartment with roommates

I move in next week, but the weekly emails with all of the useful information have made the move-in process easy thus far. I know living here will be a great experience for me!

Excited to live at the Nine. The staff has been extremely helpful and friendly in the whole process of signing a lease and collecting info about the apartments.

I guess you guys are doing well. I just got into this and I do not have many questions it is pretty self explanatory and I feel like I will be using this frequently.

I like it a lot! This is awesome and I enjoy earning points! This is a good opportunity to get to the point where I can buy some cool stuff with this reward

Great experience so far, very friendly office staff. Waiting to see if I want the covered parking - may come in handy this winter! Will update once i move in but very pleased so far.

I have yet to even move in, but I like what I've seen and heard about The Nine. Very excited to move in so close to campus in a brand new building.

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Great living community. I love the fact that it is so close to campus with a ton of great amenities like the pool and the gym that are located in house

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My apartment community is beyond what anyone could ever ask for. The staff is super friendly and the cleanliness of everything it superb. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Even thought the nine is a little pricey I still really enjoy living there. I recommend it to everyone who ask where's the best place to live.

Everything great so far! Every person has there own private room and bathroom, so more like apartment style! The staff is also great and will help you with whatever you need.

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The Nine has continued to improve since it has opened. While things were a little rocky in the beginning, I can truly say that I feel confident in management's ability to take care of any issues that arise.

Walkable distance from campus, very nice rooms. My only issue is the parking. Outside parking is limited and a parking pass for the garage costs $1,200 a year.

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