It's affordable and you get your own bathroom. The washer and dryers are really cool and works well. The rooms are pretty big. The floors are nice. Cool mailbox system.

It is important to room with people you know. It makes living here so much better. Also taking the carpet out improved the apartment and makes it look so much nicer.

Great place I’ve visited many times and it made me want to live here. Great pool, friendly staff, and reasonably priced. Also in walking distance of the campus.

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There is definitely room for improvement. Certain Staff members honestly could not care less for the residents and their problems. Others do. The amenities here are amazing. The pool is well kept and I like the new Amazon Hub feature.

The quad is a good apartment but it just needs to be renovated which I’m happy is in the process of being done. I hope this update helps ...

The apartments are nice especially with the renovations. I cannot wait until the furniture gets moved in. Staff is friendly, maintenance requests can be a bit slow but its a good place if you move in with friends.

I love it here it is the best. The staff is great the rooms are perfect and it's a really great price for everything. The pool has been my second home this summer.

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The quad apartments have been a good home for me over the last couple of years. The beginning was rough due to problems with the previous owners. However the new owners seem to be trying to make the proper changes

Living here is great. We have a pool. I just wish there was more to do here. More activities for the residents such as volley ball tournaments and pool parties.

The living situation at the quad is very convenient for the typical college student. I previously lived at Frog Pond apparents which is the exact same location last year. It is very close to school which is the best part and the people are willing to help if you show you are willing.

Love that it is waking distance to NSU and that I am able to have a the college experience while also having the privacy I need. It’s close to every and any place that we need while not being stuck in busy down town.

When I lived here nothing ever worked. The first room they moved me in was dirty. The second one the moved me in was ok but i still didn’t think it was worth what I was paying for.

The office people are fairly nice but I feel like we pay too much here for the apartments we live in. The are not modern style in any way and many of the amenities offered aren’t available. I have viewed other apartment complexes owned by this company and this complex is far behind most of them.

My experience here has been nothing but great! Everyone is friendly and very easy to communicate with. The place here is way better than my last place and is super affordable.

my roommates are a bit rude but everything is okay.. a little out of date. The staff is helpful but their are unnecessary charges sometimes and you have no way to check if the charges are reasonable.

Great place to live, but price is going up drastically this summer with no being grandfathered into the new prices and furniture. Would have liked the option considering all the furniture I have already invested in.

Love it here the environment is very peaceful! Everybody on staff are the most sweetest people. Definitely recommend anybody to live here for a great college experience!

New improvements are great. The people in the office are friendly and always willing to help. I am excited to see the new amenities due to the fact mine are old and breaking down.

i enjoy coming to pick up my packages, Justin is always welcoming when I come in. he knows me by name and i love that, it makes me feel special.

Drive way could be better extremely inexpensive living nice quiet neighborhood conveniently placed next to nsu and super one so when ever I need a whole chicken I can just walk to the store.

Awesome experience! When I first chose to live here until now, I have had the best service and help from management to maintenance. Everything gets taken care of immediately

I enjoyed living here! All my maintenance requests were taken care of fast and always fixed the problem with no after issues. However, there is a problem with noise sometimes at night.

Maintenance is amazing, they go above what's needed! Plus if something needs more attention they keep us in the loop and explain why! The rest could use some work. We just want roadways without huge craders and cheaper rent for what we're paying for.