The community seems pretty good. Haven't been there long, looking forward to see what all these amazing community rewards are about & unfold

Great community love it I suggest everyone to come here .maintenance satisfied staff great great environment for kids no noise at all,I love

A super value at controlled costs !๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿท๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ‘Œ a pure home feeling of commitment and integrity. Beautiful pools swimming and other values. Rents controlled. Iโ€™m loving it ! Feel free as a bird safe and. Sound ! A hspppy place. To raise a kid or two !

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Parking is the worst. A lot of the times you have to park so far away from your building that itโ€™s ridiculous. And oh my goodness maintenance is not the best but is also not the worst.

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A beautifully planned community. The staff is friendly and professional. The floor plans are spacious and nicely decorated. I am very excited to be moving in !

just moved in. Seems like a quiet area, no problems so far. I dont like that there is a guest registration and no assigned parking spots...

I like this place ๐Ÿ˜ƒ everything is clean , my first apartment and it was the best decision we have here like 6 months and here is secure and good

Excellent services every time I call I get what I ask for no complaints Iโ€™m really satisfied with the service this year is my third year leaving in this community

Residents don't care about cleanliness, my kids and I watched a drug deal go down in parking lot, my kids and I watched a drug deal go down in parking lot, parking authority don't monitor at the right times.They wait till 5:50 -6:00 Am to boot instead of 10:00 pm to 3:00 when the parking is bad. Reapairs are just bandaided.

Really great quiet community. A lot of parking, amenities, maintenance is always around. Hidden location and pets acceptable. Only thing is restricted to AT&T.

Great price, relatively safe community. Their is just too many staff changes which is a cause for concern at times. Pool area could be cleaned more frequently. These are minor adjustments but i feel comfortable with my family here.

It's very peaceful, friendly, and local. I actually enjoy this community. Only this that is a 1 star is all of the speed bumps, lol hate it.

So far the experience has not been that bad. It is a very quiet neighborhood which I enjoy and for the ost part seems pretty safe. The staff is friendly

Great and safe. Only a trash problem,people miss the dumpster.Thhe grounds keeper is so nice,always very pleasant, waves when ever I drive by.

Iโ€™ve lived here for 5 years and have truly enjoyed being here. Itโ€™s quiet in my building, parking has improved tremendously & management is constantly working to make residents happy. Iโ€™ve recommended a few people here already.

The community is good but over priced. Once Jennifer took over things started to get done. Non emergancies are finally completed within a resonable time. I'd kill to have the back pool cleaned at least a few times a week. But it is what it is I guess. Nathan and Jerry are amazing assets to the maintenance team and are really caring when they see you in apartment or outside on the street.

We have a wonderful unit with great neighbors! The move in process was smooth and the staff really seemed to care to get us an apartment as quick as possible.

At first the apt was not what expected but management promised everything would be fixed and they did not go back on their word. Anthony is the best!!

Love the atmosphere and the office staff are very nice. If I have any problems they are quick to respond. Anthony is very nice and also help with my transition we moved there

My apartment community is safe, quite, and a pleasure to live. I moved from Indiana and could not have picked a better place to live. The staff has always been friendly which is something key I look for. The location is perfect for me as well. I love living here!

There is lots of parking for residents and guests. The apartments are a good size. The office staff is very friendly and nice. The landscape, apartments and appearance is outdated.

Very quietly place to live iwould recommend this community for everyone great amenities lots of parking space managemt is the best neighborhood very friendly

I enjoy my apartment and so far I dont have any problems with the neighbors and the seem to be respectful. When I put in a work order the management got on it quick.

So far so good. I like my stay here it is a peaceful place to live in. Saw w neoghboors and so far i like them as they are friendly. I like my apartment facing the lake i like the trees and it is covered the sun.

I have lived here for almost ten years. I have had a pretty good experience. They maintain the property pretty well. The maintenance department is awesome.