Great location to the law school and nice kitchens. It costs more than I’d like, but I enjoy the comfortable life style. WiFi is the biggest thing that needs to be improved

I love being at the pavilion. If I had the budget I would stay and live on my own here! The staff is friendly and helpful and the amenities are awesome!

Great location. Walking distance to JPJ and Curry. The staff are great and very helpful. The printer goes out in the work-room, but the staff is always willing to print and get you what you need.

The location is fantastic for those who go to UVA Law or business school. Just a 3-5 minute walk to school. I would recommend getting private renters insurance and not the one they recommend.

Pavilion is great for law and Darden students. Very close to grounds, and conviently located next to Barracks shopping center. Great amenities and pet friendly.

I thoroughly enjoy living at the Pavilion! The building is typically cleaned and kept in good shape. The staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful. There are great amenities available to the residents to use.

I enjoy the amenities, but sound issues are the biggest nuisance. Walls are thin and sound travels easily around the building, especially between rooms.

Great location for law school/Darden students. The amenities are useful. There are free starbuck coffee, printer in the business center, and pool.

Great community. Excellent response time to any maintenance requests. Weather insulation is not the best. The rent is a tad overpriced. Overall great staff

A very convenient place to live. It is near Harris Teeter and other stores. In addition, there are many equipments in the apartment. But a little bit too noisy because of too many parties.

They are a very good place to stay at. Comfortable apartments, well furnished, new and well maintained. They are very near to Law school and Darden.

Issue with the cellular network, wifi and fire alarm test during finals period The rest is great. Super lobby room, gym etc. I do like to have my package pick up but have them tossed it front of my door is not super adequate, anyone can take it....

Generally, i really like living here. My only big issue is how thin the walls are and therefore how easy sound travels. Not much to be done about that, but it can be disruptive.

My only complaint is that I can hear the person above me walk around so loudly it often wakes me up. Otherwise, it has been a great experience here at Pavilion.

It was nice experience living there. Community people is helpful. All amenities are very nice and apartments are luxuries. Location is very prime.

Everyone who works here is so friendly and welcoming. You go the extra mile to make us feel like a community rather than just an apartment complex. Thank you for all you do, it does not go unnoticed!

Amenities are great. Noise is relatively low. However, moving in over the summer wasn't a great experience. Apartment wasn't very clean, even though they claimed it was cleaned. Staff was a bit slow to respond, making quite a few mistakes. Although, they were nice people and worked to rectify errors.

For the most part, I enjoy living at Pav. The location and facilities are the best in the area. Some of the finishes in the apartments seem nice only on the surface, though.

I enjoy living at Pav there are some great amenities like the coffee machine and copy center. However, the furniture package has been a big disappointment. My desk chair is really shabby even after asking them to change it and a lot of it looks worn. Aside from that, I enjoy living here.

All of the amenities are excellent and the staff are always friendly. Very clean common areas. It is nice to live next to the law school. I would probably resign if it were a bit less expensive.

The staff is amazing, and the improvements in the last several months have really stepped things up to be top notch. I would definitely recommend living here.

The office staff are great! They are always available and can answer questions. The location is spot on. I can walk to Curry, main grounds, the corner, and Barracks. It makes life so much easier not having to move my car much at all.

I like my neighbors, they're my friends and it's nice they live down the hallway. They aren't too loud and I've had no problems with neighbors. The pav events are fun too and I like the new ping pong table. My biggest complaint is the noise from construction that happens near Sedona but that's not Pav's fault

The internet is just subpar. Thats my only problem. I enjoy the apartment, I enjoy the facilities, I enjoy the pool and the employees. I just wish the internet wasn't so terrible.

I've had a great experience at Pav. It's close to the school, groceries, and fitness centers. The maintenance crew are always timely and friendly. I can often hear my upstairs neighbor walking around and the trash can get backed up, which are really my only major complaints, but the staff do a good job trying to keep the place clean and stocked, so I've enjoyed living at Pav.