So far I’ve had a great experience living here! The apartment, community and amenities provided are super nice! I would definitely refer a friend to live here.

Great location near campus. Love the amenities as well as the events put on by the staff! Very little issues here. Good community atmosphere.

I enjoy living at the Nine very very very much. It is a great place to live. It is very safe and has a lot of fun people inside of it. Also the people that work here are super cool.

Great Location! It's so close to the main campus which is very convenient for us students. What I don't like about living here tho is that they give you a 1 year lease that you can't break unless you bring someone to take it over which is not a good thing especially for us students. They need to change that.

I love how community based the living area is. I really enjoy living around such great, considerate, welcoming individuals. I have made a lot of friends living at the 9.

The Nine is a great place to live and is in a great location; very close to campus, but it doesn’t feel like a dorm. Love seeing all the resident’s dogs around!

Staff is always helpful, maintenance is quick and gets stuff done!!! lobby is always clean, amenities are new and up to date. we just got a brand new washer after putting in a maintenance order for our old, loud and smelly one

Good management, everyone is nice in the leasing office. Great experience since I’ve been living here. No complaints, I would renew my lease for sure

The residents are very respectful and the staff are very caring and always available when you need them. It’s very beneficial living here with school

Overall, a very nice apartment for student living. The staff is generally very laid back and helpful. The amenities and location add to the convenience and quality of living at this apartment.

Everyone is really respectful when you are studying in the separate areas available. The only thing I could complain about are the parties on Friday night can be very loud.

The staff here is pretty helpful and the workers help out fairly quickly when something needs fixing. There are also many offered amenities that are cool.

The service is very nice. All of the amenities are a great addition and make living here just that much better. For the price point, there really isn't anything better.

I really enjoy the amount of space that we have in our bedrooms. I also enjoy the staff, they are really helpful. The maintenance people here are my absolute favorite. They fix things in less than a week and they are always on top of there game.

I really like the location, its right next door to my work. I think the gym and dance studio is great. The only problem that I really have is with the pool not being covered, even though it closed almost a month ago.

It's been pretty good but there's just small things here and there. The parties, thin floors so the people beneath us are very bothered when our dog gets up and moved around and play, hate that hammocks by the pool are closed. Hot chocolate is broken on the machine or was last time I checked, and parking is the worst. I'm waiting for a pass and I have to park so far away.

Great place with a great environment. All the staff is friendly and super helpful. The maintenance is really responsive and they really care that we have a good experience .

Very nice and spacious. I like all the amenities The Nine has to offer. I also enjoy having the privacy of my own bedroom and bathroom. The only downside is how easily I can hear everything

Love it here. They have the perfect location right next to campus and all the amenities that you need. The parking garage is clean and well lit too!

Great community, maintenance issues but overall not bad. Trash is on ground outside sometimes and parking garage has been leaking for weeks.

It is very peaceful living here. The space is tranquil and the people are friendly! The only thing is that there was no carts to use in move in day to move stuff up to my room. The pool is very nice except when it started turning green in the middle of the school year. And there is not TV guide for the tv so that’s confusing. But all of the amenities and Starbucks coffee is nice!

It’s been great so far. Occasionally loud but typical of a college apartment complex. Definitely love the fact that it’s cleaner than most places and is super convenient for my drive to work.

Common area of the apartment was still very dirty when we got here because some left all there belongings here when the moved but other than that it’s dope living here

I love it here! It’s super nice and everyone is so friendly! I’ve made such a great bond with my roommates but we still enjoy our time away when studying.

The trash room is always full of trash and the shoot is clogged and we have to take our trash all the way outside to the dumpster. Work orders are either fixed right away or it takes them forever to fix it. They came to fix a problem and made the problem worse and we had to put in another work order and they took forever to fix THEIR mistake. There's always trash in the stairwell and sometimes dog poop. The pool deck is always a mess and isn't well maintained. Despite all of these problems, the prices are still somewhat reasonable, however they are starting to become more expensive than what we're getting out of it. There are also always extra fees. Like an annual electric fee etc. This place is a good distance from campus but I often find myself having more problems than what it's worth.