Our building is really quiet and polite. One neighbor politely asked us to quiet down herself instead of calling management which I greatly appreciated. The rest of the buildings are somewhat loud but it isn't too bothersome.

Some really cool people just loud sometimes. Everyone is always willing to hang out and chill. The pool is one of the great amenities here. I can't wait for the kitchen to FINALLY open!!

Very happy with the management at The Slo and the community! Very clean and the new renovations look very nice, they are very updated and modern.

Wifi keeps going down which is a huge inconvenience. During the weekend, it's loud at 2 am in the main area. Windows need screens to prevent bugs from getting inside

I am enjoying the way that the apartments are arranged and how easy it is to make friends. I love the pool and the new kitchen. The only thing that is a bit disappointing is hoe messy m suite mates are

Not everything has been completed or finished yet, and many of my friends I know still require maintenance. However, once everything is finished it should be good.

The place is nice that it's newly renovated but there are some minor flaws here and there that makes it feel like it was rushed. We still have no screens for our windows which would be nice.

The plumbing is pretty bad sometimes but they fixed it seems like. You should be able to cancel the meal plan. Also I think we should be allowed to be louder, it's a bunch of college kids

Great place to stay and have fun and run around and be awesome and have fun and have fun. I love this place so much, so much so much so much

I have been living here for almost a month, and I can say there are pros and cons to this place. Pros include the pool, location (everything is nearby), cafeteria/rec room. Cons include the wait for maintenance, lots of noise, cafeteria here is convenient but expensive, and you can tell the units were just slapped together during construction with a lot of corners cut. Overall it's a nice place to live.

My roommates are fantastic! What could be worked on is communication in the front office and with maintenance, I have gotten mislead many times due to miscommunications. I'm still waiting on things to be fixed from the first week, so maintenance can definitely be improved on

My apartment community is great. Can be noisy outside of my building, however the cop dude does a good job with being kind but also keeping people in line within the apartments.

Staff is great and has been so helpful. Building itself sucks but the local staff is going above and beyond to fix it. My apartment didn't have window screens, a bathroom door, or a rod for the shower and closet. Maintenance has been in my apartment every day working on stuff and they're so nice.

Good facilities but not entirely renovated yet. In the middle of renovations which is kinda annoying, but oh well. The rooms are good though.

The complex is relatively nice with good facilities but my shower has been down for almost a week now and the cleaning service we pay for isn't very good.

The apartment is lovely and in a convenient area, however between the fact that even this far after move in we still haven't gotten our TV and all the chaos that's being caused. H the poly students coming in there is certainly room for improvement

I think this app is pretty cool because it rewards you for living in a certain community and gives you options you actually want such as Amazon points

Coming to slo student living, it was an exciting time. Staff are friendly and want our families to feel comfortable for the first week. Apartments are new. Although, my apartment did not come fully prepared. Tv is still not set up and kitchen has the minifridge put in a weird place so kitchen did not look presentable.

Everything here is nice, and clean and the people are great. Now I am basically just filling up the 140 character minimum. The pool is nice. Never too hot or too cold

You guys have done a fantastic job with updating the place, it all looks and works very well, I'm very excited to spend the rest of the year here.

Everyone at the slo living was very helpful but when It came to getting info about move in day it didn't come until less than a week before move in

great place! the remodel looks amazing! it's so much cleaner and the wifi is way better! i love the college students that live here and the workers are great too!

The slo student living has overall been a good experience. The layout is nice and allows you to meet people very easily. I would consider living here next year too.

I think you guys are doing amazing ! I truly felt like I made the best decision picking The SLO as my housing for this year and I couldn't be more happy with the way that you all took care of me!

I am very frustrated that we don't find out who our roommates are until about 3 days before move in day, but the amenities are very clean and nice.