Everyone drives crazy in the parking lot. I think yeild signs by the main entrence, and better speed bupms will help. I've almost been run over taking the trash out, and hit in my car when I have the right-away because others fly over speed bumps and drive too fast and reckless.

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It has been a good and reasonable experience. The area of the ranch is very convenience with Walmart and many places to eat. I love that its pet friendly too.

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Things are improving. The team at the office is finally beginning to help and is in tune with the residents. My experience was horrible but it is fair. I am considering if it is okay to recommend this place to friends.

Over all experience has been welcoming and fantastic, maintenance has been slow in answering requests, great other than that. Front desk is always helpful and I'm enjoying the givebacks.

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Who am I rating? This service or The Ranch Apartments? The question is unclear. The Ranch is alright, it gets annoying that they unnecessarily change payment systems. Especially when talking about the services when there is absolutely no need to have an external one (simplebills) and on top of it, the residents have to pay an extra $4 service fee... Happy? No.

The Ranch is affordable and relatively nice for what you pay. It would be cool if the workout room had StairMaster machines. I'm happy that the Ranch got new belts for the treadmills. The workout room is a very important reason why I like the apartment complex. However, maintenance crew could improve.

Everything is fine except roommates matching. my roommates have party until dawn and i try to call the management to make them stop, but no respond. i am a student and they are an employee. students should be pair up with students. i hope the ranch management would be stricter with their policy.

The apartments here are very nice and easy to live in. They make it very simple and have a great community. The only thing I disliked is the payment options for rent. There pretty much always a fee.

I enjoy living at the ranch and the apatment is great. I am dissatisfied with the maintenance and the speed of the maintenance. When submitting a work order it takes a while for the order to get fixed.

Pretty decent place to live. Maintenance is rather responsive and usually fixes problems within a week. The office staff is pretty friendly and helpful.

Not many updates on problems by management, or even replies back from emails that you may send them. I would say communication with the residents needs to be improved.

The apartments were made to look a lot nicer in the demo than they actually are. But overall it's a really good price for what we get. Really love the washer and dryer in the apartment. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the ranch

You guys are doing great! I have had to promblems other than I still haven't received a room key or a mail box key! If y'all fix that everything else is perfect!

Doing good yeah okay what's up I like this place it is cool. Good pool. Good volleyball net. Good room. Good place. Maintaince comes in too much

The ranch is a good place for struggling students, it is definitely one of the cheapest apartment complexes in Lubbock. It's a decent place.

Not too bad. Very low rates and not too far from school. Friendly staff, a lot of free food, and it's not too noisy for a college apartment.

The general ambiance and upkeep of the apartment complex could be improved but otherwise I am satisfied with my experience so far. The new RLC coming soon should spice things up a bit.

The ranch is a great place to live. The staff here is very helpful. The events that take place here are fun and a great way to meet new people.

The management is a little hard to work with sometimes, and maintenance is flighty when they find something wrong. However, other than that not to bad.

I am enjoying my time at the ranch, and the service has been very helpful. I have almost no complaints except for a few minor details with room quality. I have no major problems.

The over all semester has been great. But my roommate keeps hearing people across from us at all hours of the night and has barely gotten any sleep.

I have been a resident for a little over a year and I have to say, for a first apartment, it is definitely going a lot better than I thought!! I was surprised at all The Ranch had to offer and it has definitely just gotten even better since I have been here. All of the staff is awesome and friendly and it is so nice to see and experience. I absolutely love when they have breakfast, wings, or any kind of snacks!! Free food is always a bonus. Our pool facilities were also well-appreciated this summer; it was so hot! Once the clubhouse is 24/7, it will be absolutely amazing here! I am definitely appreciative of what I have

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The Ranch is good because it's not too loud and crazy, and the front office staff is really nice and helpful. I like that they'll be renovating the clubhouse, and the prices are really cheap and good.

Great for the most part. Sometimes they aren't very helpful. I'm still waiting for them to return my call from a week ago. But they are very nice and helpful most the time.

The staff in the office are very friendly and helpful! The rates are low compared to other places And I totally enjoy the free giveaways they have every so often!