Love the community! Has a great environment. Everyone who lives here is great. All the employees are awesome and so helpful. 10/10 would recommend

Location optimal for not living on campus, but close enough to where most things are within walking distance if needed. The staff has been very friendly, flexible and helpful. If I'm still in mount pleasant after this year, I'll definitely be returning.

Fine apartments, but I had a few fixer upper projects to take care of in my place with the sinks and the bathroom towel rack. Still, lovely furnishing and great location.

I haven't lived here long but so far I love it and have no complaints I love all the the amenities that are available for us to use. Definitely recommend.

Everybody in the front office is super helpful and are always willing to help in whatever way possible! The only slightly negative thing I can think of is that when I signed the lease I was told I would get an electronic key but we were given a deadbolt instead.

i have no reason to complain about the reserve. it is a great place to live and if you do have any issues they are great at accommodating you for your needs.

Overall, my stay here so far has been nice. It's a new found freedom, and I am enjoying it. Now, it would be a 5 star rating if maintenance was more efficient but whatever

I love it here sooo much... All my roommates are great... all the neighbors too... I love that I have hbo to watch all the movies I want and that there’s a cable in my room

I love the apartment so far, the staff were great at getting us settled. I am looking forward to meeting my neighbors, going to community events, and having a great year!!

I can honestly say this is beneficial for us to have for us to be able to earn rewards and have chances to win prizes I really like it and it's great

Everyone at the Reserves are very friendly and helpful! I really like how they remember who everyone is and how accommodating they are! So far, I really like it here!

Really excited to have my own place. I mean, I'll be living with other people, so it's not completely all mine, but you know. Pretty darn close.

Parking is very limited, you have to walk 2 minutes from your car to your door and in the winter that might be a problem. Place is cool tho!

I like to cook a lot, but there isn't a lot of counter space.. so that's the only downside. Although for a student apartment it's nice. Very friendly environment and I would definitely recommend to others

I love living at the Reserve! The staff is helpful! The maintenance team is fast. There is always someone in the office who is able to assist me.

So far my community has been extremely respectful to me. I feel as the year goes on we can all grow together and become closer. I look forward to an awesome year!

So far life here has been amazing! The neighbors are a little rowdy, but I chuck that up to excitement and alcohol. The staff are very friendly!

They were very accommodating when I wanted to switch rooms in my apartment, and had it cleaned within the hour! So far so good! I'm excited to see how the rest of the year goes!

they didn't do a very good job giving information for all of the things they have to offer here. such as cable, internet, hot water, etc. they gave us our packets and sent us on our way.

I moved in here yesterday day and so far I have had a pretty good experience. But there has been a few problems for example my keys didn't work for my bedroom and it took like an hour to set up internet but other than that all good.

It's a good clean place that has lots of room and is rather quiet. It seems to be in good shape and all around a good place. I enjoy living here

So far I'm really impressed. I love how the rooms each have their own bathrooms & walk in closets. Beds are comfy. I love it so far. Can't wait to see what the year brings.

Very cool site and easy to do. Complete certain things and gain points to earn money towards a site of your choice. How easy right? Great way to get involved!

Staff has been EXTREMELY helpful with leases, I move in next Friday and they are already amazing. Looking forward to moving in next Friday!!

The most beautiful, and best price apartment, nothing was even comparable with everything the community has to offer. Wouldn't recommend any other place to live