Really great place to live and people are very friendly! They are also very helpful!! They ensure everything is fixed and handled in a timely manner

Very good don't have any complaints roommates are friendly rooms are pretty big I like that I have my own bathroom glad that they furnish everything that you need

It use to be a clean place when entering the buildings but now the steps and entry ways are very dirty. The people at the desk are always helpful but the area could be cleaner.

It's decent, not what I expected at all. My room is nice size I guess. There are a lot of spiders and I hats spiders but that's the only bad thing.

This place is really cool I really like living here it's supper col and people will work really hard to to make sure you happy thank you for bring so amazing

So far everything has been lovely living here. The only complaints that I have is parking sucks, and the outside appearance of th apartments could use a power wash.

The washer and dryer closet is convenient and out of the way. The walk in closet is amazing and spacious and makes my life convenient. My windows are very large and gorgeous.

Love the privacy and where it is located. Stairs always look gross at night time though. All types of insects constantly crawling around. Everything else is cool.

Could be cleaner on the outside. Apartment was in ok condition. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The shuttle is helpful to commuters as well.

I love it here so far. There haven't been any issues. Everyone is nice and the staff is great. Maintenance was very helpful on move in day. I am looking forward to being here.

I really enjoyed my first reward from you guys . It was easy and very convenient to receive . I have already used my amazon gift card and bought items from amazon for my first time . Your website is great .

My experience living here has been great and the staff is great they really keep up with maintenance and they make sure your living situation is comfortable

I love the apartment however maintenance needs to work more efficiently!! But I love it here ... also my room is amazing & spacey for me to dance around in!!

The verge is a comfortable place to live! I enjoy the great atmosphere that the staff sends out! I would recommend the verge to any party with out alot of children

The verge is very efficient with helping if you need anything done with your apartment or have any questions involving your apartment . Would definetly recommend living here

the community is nice and love the basketball court and volleyball court but parking can be bad at times and apartment wasn't clean when I moved in

Overall pretty good so far. Most of the staff seems to know me by name and have been very attentive to requests. I believe that i made the right choice in my college housing.

Love the people, and enjoy the environment. Still have somethings that could change, but really nice place to live. Cleaning around apartment would be nice.

Fun to use but there should not be so much spam. I tried unsubscribing but Im still getting emails. I come on here every once in a while to play but i dont want to have to keep deleting emails.

My apartment never got Neal's carpets before I moved in other than that Amazing. This is my second year here and I haven't had a bad experience.

Issue with check in and cleaning, but staff got right on it. Sent cleaning crew in to clean up what previous tenants left behind. Talked with managers, about disappointment coming in from out of town to clean.

Enjoy living here. Maintenance men are polite and professional. Office staff answers my questions freely. Love having my own bathroom. The only thing missing is a hot tub.

you guys are great. I really enjoy this. it worth it all the way and i love it. i will be sending this to all my friends. thanks so much....

I really like free stuff. Thanks for this stuff. I really like to get free stuff. This opportunity has really helped me get what I want in life.

While under new management the staff has been great. But when it comes to roommate placement, there is a lot more work to be done than just changing owners.