Pricing is fair... living and amenities need to be updated. The pool is so, so, so nice when there’s good weather in Orono. Staff is helpful and always ready to assist when walking through the doors of the clubhouse.

Friendly and always willing to help. Had a few problems with my resident portal but it was fixed quickly and well. The people were so understanding.

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So far, the whole process has been really easy and convenient and there is always someone ready to answer questions on the phone if I call the clubhouse.

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Im a new resident at the reserve this coming fall. But all my experiences there have been fantastic. I have friends that live there and their apartments are adorable and the community always seems so clean and cute

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Yhe maintenance staff and front desk representatives of The Reserve have been very responsive and helpful to our request. The amenities are great.

I have really enjoyed living at the reserve. I love living in the town house house with four people. The quality of the house is excellent. The rooms are large and the personal bathroom is a major plus. I have had excellent staff experiences and if we ever have a maintenance request, it is taken care of as quick as possible. I also really appreciate all of the notifications of whats happening at the reserve through email and texts.

Living here was awesome. Always quiet and the apartments themselves are nice for what you pay. The 24/7 gym and outdoor pool are a nice touch.

For the most part I really enjoy living here at the reserve. The only complaints I have are the constant noise from our neighbours and how we automatically get charged $35 for utilities even when we probably shouldn't be charged that. Also maintenance is pretty bad

I really enjoy living at the reserve, my top reason would be the staff! The office staff is helpful and pleasant the maintenance workers are on top of everything and always have a hello and friendly attitude. The amenities are great, the complex is attractive and I enjoy the tail that runs along the side of the property and throughout the woods behind it. The only dislike has nothing to do with the staff, the apartments, it would be the lack of some residents who don’t take care of their pets and clean up after them! Maybe Cameras on the sides of the buildings will take care of that and it’s also a good idea for anything else that may arise, safety issues maybe? I’m sure it’s an uncontrollable situation they have strict rules but hard to enforce if they can’t see the perpertrators! I Love the place though, quiet, clean and well taken care of! I just signed by lease for another year! Over all it’s the best apartment complex I have seen or lived in!

I love the layout of the townhouse and size of the bedrooms. The staff and maintenance are always really easy to work with and helpful with problems!

I can’t wait to move into my apartment in August. I’m very excited for the pool and it’s great that my rent is so much cheaper than when I lived at the ave

The management is very kind and helpful. When I was applying, the staff treated me and the others I was with very respectfully and that was a big part in why I chose the reserve

I enjoyed living at the reserve bery much. The only major problem I had was the price. I understand why the prive was the way it was, but it was just a little out of my price range/budget.

I loved the Reserve, however, being charged randomly was extremely unnecessary!!! Nonetheless, the experience was great and I am very happy that they kept the gate open.

Hey, I’m nick, I am Moving in on the first, and so far, the staff has been really helpful and pleasant in getting me all ready to move in. Thanks Becca

I haven't moved in yet but so far the experience has been really good. Im exited about having my own room and bathroom. It's great that it is so close to campus.

Had a good experience living the reserve. When I moved in the apartment was very dirty and there was garbage in the couch. Chairs and tables were in bad condition and a couple chairs ended up collapsing. Need new furniture

Maintenance is very responsive, everyone in the office is always friendly and helpful. The neighbors can be pretty noisy at times and sound travels easily.

The staff have been extremely kind and polite. The neighbors are not rowdy and obnoxious. And the rooms here are great. Very privacy oriented.

I never had much problems living here, yeah some stuff broke, but the maintenance guys were always very quick on getting things fixed. The people who worked the office were always friendly. overall a good experience

One of the nicest living options in the Orono or Old Town area. The management team is always helpful and the townhouses make a great place for living, studying, or hanging with friends.

Enjoy how close it is campus. Easy access to a printer. They are a little slow at finding out the leak I had in bathroom. I had a humidifier in my room for week. Which made the light bill go up $35.

The rooms are fully furnished and are in wonderful condition. The community space helps to make it feel like home, and all of the amenities are amazing.

This saved my living situation and saves me so much money moving into college, I am very pleased with The Reserve and their management as well.

Looking forward to spending my days poolside this summer, and all I have to do is walk downstairs! Only after I have swung by the cafe to grab my free coffee of course.