I love the events that you guys do, especially grocery bingo! Also, having my own bathroom and walk in closet is the best part about living here.

I really like all that the reserve offers. Getting a 4 bedroom apartment really allows for us to stay connected as friends on the bottom floor but then we can all have our quiet time because we each have our room. Love the neighbors too!

I really enjoy living here. It is a nice quiet community but at the same time there is a lot going on and plenty of people to meet and get to know.

The Reserve is an awesome community! There is so much to do. I love that there is a gym and community center where I can print my papers for free!

I am so excited that I decided to sign a lease at the reserve. I cannot wait to move into my four bedroom apartment, and experience all the great things I have heard about the reserve

The reserve has been a very comfortable living place. There hasnt been any problems that havent been resolved quickly. The staff is also great

I very much enjoy living here. The apartments are large and they are really great. I plan to live here for as long as possible. The staff is great and the community is awesome.

Although I am not living here yet I do have many friends that do already live here. They always talk about how much they love their apartment and how happy they are with it.

I have lived here for 3 years now and have really enjoyed my experience. The staff and maintenance have only gotten better since move in. I would recommend

Have had some problems with our apartment and things breaking, but they come and fix it immediately and it's always fix it very professionally.

The complex is good but we've had a lot of things break, when we need maintenance they come quick, other than that I don't mind living here,

I like that the reserve is a gated community with people that are willing to help you if its need. After having this snow storm a lot of people were very willing to help me shovel my car out.

The Reserve is a very nice area. The community center is very nice and in the summertime the pool is very beautiful and welcoming. I like the outside scenery

You guys are doing great! I really enjoy the gated community and all that it has to offer. I feel safe and at home in the reserve and love the rewards too

I am so excited to live at the reserve! The tour was amazing and very well organized. Our tour guide was very informative and made my friends and I feel right at home!

The service and staff here are amazing and the amenities are like no other off campus living experience. The events put on are simple but enough and interesting enough to draw in residents.

good area, friendly staff, easy commute to umaine campus, comfortable apartments. perfect for college students. awesome place to live overall.

The Reserve - Orono is a great place to live. I have lived here for three weeks now. The staff are great. The on-site gym is small. Parking is not an issue. Security is good. I recommend anyone to apply to live here.

So far my experience has gone well. My apartment was missing a chair and a new one was brought immediately. The tanning, gym and library amenities are used often and I love it. However my shower doesn't get very hot.

Excited to live here next year. Already such a sweet group of management and always willing to answer what ever questions there may be. Great job.

everything looks great i cannot wait to move in next year Overall a decent living experience, though I'm not looking forward to how much you charge for dogs in deposits and monthly fees. Still, the property is clean and relatively quiet considering the number of people living in the buildings. The staff is always very nice and has helped me with any issues as best they could.

Management has significantly improved since moving in two years ago. Pet friendly which is a plus. Noise has gone down and overall a nice, friendly place to live.

Love this place. When I first saw it, I knew I wanted to live here. I can't wait to live and be a part of The Reserve next year. Looking forward to a great living experience!

The apartment building is great, as are all of the amenities that it offers. High speed internet, a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer inside the unit are everything a college student needs! I'll definitely be making the Reserve my home until I have my MBA.

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