It’s a pretty good place to live just the walls are so thin that you hear the neighbors walking and etc. Other wise it’s not a bad place to live.

We have had a great experience here at The Residences. The manager and office staff are great and quick to helping any of our needs. We would reccomend these apartments to anyone in search near the Fort Campbell area.

We have really enjoyed our time at these apartments. We have gotten to know some of our neighbors and that’s been nice! we love having the pool and a back patio.

The residences is a great place to live. It has all the things you need within a 5 minute drive! Everyone is so friendly and the workers do everything they can to help you solve any problem you might have!

I love the place! Very comfortable to live in and nice pool. Nice and friendly neighborhood, not a lot of ruffians running loose. Also, big bonus has a skate ring in walking distance.

Love my place It's my little house that I get to go home to after a long day at work. Price is a bit high but it is worth it for the nice area you get.

I love living here! This is the first apartment my boyfriend and I have rented just ourselves. We love it here, many younger adults live here. Always nice landscaping and the salt water pool is spectacular !

I love the atmosphere and the pool! My boys enjoy the space they have and so do we! Thanks for everything and hopefully we are here for a good amount of time!

It's a good place to live my grandkids love it here they have a park and they are upgrading the pool they get repairs made in a timely manner

This place wasn't what I expected, its been a wonderful experience, The staff is super friendly, the pool is incredible, I love the fact that it's saltwater

Decent place to live. Some neighbors or good. Others not so much. Electric bill is fairly high but rent is low. Our apartment is nice, and there’s plenty of room even though it looks small

The staff is absolutely wonderful to work with and the apartments are really nice for the price range. I also love the location, it’s walking distance to pretty much anything you need

So far we have had a great time here at the residence, there are a few things that we would like fixed in the house. The front desk is forgetful at times.

The residents here are pretty quiet and peaceful. Very dog friendly. It's a tight community made for military families. My husband and I haven't been here long but so far we're pretty happy with the space.

Great service, the staff was very helpful and detailed. Area is nice and very close to my job. They also have a 24 hour laundry room that is very clean.

it's a pretty nice and quiet place and everyone is friendly here, they fix everything right away and the pool is awesome specially on hot sunny days

The only downside about things, is if you get off late. You’re more than likely not gonna have a parking spot, but other than that, it’s affordable!

My experience was great the staff helped me out alot with all my questions and concerns that I had. They made it real easy to move in and helped me with the process

The people above is a really loud through the night we have complained once and they still are loud and keep waking up my baby I have work in the mornings

This place is pretty great. The staff is friendly and the grounds are kept up with decently. People don’t pick up after their dogs all the time though.

Great neighborhood. Great proximity to Fort Campbell and Clarksville, as well as being very close to grocery stores and restaurants. Very affordable, only complaint would be the parking, but that would just be nit picking

Everyone was super nice and helpful. The paint on the walls doesnt look the best, and the doors let lots of air in but other than that we really like living here.

I've had an awesome time here so far. No problems with maintenance except for one dude who was promptly fired. Very caring and understanding staff

Love this community, the location is perfect, the staff is friendly and kind, they have an awesome salwater pool! The laundry room id set up with a lot of machines so that's good

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