Very passionate about the safety of its residents and the staff welcomes everyone with so much warmth. Love the amenities. I’d live here forever.

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Things have improved greatly at the Oliver in this 6 months or so that I have been living here. Potholes and parking lots were fixed, the parking lot lights are now on all through the night and they powerwashed the corridors on my building. I like that they put attention to what I had said before in a review.

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Just renewed ! Great community and amenities. Staff is friendly and helpful and I am very satisfied with my apartment. Security could be a little better.

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Since staying at The Oliver I’ve enjoyed staying here the furniture is nice & the layout was exactly how the online image was , a bit of noisy neighbors but overall I’m loving the stay . Plan to renew my lease as well .

Great place to live, and perfect location. The staff is always more than willing to help, and always keep you updated with any changes in the neighborhood.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the price I’m paying. Granted if I’d of found some of the eye sores from obviously rushed construction and renovations in a more expensive apartment I’d be raising hell but for the price I’m paying, it could definitely be worse. I hate the keys needed to get in the front door, sometimes it works first try sometimes I’m standing iut there for five minutes trying to get (maybe user error? I’ve only been here a month so it’s very possible) I can hear what I can only assume to be tigerland from my balcony (but not inside the actual apartment thank goodness) which is funny to me and mildly entertaining when I’m just chilling on the balcony. The couch in the furnished apartments is ridiculously comfortable😂 the AC works well, I have a dishwasher, and rarely do I run out of hot water and bath water pretty much comes out hot in seconds doesn’t really need time to warm up like previous baths I’ve used. Can’t really ask for much more. Staff is friendly and was very accommodating when I was very pickily trying to pick a roommate and specific room assignment.

The oliver has been great for the past 2 years, I love all the craft and maintenance comes quickly whenever I ask. Wish I had more safety updates.

Great home nice a convenient location the pool and common areas are beautiful. My roommate is super friendly. I think I will extend my lease.

Nice place to live and near Louisiana State University. It has new facilities, a pool and a tiger bus stop just infront. The services and attention have been nice so far.

This apartment is good for the pricing and very conveniently located. They fixed the parking lots and the potholes which helps! The staff is kind. I personally don't like that all packages come to the front not the mailboxes but it's no reason to not live here.

I like living here. It is close to campus, during football season it is especially a plus! The apartments are cozy and nice! The staff is super friendly and they try helping you when you have a problem!

I am really going to enjoy living here and i really enjoy the place it is very homey and i love my roommates! I can’t wait for the warmer days so i can go tan by the lovely pool we have!

The staff will do ANYTHING to make sure you, and your mom 😉, are happy. They are always smiling and know you by name! I’ve had an overall wonderful experience here! Highly recommended!!

My room is big and nice but the sink in the bathroom leaks and my baseboards are missing. I had a problem with my key but it was fixed right away.

I moved in with my best friend one week ago and it’s everything we had been imagining when we thought of our place. there were a few problems with our rooms and maintenance saw to it that they were fixed immediately!

Leasing and Maintenance are always on top of my requests and needs! Whenever I need something done quickly, it’s fixed within the day or at the most the following day.

I love living at The Oliver. It’s so close to LSU and has some awesome amenities! I love being able to take the Tiger Trails bus right out front as well.

I love living and working at The Oliver! With a great location and an awesome staff, I always feel at home. Even though I go to Southern University the commute isn’t that bad.

So far it's been everything I hoped for. The location is great. I'm not too far from anything or the appropriate bus to get me there. The community is big and inviting.

All of the staff do everything they can to make this the best experience possible! They are all great! The maintenance requests always get completed in a realitively timely manner!

I do enjoy living here, the staff is amazing! I do wish people cleaned up after their pets more and that residents would stop leaving trash in the hallways. Other than that it’s been really good.

The apartments are quite nice and the amenities are great. My biggest complaint is that over the past 6-8 months there has been a large spike in crime and general unrest, like break ins and large numbers of people using the amenities that I'm quite sure don't live here. They did just paste over the parking lot which is nice as it reduces the potholes, but the timing was poor as the rain kept it wet and ended up tracking large amounts up the asphalt all over everything.

My experience living here has been great. I notice the Oliver staff making an effort to make living here better. The only two complaints I have are these. The first is that it takes a long time to get a work order completed (if ever) if it is not something simple. I still have not had my room door lock fixed and I’ve put in two work orders since I moved in. The second being that there is no recycling bin.

the community is awesome, the only problems I have with this place is the building itself. The floors are really weak, like there are squishy spots and you can hear every step the upstairs neighbors take because of it. I try to be a good upstairs neighbor for my downstiars neighbors and tiptoe over the weak spots. But the staff is super sweet and receptive and always hosting fun events in the lobby. I have my notifications on for all their social media because I hate missing their events.

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My overall experience at The Oliver has been pretty great! The value is as good or better than you would normally expect. I would not mind living here in the future.