A lot has changed since new management came in and I can only hope it gets better. I've had bad experiences so far and they're not very knowledgeable so it kind of makes it annoying to talk w the office people.

Worst management team ever!! Don't move here!... management team has absolutely no follow-through... Takes months to get anything repaired in your apartment... Trash piles up at the trash cans with no regard to property care

im not very happy with my apartment and all the problems that have been happening and are still happening. Maintenance is great, thank you dale

The location is great. I like how close it is to NAU campus. The staff has no idea of what they are doing. Noice is heard everyday, increases on the weekends

Keep getting charged for random things. Also the Jacuzzi should be open till midnight like it said on the original lease. And don't pressure people to sign their lease for next year without telling them that rent was going up

I feel like sometimes my thoughts and concerns are often looked over. I have voiced concerns about my neighbors and feel like i got nowhere with it. I love the space i just feel like sometimes I’m just “another resident.”

I am disappointed in the parking procedures and the lack of communication between the towing company and the apartment complex. We definitely need more flexibility with guest parking. And we are having people towed who are parked in our spot. It's a complaint I have heard from other residents too. Really poorly done. Other than that. It is rather nice. But it is upsetting if we can't share it with others.

Great office staff. Residential rules always changing and remodel took a long time and poor paint job done by hired crew. Maintenance request take to long to complete.

Great location but bad when it comes to a clean property and being affordable. Management is more concerned about filling vacant apartments verses keeping current tenants wanting to stay.

Company has a lot of new employees that are still learning so many questions can not be answered right away. Trash situation is horrible and needs attention. Club house hours need some adjustments for people who work 8 to 5 because we are not able to utilizing services we pay for.

I hope the administration improves. Unfortunately, late fees are charged while late or no maintenance and other services are not punctual and no one apologizes.

Needs more organization and change the maintenance staff. The cost to like at the appointment building seems high for the quality of service.

The apartments here are really nice. However, they enter the apartments all the time. Since June, someone has come in about 10 times with sometimes a two week time frame. They also make unreasonable request lik, "please keep all furniture and appliances away from outlets for two weeks." So we are just supposed to live with all our beds and couches, etc, all in the middle of out rooms for two weeks? There are several other examples of these kinds of behavior.

The apartment is nice, however, when something breaks, it takes a few weeks for maintenance to fix it. The are too few parking spaces and I believe the towing company tows cars who are not violating parking rules.

Having an affordable program is great! I have been able to afford housing, and have lived here 4 years. I have seen a LOT of changes, both good and bad. I see the effort to correct the bad, so I will commend you all on that. The trash issue is finally being addressed! I see maintenance work VERY HARD to mitigate trash all over the place. However, there are still residents that leave trash in the hallways, for days, and leave trash next to the dumpster instead of putting it in the trash. It may be a cultural or touching the dumpster thing... In my building, I have found puke, spit, gum, food and dog droppings left in the hallways. The noise can also be an issue, once school is in session (not wanting to generalize the students but there is a correlation). There are many nights where music is playing until after the loud noise cut off. I realize those are tough issues to tackle but hope that a solution can be created. One thing to address is new staff and communication. I realize that turn over is high, but please work on thorough notes and follow through with paperwork. I know it's a tough and thankless job, but keep trying to make things better. Thank you!

It's okay, but nothing special.Gym is bare minimum of a gym, management can't communicate, spa often closed. Other residents leave trash and dog poo around

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Neighborhood is nice and is close to campus! however, a lot of amenities need updating that are for use by the community, need more parking, and the office organization is awful!!!

I understand that they went under new management but there could be a lot more communication through the entire staff. Having all of the employees on the same page and also having a standardized structure and way of doing things could help as well

Love the location and my apartment but hate the trash issue with people not putting it in the dumpsters and the crazy drivers in the parking lots. Also maintenance requests are slow at being processed. My fridge went out and had to wait 5 days for repairs. We had to waste over 250 dollars worth of food that was bought the day before it went out. Management didn’t think it was an issue worth rushing to fix for a family of 5.

Apartments are good. Management needs some help. The communication is lacking. Hardly available. One staff member will tell you one thing while the other tells you something different

The property is amazing but the multitude and number of changes is too much too fast. The staff is professional and well intentioned on retaining its residents

There really needs to be better hours at the gym. At least give all residents a separate key to enter the facility whenever we want. Please.

The apartment complex can be confusing to those are not familiar with it but it is overall a good place to live especially with campus so close by.

Staff needs to be better communicating with residents on the phone. I believe the staff who is answering the phone in the office should be knowledgeable of changes happening in the apartment and not constantly putting client on hold to ask the manager for answers. And when asked to speak with a manager, the manager is unable to take the call.

The staff are great and super helpful, but the residents here don't even clean up their dog's poop and that would be about the only problem here, that the residents have a dog and don't pick up after it.