Choosing an apartment to live in that's best for you is a hard decision and very stressful. The Reserve has a ton a benefits. The pool, close in location to the school, and the gate are all benefits.

The reserve is a nice property. I love the three bedroom option that costs the same as a four bedroom anywhere else. They try their best to keep residents safe.

It’s pretty good, I wish the neighborhood had more events for the whole neighborhood so people don’t have to have their secret parties shut down by cops. Other than that its s great person

I like my apartment layout and the location. Upon move in, there was a good bit wrong with our apartment. It was extremely messy, dirty furniture, and cockroaches and bugs. The noise from my upstairs neighbors is terrible and happens almost every night. I often times do not feel safe in my apartment or walking to my apartment, especially at night.

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I would rate it 3 and 1/2 stars mainly due to the lack of parking, inefficient wifi connectivity, early closure of leasing office and pool hours, and the excessive cost of overages.

I have lived at the reserve for almost four years. I have stayed at the Statesboro & Carrollton apartments. I have few complaints & have been mostly satisfied with my time here.

Everything looks nice. The pool is nice and so is the path that leads to the collesium. Also, the apartment itself is pretty nice. However, the gate doesn't serve a purpose since people can easily sneak in. Also, there have been reports of gunshots and crime.

Nice and clean inside friendly people. Everyone was willing to help me move in and get ready for the semester ahead. Hope they keep up the good work.

Great Community! I love living here with such great friends and neighbors! This is where I want to live for the rest of my four years at UWG!

Office staff and maintenance staff are super helpful! Any issues I had they were quick to help me fix. Very friendly and make me feel at home.

Not sure all the apartments are the same as the one we were in but this was pretty good value for money for a year. The apartment unit was spacious and clean. Thanks !

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takes great care of me and my friends! loving this place. this place is made family orientated. its a safe environment, always having fun, and always working to make this place even better.

Amenities are great, especially when the pool is open. Maintenance requests are usually completed in a timely manner. Roommate matching is not the best.

i absolutely love it here. It's great. It's wonderful. It's magnificent. It's marvelous. Very safe and gated community. Would recommend others.

I love living at the Reserve . It's a nice quiet neighborhood and has a great community of people living here 😊 . I would definitely recommend people to move here in the future .

My apartment has been great. My only complaint is that there were a few insects in the room when I was moving in. I like how the bus to the University is always on time.

Does a great job with the upkeep and the maintenance!! They are always doing something with the community which shows they care! Living here is great!

I realll enjoy living here. It is a huge improvement from the dorms that I stayed in last year. It pretty calm and quiet so far which I like.

The reserve is a great place to live. I really love the community and how envolved everyone is. I would recommend this apartment to my friends because I think it is a great place to live.

I absolutely love the reserve. I have my own spacious living environment. everyone is so sweet and nice here. I get along very well with my roommates. it's a great place to live!

The reserve is a very decent community and has nice amenities and spacious living areas. However, all the rooms in the apartments are not equally kept up.

Very helpful, replaced and fixed all damage done to my room from previous renters, has a surplus of amenities, great access to the campus, pretty safe community.

Great apartment, pool should stay open later though! And I think we may need a new gate because that gate squeaks a lot and sometimes my code doesn't work