Overall, the pavilion is a very nice home. Furnished, great amenities, friendly staff, responsive maintenance. Only complaint is the Internet--isn't always fast.

Everything is fine except the delivery process. I would prefer to have my items delivered to front door or mail room instead of front desk. And compared to carpet bedroom floor, I would prefer a wooden one. But that's just my personal opinion.

Building is starttinf to be better but wouldn't mind if you spent less on new furniture and gave us cheaper rent. Starbucks machine is an exception - love that.

Huge improvement with new management but hoping for more improvements overall. Such as: new/more gym equipment. Quicker refill of the coffee machine, faster/more reliable internet.

Overall, I think the community is doing well. The noise travels too easily between apartments and from the pool, which is a downside. Not really sure how that can be fixed at this point though. Things going well: The trash problem and the coffee machine.

I approve of the additional things that management has added, including the coffee machine in the lobby. I would like to see Pavilion upgrade the furniture in the apartments.

great place and tons of improvement with the new management. They have heard out complaints and made meaningful changes to make the community at the pavilion a truly wonderful place to live.

Great place to live with all the appliances already in place. Pretty convenient location near barracks mall, law school and Darden. The amenities are also a plus

I have enjoyed my stay at the Pavilion at North Grounds. They are currently making some renovations and getting acclimated to the shift in management which is why I gave a 4 & 1/2 star rating. They are on their way to some major changes that address previous complaints that I've had in the past. Great community to live in.

Better management and can see improvements in the infraestructure. The parking garage and the common areas are being fixed. Still have a long way to go starting with.m the internet.

3 1/2 stars currently, and hopeful to be able to rate higher in the near future. New management quickly fixed the trash problem, which I'm very thankful for. However, internet is still quite slow at times, despite promises to improve it. Also, it's at the point of the year where it's consistently warm outside, and yet the pool remains closed and without furniture. Overall, management responsive and helpful (esp. Laura Bales).

I appreciate the multiple changes going on in our community to improve it. I especially like the new chairs by the pool, they are a lot nicer looking than our previous green ones.

Great apartments and furniture package. Some troubles with maintenance and building cleanliness at first, but it is obvious new management is working to improve this.

Great accessibility to all Charlottesville has to offer. The Pavillon at North Grounds continues to self improve the living environment for all residents and are very accommodating!!

Maintenance staff is really great. Staff is doing better as well but sometimes things are run very inefficiently. Trash "solution" is still a work in progress.

Pav is doing much better now under new management. The coffee machine and trash situation are making this better to live here. One thing that could be managed better is parties in the court yards during certain hours.

Great apartment with good amenities. The pool area is very nice and the staff is responsive to residents' needs. The area is also very nice and walking distance to many places.

It's a great location, but under the prior management, the building lacked the quality we're paying for. I appreciate the new paint, coffee machine, improved trash system, and improved lobby. I hope you add uploaded documents to the website, however, so that I can see my lease and all other forms online. But I really like the direction the new management is headed in, so please keep it up! We notice and really appreciate it.

Expensive for an apartment in Charlottesville. The new management team is making some improvements (fixing the trash pile up situation, installing a coffee machine).

I enjoy Pavilion's facilities and have noticed more maintenance on grounds recently responding to requests. However, I still feel like there are not solutions to some long-time problems such as trash and elevator outages. But overall I feel safe living in Pavilion and have enjoyed my experience.

great location - close to business and law school and barracks shopping center bit overpriced for what you're getting, there shouldn't be a separate fee for parking

Perfect location for the law school, great amenities (pool/coffee machine/business room/gym). There's also everything you need in your apartment -- washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc., and I love that each bedroom has its own bathroom. The issues I've had (trash chute, noise issues, mailroom issues) have been being dealt with by the new management!

Ok place to live. Very close to Darden. The place is improving under new management. Kind of pricey compared to other options around. The tym is pretty useful at times.

Doing well. Transition has gone smoothly. The only issue remaining is the internet, which is still patchy. Great job on upgrading the game room.

The location, pet friendly atmosphere, and amenities at the pavilion are good, but the maintenance was lacking (dirty hallways and severe trash problems). Under the new management this seems to be improving. Overall the location and convenience is worth the price, at least when you first arrive in Charlottesville.