Love it!!!! Great people and nice staff. Always greet me kindly and know my name. Always have my packages and are nice about sending the texts about packages on time.

The outpost is awesome! Friendly neighbors, staff and very quiet neighborhood! I resigned for next year and i cant twait! Its small but super homey

Amazing! The maintenance is amazing, they always attend us as soon as possible. They’re respectful and always respect our privacy. We have felt so welcome in our tiny home.

Great apartment and location. Upgraded appliance would make it 10/10. The staff is great and responds fast. Also love the giveaways and all the food.

it was great, always have events helpful and always understanding i incourage you guys to live there its also cheap and the pool is also nice as well

The outpost is a great place to live. I love that we are the first on and off the bus which makes getting to class very easy. The staff have always been helpful in every situation given to them.

Overall the outpost is a great place to live. Top notch maintenance and staff. Have lived here for 3 years and have never experienced any issues.

I’ve had such a great experience living here. The maintenance is great and my roommate and I get along amazing even though we didn’t know each other before moving in.

I have lived at The Outpost for two years now and have had a wonderful time here! The maintenance is always fast and friendly and I ALWAYS feel welcome when I walk into the front office. Thank you for an amazing two years!!

Truly one of the best apartment complexes here. Staff is incredibly nice, maintenance is quick and very helpful, an the rooms are very clean and well piut together. Only negatives are outdated appliances and rent can get high.

I love the location and the design of the apartments. The staff is all very kind and helpful and work orders gets filled quickly. Overall a great place to live

Staff is wonderful! Everyone has always been super helpful and friendly. Noise levels are a problem though. I hear people screaming at night a lot.

staff is great and maintenance is awesome! upstairs neighbor have been very loud for a bit so not too fond of that. need new appliances, dryer too

Absolutely loving it here... downside is the group of boys below my roommates and I but everything else is awesome. Can’t wait for next year!

Overall it's been pretty good, the staff and maintenance are nice. I just had an issue last year when I needed the cushions on our couch replaced and I repeatedly emailed the office which I was told to do but they never got back to me so we ended up asking maintenance and they replaced it right away.

Has been an extremely good experience living at the Outpost for the past 2 years I moved in. They provide the best maintenance service and fast.

I love being here at the outpost! The neighbors are friendly, the matience is awesome, and they have awesome giveaways and events going on all the time!

I’ve loved the outpost! The only thing I’d say I would change would be the appliances. Also maybe a better hot tub. But other than that the outpost has been great!

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I really like living at the Outpost! The apartment layout I like and the closet space is ideal. The whole apartment complex are very pretty but the gym is very small with little equipment. If a bench, some plates and community mats could be added that would be great!

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It’s an awesome place to live and everyone is super nice and quiet. I love the events the outpost has it makes me feel like they care about me living here

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My experience with the apartments has been great, but my roommates have made living here difficult. Aside from that, the staff and maintenance are wonderful.

It's a great community and I love the apartments and all the things that come with it the reason it doesn't have a full 5 stars is because the walls are a little thin and I can hear the person above me stomping around but that might just be me. Overall it is a great place to live!! its so close to campus !!

I love living at the outpost. The bus route is just a plus. All the activities they do are also so much fun, sometimes I don’t even make lunch and the outpost comes in clutch with taco Tuesday or donuts on the go. The outpost has really put shined themselves. Especially maintenance

My experience has been good. Great management. However, my stove still barely work which I have complained about SEVERAL TIMES. Other than that, really nice and comfortable.

For a college apartment I really didn’t expect much but it’s been a really great place to live. The rent is pretty cheap compared to other places in San Marcos, the apartment was very very clean when I first moved in, I was matched with great roommates, maintenance always responds very quickly (one time it only took 5 minutes), it’s the first stop stop on the bus route which makes it easy to get to and from campus. Overall I love it at the outpost and I have recommended everyone I know to live here.