I love living in The Reef! The community is great and the staff are genuine and very helpful! The amenities offered at The Reef are amazing! I really enjoy living here and would definitely refer my friends to live here!

The reef is amazing and so beautiful. I love the gym and pool areas the most. It's so modern and just wonderful. I'm so excited to be living there on the fall!

Maintenance issues are quickly resolved, friendly staff, and great price for a fully furnished apartment. The only issue I have is parking availability. Other than that a great place to live!

With all of the amenities and everything new it's a great place to live for a great price! It definitely feels like a place I can call home!

Really good place to live thank you for letting me live here it is really good! Can't believe how nice new and good thank you what a great place to live friends

Amazing I love everything the reef has to offer, but it would be nice to have some more guest parking. I love all the amenities especially the pool!

Great atmosphere! I love the workout room and hanging out by the pool is so much fun! I love it! Having my own bathroom and walking closet definitely makes a huge difference and makes it that much better!

Great job! Just signed my lease for the next year and can not wait to move in. The property is beautiful and the employees are extremely helpful.

Your staff is pretty amazing, response time for maintenance as well as other requests are great. Only reason it's not a 5 start is because the trash is always over flowing and the stairs don't get cleaned as often as our messy neighbors dirty them. But that's not really on you guys

With the gate working again, not that it didn't work. It just wasn't running even though we pay for the added security. Everything is coming together, nicely, finally. Though people need to be forced to pick up their dogs poop. It's all over. The pikes, say just to leave it, it's all good, no one cares.

The apartment is good. Very nice inside. The pool and workout area is nice. Only problem I have is parking. The managment is not very helpful.

Everyone I have met that works at the reef has been very helpful and willing to answer any of my questions. I also enjoy my apartment location because all my neighbors are pretty unobtrusive.

good great fantastic. awesome good great. wonderful super amazing. incredible awesome studious. i love the reef. awesome cool neat. i live building 10.

The Reef has been a great place to live my sophomore year of college! I am excited to have renewed my lease to begin my junior year. The maintenance and staff members are always so kind and able to answer all our questions.

Everyone is really nice and so are the amenities! The pool is always kept up with and really clean. I use the study rooms a lot but I wish the walls were more sound proof and the music in the hallway would be turned off at night because it can be heard in all of the study rooms.

Awesome, love what you guys have put together. The ideal place for myself and my boys to all enjoy ourselves and have a great place to not only sleep but crush beers at... keep it up and LET'S GO BABY.

Great place to live, study,and play. The staff is wonderful. My commute to and from school is short so I can go home to eat and still have time to return to campus.

The complex is well kept, clean, and the people working on the buildings and in the office are all very kind and accommodating to needs. Pretty apartments too

The reef makes living easy and providing a great student living environment. With the study rooms provided in the clubhouse, it is easy to get work done and then relax by the pool.

The reef is doing very well for its first year. A couple kinks they need to work on but besides that I love living here. Very convenient being an FGCU student

So overall I really love living here, but I do have to say I would love it even more if the mulch could get moved or actually put down. I know a lot has been going on here in the past few months with repairs and such but it has been taking up multiple parking spots for almost 3 months. #constructivecriticism

I love the reef! Everyone in the office is always so nice as well! It's been great living here! If I were staying at fgcu I'd be living here another year.

Living in the Reef has been pretty amazing. The staff is friendly and gets situations handled as quick as possible. The study room is always clean and quiet.

Great service at the front desk and staff whenever help is needed. Awesome amenities including a beautiful pool and pool deck with grills and cabanas. And an amazing gym and tanning salon!

You guys are doing great , minus a few discrepancies you always seem to work it out when i need things fixed! Love how fast you guys are growing as a company and can't wait to live the reef next year.