The ridge has been a great living experience. The maintenance is nice and does a good job and the people at the office are nice and super helpful. Only downside is the people that live above us.

This place is an awful disgrace. This place is terrible. Manager never solves anything, only runs away from residents because she knows she sucks.

I have lived here for 8 years needless to say I LOVE IT HERE! The Ridge is not just an apartment community it is my home. The staff is caring, professional and helpful. I will never live anywhere else in Morgantown.

Takes long for Maintenance to get anything done and hot tub and tanning bed still don’t work since i’ve moved in. But you get what you pay for

Unprofessional , terrible management, they seem to not care about residents. The mailboxes were being renovated over the summer and they just finished them and it is December. With that they managed the mail themselves and would lose and/ or mix up people’s mail. My dryer was broke and I was told to wait(which it had been 3 weeks) and that I should hang dry my clothes for the time being. The dryer only got fixed eventually because I had a mutual friend Who said that he would make sure it got done. The list goes on....

Office is understaffed and the property is covered in dog shit. Maybe you get what you pay for, but there is a clear lack of care for the residents by the head manager. She will refuse to talk to anyone on the phone or face to face and will not apologize for her wrongdoings. There is no communication about basic things like when the shuttle will or will not be running and when the office will be closed.

Nice atmosphere in the office every time I have to visit. I also like the parking availability when it comes down to coming home from work I always find a close spot

Great place. All the necessary furniture and appliances to save money when moving. Quiet location. Great activities. Staff is very helpful. They updated our apartment and really made the place pop

It decent but room for improvement. Be better if I had my nighttime bus privileges back but other than that it a decent place to stay for the price.

I like living here it's so pretty! Everyone is so nice and helpful. I will definitely be signing my lease again in the fall. Me and my roommates are so happy here

Sucks really bad like I hate it hear so don’t ever live her at anytime you will wanna get something better and where there not rude so yea don’t do it

The ridge is okay, you do pay for what you get. At first, it took awhile for the maintenance people to get control of the request but now they are very quick. I am so happy we finally got our gifts cards almost 3 months later than move in day

This place is a good start when it comes to finding a place to live. Maintenance takes awhile to respond and fix things, my building constantly smells like weed or cigarettes, and you can hear people talk and walk around due to lack of buffer between walls and floors. I gets annoying when I can hear someone’s music or tv when you are trying to focus and/or study. I almost feel like I am living in a college dorm still, which I am not in favor of. Additionally, I did not realize that expenses for me are $425 + utilities, while some don’t have to pay for utilities or the rent fee is significantly lower. By this, others don’t think of the cost of utilities for those who do have to pay so my bill significantly increased overtime. I say this because my roommate does not pay utilities, so I pay electricity, water, gas, and sewage. Keep in mind the water bill is distributed amongst the entire building, which I did not know until recently because I was trying to save on water.

Apartment is extremely nice for how cheap the rent is. Office staff and manager are very friendly. Maintenance does a decent job when they come. Overall though, feels very disorganized and slow moving. Maintenance is extremely slow with their work and never in the time frame they give us. Office manager has promised us on multiple occasions to get our signing incentives to us and has yet to do so for months.

Rent is cheap, programs are nice and the new renovations are nice. The office is quick to handle issues. The shuttle is convenient and the pool is very nice.

Friendly staff and they got all my issues resolved in a timely manner. They offer community based parties for the residents to attend while you live here.

The price is the main selling point. Everything else is OK. Wish that the overage costs for each month weren't as much. Even though you might think you're paying $350 a month, you actually pay around $400 including utilities. Also, still waiting on the incentive money to come back...

We love The Ridge the staff is great and I love all the fun stuff they do every month from taco Tuesday's and Carving pumpkins in October so glad we moved here

Post renovation, this place is hard to argue with for the price, there are a few odds and ends like piping that could use some work, but otherwise, living here is a pleasure at the rate it is going for.

The ridge is a very interesting place to live for sure. The management is relatively poor (especially with communication). Hottub is often dirty and rarely is working.

I have been living at the ridge for about a year now and I would highly recommend living here to any of the student population in Morgantown. The rent is very cheap& there always having little events to get into on the property.

The ridge is a great place to live. It makes me sad that they don't offer any 1 or 2 bedrooms because I would 100% sign again with them if they did.

I love living here. It is very quiet most of the time. Maintenance issues are quick to be resolved. And the living experience has been above my expectations. It’s a nice place.

It’s been pretty good here the past year or so. Maintenance could be better at promptly responding to requests and some parts of the apartment are a little faulty, but overall I enjoy being here.

Pretty good and its really good and I like it here and the grass smells good and there's a hot tub that is pretty warm like most hot tubs should be at all times.