It is a little bit disingenuous to frame it as an all-inclusive apartment when you can expect to pay $35 each for electric heating in the winter. However, I think it is still a good value and having your own bathroom is a huge plus.

I love living at The Reserve! The apartments are so nice and the amenities are awesome! The location is also amazing. I am so glad that I chose to live here.

I have loved living at the The Reserve this Fall and Spring so far. In the beginning the pool was very convienent and my roommates and I went all the time. The rooms are very nice and i love it!

The building is a little drafty which is inconvenient. Maintinence comes within a reasonable time though. The gym is small and can feel crowded

I was a little nervous about getting an apartment because it’s new and change can be scary but as soon as I saw how friendly the people are I became so excited! It’s such a great environment and it’s a place I can feel safe at! I love the reserve!

The staff here is amazing. During the signing process, they were always ready to help and made things less confusing. The amenities are also very nice and has everything I could want. I love that each bedroom in the apartment has its own bathroom and that there is a full kitchen, washer, and dryer right in the apartment!

You guys are great. Really love this place. The rooms are a great size and they come with their own closet and bathroom, which is super convenient.

The whole process of signing up was very easy, and I am excited to live in the reserve next year. The whole process of signing up and everything took about a whole week to complete which is really quick.

Bigger gym if possible would be greatly appreciated for a fuller experience like the rec center provides. Make sure the security guards keep doing their jobs well and are always just as friendly. Wish people would pick up their dog's poop more

I love living at the Reserve! My apartment has everything I need with my own bathroom and walk in closet. I love the dog friendliness as well.

I enjoy living at the Reserve very much because of how nice it is compared to other apartment complexes. Having your own room and bathroom is a very nice feature.

Hi enjoy living here as it is a convenient location for me. I have a problem with the noise level at night around building 10,11,12, and the volley ball court area. I hear groups of people yelling or fighting and it creates a disturbance. I also have seen a guy pee on the side of building 11 with all his friends when coming home from work one night. The noise level needs to be addressed. I also continue to see residents not picking up after their dogs, so perhaps that could be addressed too. I also think there should be more grocery bingo too, it’s so much fun!

Great place! Nice amenities, fast internet, and cable. The apartments are furnished which is nice, and the maintenance staff fixes stuff quick. Rent is good price too!

It’s a nice environment with many accommodations. I enjoy the three bedroom living accommodations, specifically the large kitchen and common room area.

These are great apartments that are very clean. The set of my own apartment is very convieninent and I have enjoyed my customer experience so far.

It's been a semester since I started living here. So far, most aspects of my experience living here has been better than I had expected based on other reviews. One complaint I have, which is what others had remarked as well, is that you will always be charged an overage for utilities. In the winter, it will cost the most. They should know that everyone always has an overage, so they should adjust the price of rent, so people will realize the realistic cost of rent.

I haven't moved in yet but everyone has been super helpful even though I've been annoying an called them about 500 times they were very nice every time.

It’s been such an easy and painless process, me and my roommate are very greatful! To anyone looking for a place to live at next semester you should totally consider the Reserve in Orono.

I haven’t started living here yet, but each time I call for information they answer right away and make me feel like I belong here. The community is very friendly and open.

This place is great if you’re looking for a place that has pretty much everything included. The thing I love the most about the apartments is that they have a washer and dryer in every unit!

Almost everyone at the front desk greets me with a smile, and are very friendly. They’re always happy to help or answer questions. The community activities are fun.

In the time I have lived here I haven’t had any issues with staff or other residents. The rooms are great and the apartment itself is very comfortable. Maintenance is awesome and super friendly and always willing to help even for stupid things.

Everything is good. I am completely satisfied. The employees are very helpful. The only thing which I am not good with it this year the rental price goes up and there is no special offer to renew the lease.

Overall good community and friendly neighbors. The bottom floor seems drafty and I thought there was supposed to be a guest bathroom. The unit is nice and has everything I need.

it is nice. i have a room and kitchen and bathroom and desk and bed and floor and ceiling and walls and door and washing machine and dryer. hooray