Living here has been pretty nice so far! The amenities are very nice to have such as the free printing and gym. I have enjoyed living here for the past 2 years.

I loved staying at the reserve. The staff is very friendly. i just wish the price wasn’t so high. I wish the price included more things and i wish all of the stuff was atleast updated and not old/rotting. Overall a good place to live for an apartment

I've been living at The Reserve for almost three years now, and one thing that has really stood out is how convenient and private the Reserve is. It's a ten-minute walk to campus, the staff is great, and the rooms are super spacious. It does need some new renovations, but overall the best place to stay in Carrollton for Student Housing.

I really like the reserve and living here. The location is perfect since I don’t have a car. Walking to campus isn’t that bad. But the price I pay is way too much in my opinion. It looks like the only apartment that’s more expensive than us is Westwood’s. But the reserve isn’t the nicest apartment in my opinion. 500 is the most that should be paid to stay here.

I like the environment here, it’s quiet, relaxing, and safe. I love that the staff are so friendly and helpful. I would definitely refer a friend to live here at The Reserve.

The apartments are kept cleaned. The reserve is fairly quiet and not to much noise. It’s safe because of the gates. But it could use work on the amenities it provides

My neighbors have made this a great place to live. The Reserve is dog friendly too and I love that we have a little dog family too. Relatively quiet unlike other student housing.

Any issues that I have had in the past were fixed within a timely manner. Josh and Kristy tries their best to help with what they can. Out of the apartments here in Carrollton it’s probably the closest you get to receiving amenities that compete with what you’re parting

I love it here. It's a good price on rent and utilities, and it's nice to live in 🙂. They have a lot of things to do so you will never be bored!

I have enjoyed my year and a half of living at the Reserves. Maintenance is very nice and always gets done in a timely matter. The staff is always friendly when I come into the office. I wish we would have more events to interact with other residents. I also wish the outside/stairway would get cleaned because it looks very nasty especially to be right across from the leasing office. Other than that, it's great here! I would definitely recommend to someone else.

The experience has been great, i really love all the people on this property and how great the office staff is, super nice to live here, thanks

Super nice rooms and kitchen the community is very friendly and everyone is sweet. The amenities are nice and I’m happy I chose the reserve to be my new home

Awesome community. Love the amenities . Has at the front desk is amazeballs!! Josh is very helpful, and was kind in the registration process.

i am a future resident and so far i have no been let down. while signing the lease, the staff was helpful. i loved the fact that my lease fees got cancelled.

It’s great here, but It would be better if there was a little section for dogs. Maybe a small gated park, where all the residents and their fur babies can get together and play?

The Reserve is a good place to live! I enjoy the layout of the apartment and the staff is relatively friendly! The only thing i don’t like is the location of the only dumpster in the complex.

There is lots of noise late at night. You are paying for what you get. Maintenance is quick and fixes the problem. The location is great for the campus.

I like living in this community. It is close to campus and safe. I have lived here for three years and never had a safety problem. One complaint that I do have is the trash. There needs to be more than one compactor or other instructions need to be put out because it becomes piled us regularly and can be difficult to throw your trash away.

The people who own dogs do not clean up behind their dogs. It smells in the summer and I am unable to walk in the grass because there is always poop everywhere. Also the dog owners scream all day and all night at their dogs or just let them bark in their apartments.

The community is wholesome and maintenance is pretty fast but sometimes they show up unexpectedly! Dog friendly is a super plus because my dog has been able to make so many new friends

Love it here. I had an incident months back and everyone in the leasing office worked to help fix the issue. Maintenance works quickly, even though sometimes they leave trails of mud/dirt when entering. Love my roommates, so great job with that one . Oh and it's very affordable.

From a previous on campus resident, this is a major upgrade! Very close-knit community with welcoming CAs. Also, a gated-community mitt. Definitely enjoying this apartment complex.

I’ve enjoyed my time here at the reserve so far. The staff is friendly and helpful. Although a few things have broken/ gone wrong in the apartment, maintenance is always quick to address the issue.

My personal experience at The Carrollton Reserve hasn't been too great. I enjoy the room size, closet size and bathroom size. However, there are a lot of areas in need of improvement such as the overall maintenance team. When you enter the maintenance request the team will comment what they or someone else needs to do and make it as complete. However, it only gets done half of the time. I would appreciate if request were marked ‘Completed’ once they actually are completed. Marking items completed before they are completed only makes the team lose value, credibility and causes compliance issues. Also, the complex is advertised as a ‘gated community’ however, the gates are always open. I’ve put in multiple maintenance request about this and again, it always gets marked as ‘completed’ with a note such as, “we are aware of this”. Lastly, when I moved into my apartment it was extremely dirty. The carpet was sticky in my bedroom (still is) stains all over my walls, dust, debris and half repaired items such as the shower.

I like it here everyone is very nice. The community is in variety and the scenery is one to enjoy. I love the fact that we have a back trail that leads to campus it’s nice to have especially when the bus is running late