The furniture was dirty and there are chunks out of my walls and doors but it's much nicer than I had expected. The maintenance has been very accommodative.

Great place to love. Super fast high speed internet which ia perfect for gaming. Staff is just as amazing and friendly. If i could go back, i woulda moved here years ago. Keep up the great work!!

The verge is a great place for cwu students. It's simple to apply/move in and in great condition. It's nice to have your own space inside your unit when needed! I'd definitely stay here again!

This is a solid apartment complex but at times it can get pretty loud. But as a joke this is a nice play to live a lot of amenities.. the pool is a good touch as well

So far I have felt so at home and it's been really difficult moving back to Ellensburg the staff have all been really nice and very helpful and my roomates have been pretty chill. I think I am going to like it here.

I really love that it’s fully furnished and the pool , bbq, and fire pit area are very useful. Love that it’s pet friendly and the staff are great!

This has been a good expierence by far, I love my apartment, having my own bathroom is life changing, it's an amazing place to call home. I love my apartment!!

the apartment was so dirty when we moved in and there were other people's things left behind in the drawers. On top of that majority of our things were broken.

The apartment was filthy when we moved in, we spent over 2 hours cleaning and the kitchen drawers still had stuff in them from residents before. It is loud all the time.

The apartment is run down the furniture is broken and beat up as well as the appliances. The stairs need to be pressure washed, but i enjoy using the gym.

It has such a welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoyed having the ability to use the gym at anytime of the day. All of the staff tried to work with .

I've been here for over a year and the only thing I would suggest is to monitor the noise at night. Other then that I like these apartments.

Good so far! The people above my apartment are a bit loud sometimes, but my roommates are great! Also, the internet was super easy to set up, so that took a lot of stress off my shoulders.

This is a perfect place to live! All the staff are super friendly and helpful! If you need any maintenance help, they’re quick and make sure everything is done perfectly!

Have moved in yet, but love being informed with all the information. Makes it helpful to stay on top of what I need to get done with payments and everything. Plus when certain appointments are happening that I need to be aware of.

Loved living here. Going on my third year and would recommend to anyone. The staff here goes above and beyond to ensure that you have an amazing time and experience here

I love living at the verge. The staff is amazing, maintenance takes a little longer than hoped for but other than that, the verge is pretty amazing

I love this website, it is super cool, how we can get rewards for little things. I also like it kind of makes it like a game to get more and more points

I'm really excited to reside at the verge this year. This apartment complex has exceeded all my expectations and it feels like home. I can't wait to meet my roommates

I have been living in the verge ellensburg for almost a year now and i find living in the verge very comfortably because of its location and good ammenities.

I really enjoy the Verge-Ellensburg. Great community with everything I need as a college student! I love the atmosphere and I would love to live here all 4 years

I don't move in for about 2 and a half weeks but it's been a great experience so far (: everyone at the verge has been super helpful in getting me ready for move in!

I really enjoy that there is always a happy voice at the othr end of the phone. BUT sometimes I don't get answers, even when I leave a message.

I'm excited to move in but I wish there was a way we could connect with our random roommates ahead of time to plan what to bring for the kitchen, etc.

Doing good. Like the benefits. Nice place. Wish did not get as many stupid phone calls and did not have a minimum on letters. Won't let me submit it..