Love it honestly the best place I've ever lived. The office is very helpful and will work with you. Also the other residents are very chilled.

Not what I expected at all. The housing is not worth the price at all. Roommates can always be very inconsiderate at times. I could be way better.

It’s spacious and I have great roomates. We are all like family here and it happened so quickly. The office and managers try their best to help out with what they can and so I’m appreciative of that. And I don’t regret moving here.

I have enjoyed my time at the reserve so far! I like the amenities that are offered as well as the living space. The maintenance requests take a while to be filled, but otherwise it is a great place to stay!

Great, reasonable rent and close to campus. I walk most days to campus. Gated at nights. Would recommend 9/10. The pool is great. It’s nice that the fitness center is 24/7

Quite tired of of air conditioning going out every week. I wish they would actually close the gate. The buildings are disgusting, the stairs haven't been cleaned in over a year.

It's been so peaceful here for me,it's a big change for me. Compared to paying way to much,with horrible property value at Soma, I mean they didn't even have bathtubs only showers smh,but I can not express my relief enough to be able to get away from the there.

For college its the right price since its all inclusive, including a gym and pool. There is a Pest control problem, where there are fleas in different apartments.

ASSETFALL2019. I have completed the survey online. I understand the neighborhood has a number of residents and there a limited amount of employees. But the leasing office can do a better job of looking at each resident as an individual and acting accordingly.

The experience is good. The complex is very quiet. I wish there was more events to meet people. The staff is not competent at all and very inefficient

The staff is always so awesome and helpful. I love living here. The people in other apartments are so sweet and nice. Omg so them have such beautiful fur babies.

The furniture could be so much better and carpet. The closet is my favorite part because it is huge, but I really think you all could improve so much.

This place is amazing. I love how it comes with furniture and I recommend it to all my pals. I feel like if there’s one place you have to go it’s the reserve.

Good place to stay, very affordable. Quiet neighborhood and very spacious units. Close to campus. Staff & maintenance is very nice, friendly, and helpful.

It's not terrible for the price, but if anything goes wrong with your apartment management is pretty apathetic about fixing it. Also the washer and dryer are subpar.

I’m always having problems in my apartment. Right now I have an ant problem and I don’t eat or drink in my room. I’ve been to the office to put in a maintenance request and have yet to see anyone come look at the problem.

Everything here is great! Just wish the pool was open longer I never get a chance to swim because of school and work. But then that I love it here

The staff is really nice and chill. They are always so nice when I am in the front office or I need something. Maintenance is pretty great as well. They are always fixing things in a timely manner. I always have bad roommate experiences, but I still love living here.

Great place to live, the spacious closets and bathrooms are nice. I would love to see stoves with flat tops in all units. It makes for much easier cleaning

It’s been awesome. Can’t complain at all. I love my roommates. I love having my own rules. I love the pool. Been in it every day. I like the gym. It could be better but it’s straight. I love the neighbors, I love the environment and everything. It’s awesome. Absolutely perfect. It’s a blessing.

The place is pretty good. The price is worth it for the amount of space and utilities however most of the stuff is old and the customer service and constantly having to have things repaired is not a plus

I have been living here for almost two years and I really do not like it. Mangement never exchanged out my broken and damaged furniture that came with the apartment, the front gate stays broken, no cameras so cars stay protected, high rent, crappy amenities, and unprofessional.

The maintenance staff is extremely responsive when we put in a request. The property is a good deal for the price that you pay with a gym and pool on site.

Whenever I have a problem, the staff tries their best to help. Also whenever I put in a maintenance request, they get it done in a timely manner.

The reserve is a great place to live. Has great space and rooms to have easy access for any room style. The amenities are great such as the volleyball sand courts, the fire pit and grills, the basketball courts and of course the pool.