Turtle Run is great, the apartments are huge and also I love Danae, Johnny, huske they are the best people so compassionate. I would miss them if I leave.

My wife and I simply love living here. It has such a homey vibe and the office staff is amazing. Denie in particular always makes sure we are wil taken care of. Maintenance is always on point. The only downside is that that kids from the outside make their way into the community and cause trouble. But other than that it's great

Cars tailgating at entrance,second (new )neighbor smokes almost every night with his car garage opened, cars that don’t live here take over parking, most times you here noise and banging noise from other apartments either above us or next to us. Someone keeps throwing the newspaper and papers in our hole in front of our door. Never receive a newspaper and all that do don’t even want it, might as well give it to me so I can use the coupons to buy things for those in need. Wished it wasn’t carpet throughout! Some apartments have floor/tile which is best. There should be an incentive for renewing lease. A/C filter should be complementary. Pest control needs to spray outside. Was hoping to switch apartments to one that has floor but heard it would be more. People or someone keeps leaving trash in parking lot as well as nails I have already had to change my tire, as a nail got in it . Car don’t stop at stop sign, I almost got run over the other day taking the trash out. Other than all mentioned above , good neighborhood, good people atleast some that have seeing.

I have been living here about 3years now couple management have change but these staff seems more professional and I have a couple of problems in the unit and the job is always done right.

We have been loving the renovated one bed/bath, no carpet which is our favorite attribute since we both struggle with allergies, also power bill was lower, we are glad we moved

My wife and I love this place, is so good to live here, the people, the services. Probably we gonna live here for years. So I really thankfully.

Love my apartment but if the appliances could be updated I’ve been there 4 years and the appliances have been there before that. My refrigerator stove are old stove is ok but refrigerator look like from the 80s ... thank you

Living here has its perks, such as them giving out cupcakes & glow sticks on Halloween for kids as well as free donuts & coffee on Fridays .

The stay here has been well over the past year and a half. No real complaints or problems besides 1 car break in but that was taken care of by police and no damage was done. Other than that the stay has been good.

I Love the rental staff the apartments are great looking and very nice to live in, Great price for the area and they really care about their tenants.

Well located apartment community always compromised with residents to provide a great experience and comfortable style of living. Entrance with access to a pool and office parking lot and controlled access. High quality gym space and sports areas pool area with enough space for the community Apartments well equipped

Love this place it’s nice and cozy here. I could see myself spending a long time living here. The management here is always willing to do everything that they can to make the residence happy.

The ladies in office nice and pleasant to work with. First maintance call was quick, but still not fully fixed. Homes are spacious and clean.

We have been here for six years and have seen many changes. The new office staff is willing to listen to your suggestions and if possible implement them.

Management is courteous and mindful of residents. Property is well kept and maintenance goes the extra mile. Conveniently located with a family atmosphere,

It’s a nice apartment but I have kids and sometimes they like running in the grass and there is always dog poop somewhere but otherwise from that it’s ok.

My experience with the community has been wonderful, no complaints, and the staff has always been professional and pleasant.I would definitely recommend this community!

We abolsutely love this community! The office staff is great as well as the maintenance crew! We just renewed our 3rd lease! The community is very well kept also!

We love the community and all our new neighbors. Pet friendly community with dog bag stations for everyone. Pool and BBQ stations are just great for all the residents.

Great apartment, the layout is great. Exactly what I needed. lots of amenities offered. Good maintenance team and the grounds are kept really well.

I honestly have no complaints.. the neighborhood is quiet & family/ pet friendly. Staff is also quick to respond to anything wrong in home..

Ever since I moved to The Park I loved it. From when I walked in on my move in day to now. They are so caring and understanding, they make sure your experience is great no matter the situation.

The office team is friendly and so are the maintenance staff. Clean neighborhood and very quiet which is the calm I desperately need after working 10 hour shifts

Great location and pricing. Office staff are very friendly and professional. They take care of any issues you have in a timely manner. Great amenities.

Despite the lack of many things, complex location is excellent, nice quite neiborhod, good for children and pets and again location close to everything. Good place to live for you and your family.