The Parking issues are the worst here. You could never find parking when you come home in the evening. The maintenance is not that great either

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My experience has been horrible ever since I moved in. Management is no help and they are rude specially the ladies. However, it is slowly getting better because Anthony actually get things done and know how to speak to the residents. that is why I gave it 1 star.

The back is bad there’s no parking EVER and no one checks. Garbage everywhere never any dog poop bags the management doesn’t keep appointments to fix things. Everything is old and broke

The rent goes up every year which is understandable however, not much has been done to make it worth staying. I was promised a different apartment after my first lease expired and was told they had already rented it, leaving me no other option than to renew for a higher price. I renewed again only because it only went up $20 this year. The rent is extremely high considering there is a lot of noise, loud neighbors, no cable where I live, litter everywhere and people speeding through the neighborhood. The newer office personnel is rude. Diane was nice and Anthony is nice. The other lady is just obnoxiously rude and has no people skills. The maintenance staff is rude when they enter my apartment and they refuse to fix things in my apartment when I’ve asked months ago for it to be done. I’ve been here 2 years and have seen 6-8 different property managers. Something isn’t right. Hopefully it gets better or I’m out after this lease expires.

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At first, I thought the community was decent. When I moved in a two bed/bath everything seemed fine except that I wasn't told about a few key things (like courtesy cleaning when you renew your lease) which I did/ there's no assigned parking spot and no permanent guess list. I stayed in the apartment for two years. But still I stayed there because Anthony is truly amazing/ show dedication towards his work and gets things done in a timely manner. So I decided to move to a bigger apartment which located in the back and parking is a nightmare. But yet parking rules and regulations are being forced knowing there is not enough for all the residents which in my opinion is TRULY WRONG. At night when I'm get home, I have to part a quarter mile away and walk to my apartment which could be dangerous being that the is not a gate to keep any danger to a certain level. My apartment side sliding door wouldn't close and I noticed when I moved in that maybe previous tenants had to place a wooden stick to keep the sliding door shut. It took close to a month to have a fix and was even told that staff in the office to just put a stick to keep it close which was insulting being that I had just moved in. The place has potential but it's the people that help run it that does not really show that they care much for the tenants. It feels like the main goal for some that works there is to have you sign the lease and then treat like they are better than you. Anthony is the only reason why I stay. Hopefully you guys read this.

Noise is a little out of hand. Appliances are very old. Staff is good, maintenance comes fast. Wish the complex offered more to help fix or replace.

there is no parking pet waste everywhere Maintenance take weeks to show up ppl loading their patios with plenty of boxes... 2 stars is the best i can give you.

Good value, there are too many speed bumps and maintainence is slow to respond. The sprinklers spray parking spots and result in water spots. Random fees for administration and trash fees when you walk trash to the curb yourself.

Been here 5 years. 1 bedroom was nice but needed something bigger. Parking sucks even with enforcement. Dumpsters always over flooded with noisy neighbors

When I put in a Maintenance request or someone from the office does it for me.It takes several days fro someone to show up. the rules as stated in our lease are not followed by residents and the office does not do anything about it.

Too many speed bumps. Rent is high for the place. I’ve been there 3 years and the rent went up 100 last time. Always managers changing but other than that it’s alright.

The apartment is decent had some issues due to maintenance, the community of people seem friendly. I enjoy the location of the development surrounded by a slew of businesses with much variety.

The community needs some TLC, shrubs are overgrown, walkways needs pressure cleaning, walls need new paint, railings need to be replaced. I know that the community seems to be focusing on renovating the apartments but it would be nice to have the outside appearance be updated as well.

The residents living here do not follow the rules in the lease. Hopefully the new Office Manager and Service Manager will change that as no office employ has been able to in the past

I love the layout of the community. The only cons of this neighborhood is that the sidewalk looks dirty and grimy which can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer. The leaves could be picked up on a more consistent routine. Also it seemed the previous tenant smoked cigarettes in our apartment.

The staff is very kind and understanding! The apartments are nice and decent size. Maintenance responds to work orders very quickly and effectively

There's not very much for children to do. The park is surrounded by mud and all of the basketball courts have no nets anymore. No sidewalks or safe places to walk your child either. Kinda just stuck inside when you're home.

The apartments are beautiful and spacious and the area in general is clean, maintenance staff is friendly, but has a few people who do not understand even as qualify to live in these apartments, but anyway I try to be quiet for not having problems and the other is the inconvenience with parking is hard to find space

Nice Living space overall clean environment maintenance can use some work dryer has been working mediocre since move in multiple attempts made to “Fix” what’s clearly broken.

There is lots of parking for residents and guests. The apartments are a good size. The office staff is very friendly and nice. The landscape, apartments and appearance is outdated.

Needs to he more pet friendly. Spend the money and spray the land. We spend an additional $25 per pet and yet my dogs still end up getting fleas almost every time we walk them

Aside from minor pest problems inside and outside the apartments, the apartment is pretty nice. Maintenance team needs to actually read the requests and the office could be better at responding to emails.

Thi is our home, we love it. However, this year some strange people moved in, too much cigarettes smoking which are making my kids sick. Besides i am happy

The community seems pretty good. Haven't been there long, looking forward to see what all these amazing community rewards are about & unfold

It’s comfortable to love At The Reserve Apartment, whenever I have an issue with anything in my apartment and make a report on it , it’s address as soon as possible which with a day or two.