You guys have been so helpful with every question I have. Always quick to respond and thrive for nothing but the best experience. Keep up the good work!

The reserve is one of the better places to live in Orono while at UMaine. Parking, amenities and services are good, staff is helpful and overage charges are much less than they used to be.

My apartment community has been pretty good so far. The girls who live next to us can sometimes be loud, but they stop at a reasonable time. The guys on the other side of us are great. We tag teamed together and put up Christmas lights around our door entry. It made our places feel festive!

I love it here and plan on signing again. The staff is nice and most things are done in a timely fashion. Apartment was very dirty when we first moved in.

I've had only good experiences so far, and the apartments are nicely furnished! I love having my own bathroom and a washer in dryer in our apartment!

The staff is very nice, the rent is reasonable. Apartments are beautiful and kenmore appliances are a plus. Plowing could be better, but overall good apartments

Great apartments in Orono. Maintenance and office staff are always friendly and quick to respond to issues or complaints. Will recommend to others.

I don't live here yet. I'm set to live there next fall semester. I'm super excited. My lease recently got approved. All of my roommates had their leases approved as well.

I am having a very enjoyable experience here at the the Reserve in Orono. I am currently living in a three bedroom apartment and planning on transferring to a four bedroom apartment next year. The only thing I would say I am not a fan of is that the reserve doesn't make it their mission to have everyone meet each other. I don't know many peoplein the reserve and I want to meet more.

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I love living here it's a great environment and I love that it's pet friendly. The office staff is super friendly and always has fun events going on!

Fast maintenance when needed. Very thin walls though if you live on the first floor, living on second or third would be the best. Large overages without explanations

Very nice place to live. The front desk people are always nice and willing to help. There are lots of things to do there’s a pool basketball court and more

The reserve is not bad, but its not what they sell to you when you sign. The security guards take their jobs way too seriously but the front desk people are pretty nice!

Everything has been pleasant so far, the staff are friendly, everyone is very accommodating. The only thing I would complain about is the overages on the heating, we can't keep the apartment warm without getting one.

Decent living for the price. Some of the apartments were not cleaned when we first moved in however maintenance came in and cleaned upon request.

I am very excited to be living at The Reserve next year! I have heard so many wonderful things about this community. The Reserve team has been very helpful throughout the leasing process.

I am really looking forward to living at the reserve. I found it extremely easy to sign my lease, and the apartment is very nice. I also enjoy all that the amenities have to offer.

The apartment is a great layout and the size of the bedrooms are great. I haven’t had any problems with my neighbors or the staff! I definitely recommend living here!

All around not bad but the furniture and appliances are extremely cheap. Chair and desks fall apart with normal use, and our air conditioner doesn't work right.

I really love the opportunity to live at The Reserve! The grounds are kept nice, maintenance is easy and fast to get completed and the staff is awesome. Starting a new chapter in life, it’s great, happy place and economical while your figuring out and planning the next faze of life!

I haven’t had any problems with the staff and maintenance is always prompt with our requests! The bedrooms are really big and the layout is nice as well.

I enjoy the community around here. The staff is friendly and helpful. The amenities are awesome. The pool is nice and the game room is fun!!

This place is great i love the vibe that it has and it is a very good college apartment. Very good spot for me and my friends and I to hangout if we want to, very comfortable.

It’s only been about 3 months since I’ve moved in and I’ve really enjoyed my time here. The apartment is furnished nice and the staff are friendly and cooperative.

The apartment community is great, very respectful of noise levels and parking of cars, etc. They are very friendly and are great people to live around.