I love these apartments . It's my first time moving out and I feel comfortable and happy here . The neighbors are nice and despite of the broken gate , it's a great place to live (:

The apparment complex is the best deal around campus and it comes with alot more amenities than all the on campus or off campus facilities. So by in all this is by far the best college living in clarksville.

The verge environment was great when I went there to ask questions . The people at the front desk answered my questions to the best of their ability. They also provided me with a cup and a shirt . The environment is really great.

You guys have a great community I really enjoy living here every time j come into the office you guys are so happy to be at work and whenever something is needed inside my apartment you guys come good job

Pretty good place to live in Clarksville. Although, they are not very fast when it comes to responding to maintenance requests though unfortunately.

I love the space my apartment offers. The walls are very thin tho. I haven't had any issues with the staff. They are all very helpful and repectful.

The staff is doing a great job! Keep up the good work that all of you do. Never let rude people get the best of you at the Verge because your smarter than what you think, brighter than what you seem, and truly blessed by the residents you have obtain.

So glad to be able to sign my lease this upcoming August to live on my own and off campus for once! I can't wait to get the good experience with living here at the verge!

I like living at the Verge but I wish they would fix what I've been asking for for the past year and a half. Other than that it's very nice.

Love the friendly staff and gorgeous land that my apartment is on. The pool, gym, and fire pit are some of my favorite amentities offered here at the verge and I'm glad they are kept clean.

Overall great experience! The workers are able to help and guide you through the process efficiently and successfully! Thank you guys so much.

Great staff !! I love these apartments so far. The neighbor hood is great and very Convenient To my job and school. Looking forward to staying here a while !!

Caleb is the best when it comes to customer service and they are very fast and productive. Any problems I have get solved within a day or two.

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I like the community a lot. I like that I can room with my girlfriend. I like that we get our own washer and dryer. The kitchen and living space is also very convenient.

The rooms are amazing and the staff is very helpful. I love that the community is gated. They do a great job keeping you involved. I am very excited to be living here.

It is a really nice apartment rather than where I was previously staying in University Landings. The Verge is very respectful and always looking out for the their residents.

I think this is a good way for the residents to get involved. I really enjoy this rewards program & I can't wait until I become a resident at the verge

Apartments are layed out very nice. Maintained very well by staff, including the gym and volleyball area. Gated community is wonderful to have.

From me visiting, and touring the apartments, I love everything about the environment. It seems very peaceful, the staff is very helpful, and they were able to answer all my questions.

The parking in front of certain buildings sucks sometimes. Friendly office staff. Rent payment is easy. Spacious rooms, bathrooms and closets. Transportation for students

You guys are doing so great. I haven't even moved in yet and I feel so welcomed. I just feel like this is the place for me because it is so welcoming.

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You guys doing great I love staying in these apartments . My building is wonderful , every time I need something fixed in my house you guys are very helpful with doing that . And want to thank you guys so much for that.

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I honestly enjoy the ability to able to have a part in The Verge Community and I truly am excited that those who participate in community activities will be rewarded.

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So far haven't found any problems. Other than late maintenance, but it was done so i'm happy. Nice environment to be surrounded by. Parking sucks, buts all good.

The community is nice. The people are very sweet and the staff at the office will drop anything they're doing to help you out. I can not wait to meet more people at The Verge.