It’s been nice here. The price is low and the location isn’t bad. The shuttles are nice but they don’t run often enough. Wish the cable had more channels and could be used in rooms other than the living room. Internet is basically useless.

I wish the office people would have listened to me the five times I asked for accommodations for my handicap instead of putting me on the third floor! But the rooms are nice.

The Ridge offers very affordable living options with the accommodations many people seek. The staff while small, seeks to assist in any way they can. The amenities and perks of living here are a mild incentive as well.

Living here is good. But our roommates suck. Why in the world you ever paired them with us is beyond our belief. But the busses are nice, the pool is nice.

The apartments are great and have many amazing features. The location is great being only a 15 minute walk to the hospital PRT of WVU. The Buses are reliable and worked on quickly if they are down. Overall great staff and place

Even with all the renovations going on, the place is decently taken care of and it is worth what you pay for. If the renovations are good enough till come back

I’be had major issues when moving into both apartments. The deluxe apartment I moved into was not ready when they told me to move in. It was extremely dirty with mildew/mold in the bathroom. There is also horrible communication when letting residents know when people are coming into the apartment to renovate or clean. However, the residents are fairly friendly and most of the employees in the office are very nice and easy to talk to.

Everything is going very well so far, I have had a good time a the Ridge since I moved in. It only took me a two weeks to get used to the shuttle service. The only thing that I can complain about is the time it takes to get a maintenance request completed. I understand the place is having renovations throughout the property but I am still waiting for multiple things submitted over two weeks ago.

The amenities are really nice, and overall, the units are pretty nice. There is lots of parking which is great. Maintenance could be better. They take a while to actually come and fix things, which kind of sucks. Other than that it’s a nice place to live.

Stayed here for several years, no issues; MAINTENANCE TEAM IS SUPER!! Decent parking and amenities. Good central location for quick access to diff areas!

The Ridge is what I expected for the price. I love how cheap it is, but the bus service is not reliable and the office is not very helpful fixing problems. I love my roomates and the apartment is awesome, but the building itself, in the hallway and stairways, is dirty.

I loved it here for the most part. The people were very nice in the office. And the shuttle drivers are very sweet for the most part. Sometimes they drive past a stop but it only happened a couple of times.

It’s been really nice living here so far. The neighborhood is so nice and clean. All The neighborhood always so clean and quiet. The gym is also very nice

Its okay. Definitely good for the price you pay. Its not as bad as every one makes it out to be. I enjoy it here and like the renovations. So ya

The Ridge is close to the medical campus where my classes are and the shuttles are super convenient for getting me to classes on time. Apartments look great with the new renovations, and the lights in the pool are awesome.

I understand with move in, there are tons of maintenance requests, BUT we have been 2 weeks with out a working kitchen sink and I cant effectively cook or make food and its frustrating. Basic maintenance should have been met before move in.

The office is pretty disorganized but I don’t mind the actual apartments them self. The kitchen in a 4 bedroom does not have near enough storage but the rooms and bathrooms are decent

Me and my three other friends have luved here for three weeks so far and have had a good experience so far. Our obly issue is our dryer takes two-three goes to dry a load of clothes.

I have had a terrible experience moving in here and have not felt much compassion about it from the management. I hope the year turns around. Was looking forward to living here. The shuttle is cool though. Except when it is full a lot.

Our room is very outdated. It was dirty when we got there and we have had many issues since then. It is not what I was shown, but you get what you pay for.

It’s a great place to live. Pretty cheap and new flooring. They gave me a 5 month lease since I was graduating in December. That really helps out a lot.

The pool is nice, we have had our share of issues with this complex and apartment but for the price well, you get what you pay for! They are trying.

It's a nice place to live, gets a little rowdy on the weekends at night but not too bad. I enjoy the pool and hot tub, the neighbors are nice for the most part

Absolutely love the ridge! My apartment is fully renovated and it is so nice! The only downside is when I put in a maintenance request, it takes forever to get something fixed.

The place is lovely, I would recommend it, to anyone! Nice pool & hottub, basketball court, pool tables, great rooms. Rooms are amazing, lots room.