I love the layout of the community. The only cons of this neighborhood is that the sidewalk looks dirty and grimy which can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer. The leaves could be picked up on a more consistent routine. Also it seemed the previous tenant smoked cigarettes in our apartment.

The apartment is decent had some issues due to maintenance, the community of people seem friendly. I enjoy the location of the development surrounded by a slew of businesses with much variety.

The staff is very kind and understanding! The apartments are nice and decent size. Maintenance responds to work orders very quickly and effectively

The community needs some TLC, shrubs are overgrown, walkways needs pressure cleaning, walls need new paint, railings need to be replaced. I know that the community seems to be focusing on renovating the apartments but it would be nice to have the outside appearance be updated as well.

There is lots of parking for residents and guests. The apartments are a good size. The office staff is very friendly and nice. The landscape, apartments and appearance is outdated.

There's not very much for children to do. The park is surrounded by mud and all of the basketball courts have no nets anymore. No sidewalks or safe places to walk your child either. Kinda just stuck inside when you're home.

Needs to he more pet friendly. Spend the money and spray the land. We spend an additional $25 per pet and yet my dogs still end up getting fleas almost every time we walk them

The residents living here do not follow the rules in the lease. Hopefully the new Office Manager and Service Manager will change that as no office employ has been able to in the past

It’s comfortable to love At The Reserve Apartment, whenever I have an issue with anything in my apartment and make a report on it , it’s address as soon as possible which with a day or two.

Aside from minor pest problems inside and outside the apartments, the apartment is pretty nice. Maintenance team needs to actually read the requests and the office could be better at responding to emails.

Thi is our home, we love it. However, this year some strange people moved in, too much cigarettes smoking which are making my kids sick. Besides i am happy

The community seems pretty good. Haven't been there long, looking forward to see what all these amazing community rewards are about & unfold

It’s ok living here, people pleasant and if there is a issue concerning the apartment they will fix ASAP. The office staff is best, Mrs. Solomon and Joey are great persons.

My apartment community is safe, quite, and a pleasure to live. I moved from Indiana and could not have picked a better place to live. The staff has always been friendly which is something key I look for. The location is perfect for me as well. I love living here!

Great and safe. Only a trash problem,people miss the dumpster.Thhe grounds keeper is so nice,always very pleasant, waves when ever I drive by.

just moved in. Seems like a quiet area, no problems so far. I dont like that there is a guest registration and no assigned parking spots...

The community is good but over priced. Once Jennifer took over things started to get done. Non emergancies are finally completed within a resonable time. I'd kill to have the back pool cleaned at least a few times a week. But it is what it is I guess. Nathan and Jerry are amazing assets to the maintenance team and are really caring when they see you in apartment or outside on the street.

So far so good I’ve been enjoying my stay here. Maintenance is fast. My home layout is beautiful. Neighborhood is quiet. Would def recommend

Very quiet, nice secluded community. Maintenance can be easily found and/or scheduled. Many amenities included which is nice. Only thing is AT&T is the only service allowed here.

It's quite and a great place to raise a family, they keep the grounds clean and staff are nice. They keep you up to date on events that are happening and they work with you when things go wrong. They are pretty awesome at responding to service calls

Great community to live in. Feels safe. Office staff is always helpful and understanding. Only downside is the parking situation. Sometimes it's hard to park at your building.

It’s ok for now.. I just moved in jus a week ago ... so far so good.... ....... and the people with pets need to pick up their dog poop.... nobody wants to come from work late night and step in dog 🐕 shit... they really need to enforce that..

Overall, this is a nice place to live, I love that the gym is included because I want to utilize that more. There are other activities that they do that while I can't always participate in, am glad that others can. They seem to try to encourage a sense of community here and have people interact with each other, which is good. Sometimes we just don't know our neighbors, but with the activities they provide, it's easier to do.

Hasta el momento ha sido excelente... Lo encuentro muy completo el apartamento es bastante comodo, las aeras comunes son muy limpiaz y agradables

Very clean community and like living here. The units are clean and updated. The residents are nice and friendly. The parking is good too. Looking forward to community events.