This place is really cool and inviting, regardless of the 3/4 of the security guards that are absolute douchebags. The pool also really sucks.

Biggest problem is the sometimes 10+ hour long wifi shutdowns. Staff is generally helpful and quick to respond to maintenance requests and other problems.

This whole area is just beautiful. The grounds itself are amazing. The pool is made to be swam in. The eating area is made to be eaten in. The beds are made to be slept in!

This apartment complex is one of the nicest most generous places in all of SLO because of the genuine people that work here and the others that live here making everyday great.

i mean it’s great that you guys renovated and all but you didn’t give us the kitchen you promised, your constant construction is an annoying disruption, and not to mention you guys made us pay $400 for a parking permit that we don’t even need considering you don’t tow anyone and you let them park wherever the hell they want.

I like all the amenities that come with the SLO apartments except there is no kitchen. I wish there was more weights and benches in the weight room. Everything else I enjoy.

I love it so much. It's a nice place where to live. Nice view, comfortable bed large, living room, cool roommates and a very nice neighborhood

I love the Slo student living. It is such a great environment full of great people. My only complain is that sometimes it's a little too loud.

The SLO is a nice little community! The WiFi can be slow at times but with the new renovations, the apartments look really great. Overall, it’s a nice place to live.

I love it here ! I never felt such at home so quickly and so welcomed! I love all the new people I’m meeting and I’m enjoying everything they have here for us

Apartment is new and nice! Close to campus and the cleaning service is useful. I like how the management puts on various events for residents and has days where there are treats/contests in the office!

Love our building neighbors! There's a lot of things with the building that could be improved but the maintenance guys do their best to fix the things they can.

The place is decent. Its clean and pretty close to cal poly but it doesn't have a kitchen. Its alright place if u don't need to/know to/want to cook

Great place love the people and everything is just so great it is just so awesome ya know I mean ya know ya know this place is just awesome l love

need cable and AC. also the fact that there’s only one light in the bathroom is pretty crappy. i do like the double door closet mirrors, and the fact that the building is new.

Clean space love the new remodels and my roommates are amazing! Maintenance is always on time and efficient and friendly. I would recommend this to any friend who asked me about living here.

living here is great but it sucks that we have to be quiet after 10 pm. and also it sucks that the laundry card machine doesn't take 1 dollar bills and it sucks that the card machine is in the office because I can never put money on my card when I really need it.

the slo is a fun place to meet people. I wouldn't recommend if you aren't a social person. Sometimes, its a little too loud here, but it's overall a good time.

Much better this year. food is good, maintenance is quick just need the screenz on the windows and i would give it a solid 4. the wifi has also been a lot better and i like the way the package receiving process was set up

The SLO is not a bad place to live, as its close to campus and provides a lot of amenities. However, the rooms were not full ready by move in day and there are a lot of flaws in the structure--gaps in the flood by the doorways, poor paint job, etc. There have also been countless encounters with bugs and spiders :/

It's very nice living here, the staff and everyone is very friendly. I wish the the outlets would work all the time but other than that my experience has been great.

I honestly love the place, there's a large variety of people that you can meet that you can only meet in a college setting and its really great. The wifi is actually amazing which makes it all worth it.

Better than last year, the common rooms are much nicer. It would be nice to have an oven, because without a meal plan it's difficult to think of meals to make when I'm limited to a microwave. The pool area has been closed for a while, it would be cool if it was heated too. New laundry rooms are good.

Although the renovations and updates are nice, the staff is often unhelpful and misleading. It is very difficult to get actual, real information rather than a "yeah yeah, we'll put you on the list" sort of thing.

super fun and nice rooms. wish the cleaning people would clean the stairs but they do an okay job with the rooms, but we never really know when or if they are going to come.