I like staying here it’s pretty quite but I think they should look into upgrading I had to get a lot of things fixed in my apartment and our apartment are older modeled compare to the others around here and they should also invest in side walks

I do not live here, yet. However, when I came for a tour, everyone was friendly and made he place feel like home. Hoping it’s a great experience!!!

It is pretty cool here but the rent is extremely high. The gates are kinda random. They never stay closed for long or open for long. Overall it’s nice

Good apartment complex to stay at, free printing,maintenance request fixed quickly, decent size rooms and overages can be a high at times but other than that it’s a pretty decent place to stay at.

My experience has been okay. Maintenance responds quickly but I was not satisfied with the way things were conducted on move in day and I came in with broken chair, no shower head, etc.

This apartment complex has a beautiful scenery and wonderful workers that try their best to find the best place for each person. They call back quick and are very patient.

I like living here, but everything in the apartment is falling apart. We’ve had 2 chairs completely break in a couple of months. Also, our air conditioning never works when it’s above 75 degrees

The reserve is a great place to live. The community is very nice and the apartments are awesome as well. I would definitely recommend the reserve to my friends.

The apartment is pretty good. The people working the desk are friendly. And if we have any problems they take care of it in a timely manner.

I love The Reserve! Great place to live! The staff are always friendly and answers all my questions that I have. I can not image living anywhere else!

I really like living at the Reserve. I have never had any trouble and love the location! The people are also very sweet and are very willing to help out if needed!

The apartment is nice for the money. There are somethings that could be updated or improved but overall a good experience with the space and with management

Great area, neighbors friendly, respective during school nights, the only thing that needs to be work on is people actually using the dumpster to throw trash in rather putting the trash right in front of the dumpster.

I love staying here. It is well kept up place and the staff are so sweet. I Most def will be renewing here. I am really comfortable living here.

It was really great! Such a nice place! The amenities are awesome and it’s such a friendly place! Also really secure so you know you are in good hands!

Our apartment has a peaceful environment allowing everyone to enjoy the atmosphere around them all while enjoying time with friends and focusing on school life.

Very nice caring people in the office. Will work with you about paying your rent and is open to any questions. It was my first time getting an apartment and they made it feel 1x easier than others.

I recently join the community at The Reserves and so far everything is amazing, even the friendly staff made me feel welcome and acknowledged me about everything on the complex.

I love everything about this apartment! They really treat their residents well and they are very clean! Maintenance is awesome!! The only negative thing I have to say is that overages can be ridiculous sometimes

So far everyone has been super nice and helpful. I have had a million questions and everyone has been patient and clearly explain everything

The Reserve is a great place to live. I would recommend anybody who wants to live off campus to move to The Reserve. The staff is great and maintence is very fast.

Best looking affordable place to live at West Georgia. The people who work at the office are friendly and have helped me numerous times. It is great to know that I live in a complex that cares.

By far the best Student housing option! Maintence is amazingly quick! Staff is great and the apartments are the best for the price! I’m so glad to live at The reserve!

There is this really cool pool in the backyard of the apartments and that was very good for hosting get togethers with friends. I also love that there is a free printer and the rooms are very clean when you first move in.

I love it at the reserve. The community is great. The staff is great and very helpful. I would recommend the Reserve to my friends. This is just such a great place to live