It’s peaceful and I have little to no complaints. The staff is great and I can always find parking at night. The perfect place for students!

It’s alright so far I just hope it get better but the only thing I like now is that the gates are closing now which I feel safe. Also what I don’t like is the communication we won’t getting about the shuttle

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It is great thus far! I have been here since the beginning of my junior year and I renewed my lease. Great apartment styles that are spacious

Love it!! I have had nothing but good experiences living here. All the staff are nice and approachable. The only concern I have is the garbage around the apartments.

It's pretty good so far . It's not in the hood . A lot of pretty females , -and the washer and dryer is on that futuristic ish. Management is also great

Everything has been great so far. The staff is great, the environment is very welcoming, and it has by far some of the best amenities as student housing. Would suggest tending to maintenance requests sooner.

Great job! Really love living here!! All the maintaince request I put it seem to get fixed very quickly. I love doing my homework by the fire pit.

I really enjoy staying here so far. The leasing office team is very friendly and the complex as a whole is very welcoming. I appreciated the things that we received on move in day.

On move in day our apartment was filthy and had previous tentents trash and belongings here. After speaking with the office it was promptly cleaned and the staff apologized. Since everything has been great.

Neighborhood is nice wish it was a little bit cleaner, but it's cool overall. Staff is cool and laid back. Everything is close by. Parking gets bad at night.

You all are doing a great job. My only comolaint is nobody comes to fix problems in the apartments in a timely fashion. However, they are not major issues, things still need to be fixed because the issues were here before me.

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There really nice, haven't had any problems with my unit. Parking has never really been an issue. Just the people who live in the community need to put their trash in the garbage not the parking lot.

You guys are doing awesome! Great community, great amenities. Just wish that we had a tv in the living room and that the gates were actually closed all day.

Maintenance hasn't come to fix my apartments issues yet. I love the apartment otherwise and I am looking forward to the rest of this year!!!

So ffar the reswrve has been exceptional my room was clean and nice and there is never a dull moment I also love my roomies. Tyhe appliances are great

Move in was great, easy and simple. Also apartment was in great shape when I moved in. Everything was clean! I had friends stay there last year which was the reason i stayed this year !

You guys are doing great! I really enjoy living here. The wifi is really strong. The utilities work very well. The pool is very nice. And its lit.

Little odds and ends to tighten up. Mailbox key, maintenance response could be better or alert occupants a time they will be expecting to be serviced

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What happen to the wifi? I was told that when we moved in we would have wifi. Now I'm being told we need to buy a router? That's not fair at all.

Move in went fine and quick, the only problem was with the network service. Besides the internet there really weren't too many problems for me.

Loving this site so far! Very easy to use and you receive points which lead to benefits by completing such minimal but awesome tasks. I'll definitely continue using it

Great, please keep up with what y'all are doing because it's a positive out look that people get from y'all. Stay on top of it with the promotions and other things y'all offer.

I have not moved in yet, but so far I have heard great things and everyone seems so welcoming. I cannot wait to move in and be apart of this community.

You're doing excellent. I have no complaints as of this far. My move in date is in 2 days and then I will be able to see how things are ran.

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Everyone has been very nice and helpful so far. It helps that you guys respond to emails quickly and try our best to accommodate my wants and needs.