Great place to live. Nice appliances and really nice apartment layout. Friendly staff - only downsides are sometimes loud or rowdy neighbors on Thursday/Friday nights and the trash room situation is still confusing.

It looks like Pavilion is making some great changes! The planned upgrades to the internet and the courtyard are great! Once they get the billing system fixed they'll be in good shape.

The apartamento is great! It has all the amenities needed. The last building management was a disaster, but the new one has done a good job. Especially they new management manage to solve to garbage problem that was a disaster.

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Great location w/ reasonable prices. Love that its on the bus line for the hospital. Gym and free printing is a great perk that I utilize a lot.

The new management is off to a good start working on the trash problem and repainting. I hope they continue to respond to resident concerns.

Overall, I am very happy with my apartment / community. I think the apartment is nice and updated. I also appreciate that there are never any insects or rodents inside (I used to live in Philly where this could be a problem). I think the common areas are nice and well-kept. My only feedback... I don't like that packages are delivered to the front desk and then locked away overnight. I would rather have the staff leave my package on my front step if they are leaving for the night.

Getting much better. Still have some work to do with fixing the problems of the previous management team, but definitely moving in the right direction.

the pavilion is a nice place to live. the trash situation needs a lot of work though and it is wildly overpriced for the charlottesville real estate market

New management has definitely been an improvement for the Pavilion. Seems like the new management is really taking our recommendations seriously and trying to implement new measures to improve the Pav community.

New management is trying to improve the property. Still work to do with the trash situation but things are looking up on the whole - looking forward to add'l changes.

I really like living at the Pavilion and appreciate the good communication and friendly staff. The location is also amazing. Unfortunately, the cost of living here is getting to be too high.

The new management is really trying to turn things around. Trash has improved and maintenance requests are handled more promptly. Excited to see what is next.

Trash situation is getting better. Wondering what is going to happen concerning the internet. Like that the walls are being repainted and the new package system

Location is good, there are shopping center and bus stop near this apartment. And I like the pool and club room (free coffee) in the apartment.

Grateful for the improvements since the new management. Computers in the workroom are a little slow. Otherwise everything is great and seems to be working better than before.

Not too fond of the new package system, which is more-or-less a reversion to the system back in 2014-15 (versus having the packages delivered directly to us). The trash system is definitely improving, which I appreciate. I would love if we could have a legitimate recycling option rather than single stream, which really doesn't result in recycling. Absolutely adore the maintenance staff--always pleasant and responsive.

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Great place to live! Close to Baracks shooping center and also close to school. Perfect location for those who do not have car! Highly recommended!

Apartment/Community have been great! In particular, some of the new amenities added since the change of ownership of the building are great!

I'm enjoying the improvements the new management is making, although some are a bit inconvenient (such as the parking garage painting). I love the new starbucks machine in the club room.

The new management is clearly making an effort to win over students who were disillusioned by the last management, which is very much appreciated. Areas that could use the most improvement include the maintenance request/response system, the trash system, and the internet outages.

Very well managed, great service with reasonable price. The staff has been very helpful. I really like the newly added Starbucks coffee machine!

The location, pet friendly atmosphere, and amenities at the pavilion are good, but the maintenance was lacking (dirty hallways and severe trash problems). Under the new management this seems to be improving. Overall the location and convenience is worth the price, at least when you first arrive in Charlottesville.

Doing well. Transition has gone smoothly. The only issue remaining is the internet, which is still patchy. Great job on upgrading the game room.

Ok place to live. Very close to Darden. The place is improving under new management. Kind of pricey compared to other options around. The tym is pretty useful at times.

Perfect location for the law school, great amenities (pool/coffee machine/business room/gym). There's also everything you need in your apartment -- washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc., and I love that each bedroom has its own bathroom. The issues I've had (trash chute, noise issues, mailroom issues) have been being dealt with by the new management!