I loved living at the Ridge! The maintenance staff was always very timely whenever I needed anything. Everyone in the clubhouse was friendly as well. I would recommend living here.

I have been a resident at the ridge for a little over half a year now. During my experience here I have had ups& downs, that’s given with any apartment complex. Overall you get what you paid for and with the ridges location it’s a score compared to the alternative choices for living.

Pretty good, wish there was a way we had a more hands on approach to matching with roomates, as we lost one of our roomates to graduation and we need to fill the slot but don't want a purely random choice.

I had a great experience with the office staff! They seem so friendly, eager to help, and ready to make your resident experience a great one.

I think the ridge is pretty great. I enjoy all the activities y’all have during the month and any time I need something fixed it’s alwyas done super fast

The apartments are nice and they have a lot of room. They are not clean though. The electronics (fridge, microwave, stove) seem to be working fine. However gas stoves would be better than electric stoves.

I love the location and great prices. I signed my lease with utilities included during a special they ran. Rent is only $329!! They give out great freebies as well!!$

My resident experience has not gone very well here. The apartment is great, me and my boyfriends roommate is awesome. However most of the things advertised just seem like a scam, like the free WiFi but u have to purchase a router and it is extremely slow. The tanning bed broke as soon as we moved in and when asked when it will be fixed we got an “idk” well seeing as free tanning was advertised maybe we should get to tan for free? Also the “year round” hot tub has been broken as well, and whenever we came over to a friends apartment who lived here before us the hot tub was yet again still broken. Our dryer barely drys anything and it apparently has just been fixed. The pictures online and the viewing apartment look nothing like the actual apartments or at least not ours. All the buildings could use a good power wash because the whole place looks run down. I will say that maintenance was so helpful when we forgot our key, but other than that my experience here has been relatively disappointing.

So far the experience has been relatively positive with little to no negatives; however some things are still a little new and scary I feel I am ready to make this choice.

Experience has been ok. Finally getting settled in. Have renewed lease for a year so hoping for a great summer season. My kids are looking forward to the pool being open.

It was a easy move in process. Everyone was really helpful if I had any questions that needed to be addressed! The apt I moved into was nice other then the smell of animal pee and pee stains!

When I walked in to tour, everyone was so friendly and willing to help. I've read that people moved in and it was dirty and not clean. I asked them about it and they explained everything to me and that it's under new management. Can't wait until renovations are done !

I love the ridge! Beautiful complex, big rooms, and I love the amenities that are available for all residents. I can’t possibly imagine living anywhere else in Morgantown!

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I’ve had nothing but issues since living here and false promises. Everything is dirty and nothing was ever updated like I was told it would be :’) can’t wait to leave.

I still love living here maintenance just gets very hit or miss come summer time. Things breaking AC issues and soooo many buildings. They’re still so helpful when they do come out and resolve the issues. Maybe alittle understaffed but they’re doing a great job so far at bettering this place!

The Ridge is still a great place to live in Morgantown. I work at the Statler enrollment office and I always recommend The Ridge to any freshman that asks about off-campus living.

Prices are good but staffing/ management is always changing. Furniture is not always guaranteed. For instance one apartment could have bar stools and a table and another could just have a table when we all pay the same amount

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I love living here at the Ridge. I have now been living here for eight years. I have lived in different buildings and with different roommates, but I am the happiest now. I give the Ridge a 10 out of 10!

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Love living here. Best shuttle service and super helpful office staff. You can't beat the Ridge's price anywhere in Morgantown. Only downside is that some sketchy people live here.

The value of The Ridge is great. Having a shuttle, gym, pool, and hot tub available for the price you pay is amazing. Maintenance can be slow, but that is understandable when they are understaffed.

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The leading manager was very knowledgeable and answered our questions. We were pleasantly suprised with the apartment, amenities, and other details. My three other friends and I signed a lease the same day we toured and they helped with the process.

Facilities are clean. Cant wait to move in in August. Here I come The Ridge!! Cant wait to be apart of the community there. Staff were very nice

Heater has been broken about 4/5 times. The place was a mess moving in with carpet stains, paint everywhere, broken handle on fridge, both barstools broken, and dirt everywhere. Maintenance has been great with the heater but its been extremely inconvenient. Staff only replies to social media and emails if its about signing a lease.

i guess i have gotten what i paid for, but that still wasnt the greatest, it is way to dark in these apartments, even during the day with lights no

I have lived her for three years now and like the place, maintenance is okay and the apartment is fair for what you pay, and it is pretty cheap.