I’ve gotten pretty comfortable here at the Overlook after a rough beginning in the Fall. Maintenance has been very helpful in taking care of any issues we’ve had. Still don’t have a mailbox key.

The new staff is way better and getting a lot done I appreciate it a lot. They actually get it done and hear us out. Although there was issues with the manager we still got stuff done.

very quiet and clean. work orders are completed within a reasonable time. A better cable and wifi option would be helpful as well as more lights in the parking lots

I like the dog park and the renovations that have been taking place. I hope that management will continue to try to make improvements to the complex.

Great place!!! Staff is very friendly and efficient, feel safe! Have had a few maintenance issues such as not getting lights fixed or dining table and chairs but other than that has been a great experience living here!

Great apartment complex to live in. Favorite part is the 24/7 gym. Generally pretty quiet community. Quality of apartment complex is unbeatable!

Not the best complex to rent at by any means and there’s so much room for Improvement. I guess I could say the new team is working on it ...

My resident experience has been wonderful and since my move in the maintenance staff has been extremely accommodating. The little things the staff does for all the students doesn't go unnoticed. Very appreciative of the Overlook and excited to stay for another lease term.

I haven’t had many issues besides random parties every now and then, and we still have an old table in our apartment. Overall it’s been a good experience just a couple things that kind of suck

Honestly, I did not have high expectations when moving to the, now Overlook but it has been one of the nicest apartment complexes I have stayed at. I’ve lived in 3 others in Nacogdoches. I have not had bug or mold issues. The maintenance has become better and the updates are very nice. Some things such as the 24 hr access and new furniture was slow to roll out as well as the pool being constantly locked are really small issues that are happening. The staff is friendly and they really try to know you.

I wouldn't say its been the best experience, but I also wouldn't say its been the worst. I will say though that there is no consistency in staff, or managers. No one communicates well, and a work order takes almost three weeks to get completed. But I like the location, and the complex looks so much better.

The living here is great! The noise isn’t loud and rarely do I every want to complain. The facilities and pools are amazing. The security is good as well.

I have absolutely loved living here! The apartments are spacious and pretty, amenities are all nice, the grounds are kept clean, and maintenance is quick to help.

Nice apartment but lots of problems that are slow to get fixed. We have had multiple things go wrong that never get looked at or worked on...

Love the community that they bring I feel like everyone should want to come here! I haven’t even moved in yet and I respect the environment.

I like the apartment, however, maintenance is not so great. I had made multiple complaints from the beginning of the school semester (August), and some issues have not been fixed. When maintenance has come they have been very nice and very helpful.

Everything’s great except have not received lease incentive for 3 months. Love the service when it comes to getting things fixed, and the staff are great.

Staff is very selective about what policy they enforce on which residents. That’s the only negative I have. Anthony becoming manager of Maintenance was the best decision I’ve seen since living at this complex. It gets a bad wrap but the staff is always willing to work with residents who do the right thing. Great staff overall.

Apartment complex is disorganized and overall not very nice. My apartment was not upgraded like some of the other ones. We also had to go almost six months without a kitchen table because there was no plan in place to replace our old one when the counter tops were replaced.

Much better versus move in day, not perfect but very big step up from day 1 impressions, I enjoy my time and it is very nice being so close to the school.

complex is great, not the biggest fan with the maintenance and community areas with the exception of the dog park. i LOVE the dog park. the gym is not good.

The pool stays closed and the couch scratches the floor. I feel that if that could be improved upon this would be one of the best apartment complex’s in Nacogdoches

Living here is great for the location but lately there have been problems within the complex. Lots of Greek life related problems to me. Overall I really enjoy it

Great apartments for student living. Close to campus, new study rooms & 24 hour amenities are awesome! The new management has improved the overall quality of living at the Overlook. Keep up the good work!

I am a current resident and am highly disappointed with my stay here thus far. There are constant changes to staffing especially management which leads to community assistants providing incompetent answers to residents. I was promised an incentive card that I was supposed to receive at move in or a month after, it has been 3 months and I still have not received it. Another reason my stay has not been as pleasant as I would like is that the maintenance staff is extremely slow and provide inadequate repairs, but you always see them hanging out and smoking by the maintenance shop or cruising around the property on golf carts. Pest control is a joke, cockroaches crawling from behind appliances and out of vents, they “spray” and the bugs never cease to exist. Car break ins are common here too due to the gate never being closed. Overall the overlook is a decent place to live and would be a lot better if management and maintenance would actually focus on their residents instead of themselves. This property has a lot of potential and could be a great place to live if it was managed more efficiently and effectively. If you are looking for fall 2020 housing, look elsewhere. The only reason, I would possibly resign is that this is the only furnished 3 bedroom apartment complex in Nac.