The ranch is a very good college living facility. It has many benefits and many different activities hosted to participate in. It is cozy and comfortable.

The general ambiance and upkeep of the apartment complex could be improved but otherwise I am satisfied with my experience so far. The new RLC coming soon should spice things up a bit.

Good apartments but the internet is always out. Love the bathroom setup and the kitchen is not lacking in any of the usual amenities. The fridge could be bigger

The apartments here are very nice and easy to live in. They make it very simple and have a great community. The only thing I disliked is the payment options for rent. There pretty much always a fee.

I enjoy living at the ranch and the apatment is great. I am dissatisfied with the maintenance and the speed of the maintenance. When submitting a work order it takes a while for the order to get fixed.

Who am I rating? This service or The Ranch Apartments? The question is unclear. The Ranch is alright, it gets annoying that they unnecessarily change payment systems. Especially when talking about the services when there is absolutely no need to have an external one (simplebills) and on top of it, the residents have to pay an extra $4 service fee... Happy? No.

The apartments need a little updating.... The clubhouse facilities are super nice. The sand volleyball court, pool and basketball courts are always being utilized to their full extent. The workers have been super friendly.

Not many updates on problems by management, or even replies back from emails that you may send them. I would say communication with the residents needs to be improved.

You guys are doing great! I have had to promblems other than I still haven't received a room key or a mail box key! If y'all fix that everything else is perfect!

Everything is fine except roommates matching. my roommates have party until dawn and i try to call the management to make them stop, but no respond. i am a student and they are an employee. students should be pair up with students. i hope the ranch management would be stricter with their policy.

The Ranch is affordable and relatively nice for what you pay. It would be cool if the workout room had StairMaster machines. I'm happy that the Ranch got new belts for the treadmills. The workout room is a very important reason why I like the apartment complex. However, maintenance crew could improve.

It’s alright I mean the quality is ok. Staff is nice and complyant the only thing I get frustrated about is I pay for covered parking but there ALWAYS some one in my spot and I know at other places you can call for a tow truck if there in your spot but at the Ranch. They have a stupid 24 hour notice, that has to be on there vehicle before THEY call to have them towed. I wish they’d get gone with that stupid rule.

Pretty decent place to live. Maintenance is rather responsive and usually fixes problems within a week. The office staff is pretty friendly and helpful.

The place was not cleaned when first moved in and takes forever to fix something. The community aspect of the place is well kept though. The basketball court, gym and pool are all upkeep and cool places to hang out.

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Doing good yeah okay what's up I like this place it is cool. Good pool. Good volleyball net. Good room. Good place. Maintaince comes in too much

Things are improving. The team at the office is finally beginning to help and is in tune with the residents. My experience was horrible but it is fair. I am considering if it is okay to recommend this place to friends.

Appliances could use updating. As well as flooring. Also hot tub could use work( needs heat). Other than that it’s pretty good for the pricing.

It's been great. We have had a few issues with moving situations, but overall staff has been great and helpful. The rates are great, especially with all of the amenities we receive.

The apartments were made to look a lot nicer in the demo than they actually are. But overall it's a really good price for what we get. Really love the washer and dryer in the apartment. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the ranch

The Ranch is mostly okay. I had some issues with the old staff, but a lot of the new staff is okay. Amy can be especially helpful if you have any problems.

The ranch is fine for the price. The buildings are old and it’s obvious. Staff is nice and helpful but maintenance is slow to complete work orders.

The ranch apartments are very fun to live in. They are perfect for my needs as a student and they are pretty well located. Over all the apartments are pretty cool

The ranch apartments are an overall decent living complex for students. The staff is currently much better than the previous years. The maintenance just takes a long time to get done.

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I like the new office and the people working there. I dislike how people drive in the parking lot, the pot holes, and that the gates don't close.

The ranch is a good place for struggling students, it is definitely one of the cheapest apartment complexes in Lubbock. It's a decent place.