I love the layout of the community. The only cons of this neighborhood is that the sidewalk looks dirty and grimy which can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer. The leaves could be picked up on a more consistent routine. Also it seemed the previous tenant smoked cigarettes in our apartment.

Love the area and apartment features. Plenty of parking as well which is a plus! Would say cleaning up leaves around the area to make community look cleaner.

New to the community. So far so good, only thing thats a bit of a hassle is the parking. Pretty hard to find parking when coming home late from work

Diane was so amazing and helpful. She is such a sweetheart and made my move possible. she knows how hard it is to be a teen and move. She understands that i am in college and she did absolutely everything to make moving smooth. the apartment is beautiful and i couldn’t have asked for anything better!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Great experience so far. The team in the office really try their best to help and understand that difficulties may arise from time to time. I recommended on of my coworkers here and she is now a resident. Unfortunately did not get my points 😊

The newly renovated Apts are absolutely wonderful! The new floors being installed in all the units are beautiful and everything is not white! The new paint colors really make the apts feel extremely cozy and really comforting. The new manager is also wonderful as well as the entire staff at the office! These guys are doing big things!

It's quite and a great place to raise a family, they keep the grounds clean and staff are nice. They keep you up to date on events that are happening and they work with you when things go wrong. They are pretty awesome at responding to service calls

I like to live here because the lake and green areas are beautiful. It is safe and mostly quiet. Apartments need some improvements, are old. Air conditioner needs better maintenance.

It’s ok for now.. I just moved in jus a week ago ... so far so good.... ....... and the people with pets need to pick up their dog poop.... nobody wants to come from work late night and step in dog 🐕 shit... they really need to enforce that..

It's well kept, the people are nice and professional. They have a gym and pool and a tennis court which I enjoyed a lot. It's nice to live in a community which they try to make.

Just signed my lease for my 3rd year of being at Ashley Lakes. Its a nice quite property out of the way of the busy city streets with friendly staff willing to help when needed

The community needs some TLC, shrubs are overgrown, walkways needs pressure cleaning, walls need new paint, railings need to be replaced. I know that the community seems to be focusing on renovating the apartments but it would be nice to have the outside appearance be updated as well.

I am very happy with my apartment. I have friendly neighbors. The staff have always been professional, courteous and just plain nice! Additionally, I'd like to note Dianna, Anthony, Jennifer and the new woman (my apologies, I can't remember her name) who works at the front desk

I really enjoy living there, it’s a very convenient location close to stores and beaches and main highways but still retired enough to be quiet. Apartment is nice and clean when we moved in, spacious for a price very affordable. My only regret is that it’s not gated and the communes areas (grass and entrances of buildings) can get really dirty. Also the sound isolation inside the apartment is not good. But I love the pool, the gym and tennis courts, it’s a pleasant place to live.

I love the community.Is a nice place to live,and close to store,and market.My kids love the pools,and playground.They like to walk in the area and see the ducks.

This community has been a very quiet place to live. The office has always been helpful and respectful with whatever was needed to be done I give 5 stars

It's a good place. Area is very quiet. There is a gym and swimming pool. Not too much parking space though. It's a decent community to live.

I am new to Florida and have never have a good rental experience like this! It's a Guy named Anthony and a lady name Dianne. They are the best. They took they time to make sure I was welcomed and understood everything. They are always available when needed. Also Only place ever will they send someone within 30 mins of complaint to FIX IT! SUPER AWESOME SERVICE!!

I've been living here for over 10 years, never had a problem, the pool is always clean and the gym as well. Maintenance staff is always around making sure the complex looks clean.

Thi is our home, we love it. However, this year some strange people moved in, too much cigarettes smoking which are making my kids sick. Besides i am happy

Very nice environment, the area is perfect it has all the major retail stores and shopping centers it has fishing swimming the gym is convenient and the trees create a lot of fresh air

Aside from minor pest problems inside and outside the apartments, the apartment is pretty nice. Maintenance team needs to actually read the requests and the office could be better at responding to emails.

It is closed to the mall and nice community; friendly staff and definitely a place to call home. It is also cloes to my school less than 15 minutes.

I love the maintenance service they always on time it’s a great place to live in me and my family loves it we feel home I will recommend this place to anyone

I love it here, and have had no major problems with the apartment itself. It is nice and convenient to the bus routes and everything I need to shop, go to restaurants, etc. The people are wonderful to work with.