My experience is a lot better than the last apartments that i had. I love not smelling animal waste when i walk out of the building. Also a furnished common area is very lit to me

Great location, friendly staff and great maintenance team ! The front desk staff is also very helpful with answering any questions we had. .

The experience here is great. I’ve been a resident since it first opened and it’s 2018 now. My family loves this community and it’s very safe.

It’s wonderful here, it’s convienient and that apartments are nice. When i moved in i was skeptical about liking it here but it’s beautiful. And the gym is nice too

My resident experience so far as the Reserve has been okay. Like every apartment there are things that go wrong or need to be changed however, when I address my issues to the managers or other staff they do handle them right away. I can say that maintenance does a really good job at responding to work orders, any problem that I have they are quick to fix them.

Living here is very convenient for my work and school commute. Also, the community is amazing & I love the atmosphere! The Reserve is a great place to live for off campus students!

Decent place to stay. I have been residing here since coming to school at the university of North Carolina at Greensboro and planning on staying once graduated.

Great location, nice space for the rooms and the management is friendly. My experience so far has been great I'm glad I chose this place over any other student living apartments.

I have lived in the reserves for about 8 months and I am loving it. the room/closet/bathroom space is nice and maintenance is always quick!!

Everyone here at Te Reserve is so nice. The staff if friendly and the other residents are so helpful and considerate. This was a great choice for my first apartment!

Signing up for the reserves was easy and wonderful . I appreciate dhow easy it was to book for next semester and how helpful the tenants were

Very good experience. The staff is wonderful and makes sure to answer all questions. Never had any issues with any requests. Very nice neighborhood.

Great apartments especially for students! Access to games and gym and even study room in the club house which is an extra touch. It’s a nice environment very clean and even great for pets!

Great staff, love that I have easy access to campus due to the shuttle bus. I also enjoy the spacious kitchen/living room area and the resident events.

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This place made a great 1st apartment. I really enjoyed my time here. Maintence was always prompt. Love the manager and the staff are nice. The only issue I have is that the walls are thin but overall a good place.

I have a wonderful experience at The Reserve at Greensboro. The staff is really nice and if I have a question, they have no problem answering it for me. However, I have a complaint about maintenance entering my apartment without notice because there have been times when I was indisposed and since they have a key, they just came on in. I think a text or email needs to go out whenever maintenance is coming. Also, when they knock, they need to wait before just coming in. Other than that,I love my home away from home.

I have had a good experience so far. My only complaints are the thin walls (which are probably unfixable at this point) but I can literally hear everything my neighbor does. I can even hear him burp which is disgusting. That is my only complaint. It has really made my experience here unenjoyable.

My experience in the reserve is beyond great to be honest. I love living here, I love talking to the management. It’s a great student housing for college students and I would definitely recommend this place.

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Collegiate Commons is such an amazing community! I am just getting settled in here, and I love it. The staff is amazing in accomodating, and it was an easy proccess to move in.

I have been living in The Reserve since Fall '17 and I am overall pretty satisfied with the place. It is a convenient drive to A&T and is comfortable. There are a couple of drawbacks- The walls are paper thin, I can hear almost every word the people above me are saying and it makes it difficult to sleep at night when they stay up until 3/4 am. Maintenance doesn't really fix any of the problems I have put in for ( had ants that didn't go away after they said they sprayed, the air vent was extremely dirty and they didn't do anything about that except leave one screw missing) I really feel like you pay for the amenities, but they are student apartments so... I enjoy staying here because I am rooming with people I know and am able to utilize the living room to its full potential.

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It's a great community to live in, it's near campus, a little pricey compared to other living areas but I love how the apartments are arranged.

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I’ve been living in the reserves for only a few months but so far, I’m loving it! The staff is great, maintenance is quick and the community is welcoming.

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You meet all expectations thank you so much I finally found a clean safe environment that I can call home and be able to bring my friends and family over

I absolutely adore it here, it’s close to campus, the staff is friendly, maintenance always responds within 24 hours. And it’s so close to all of the campuses.

I love how involved the staff is with their residents! Also, living here is very affordable and convenient! And the fact that the gym is open 24 hrs is great.