the staff are very friendly and are always willing and able to answer questions. The staffs kindness made choose to live at the Verge very easy.

I have always appreciated the things that the Verge does for the community. They always throw parties and give out free tacos, free hot dogs and welcome in anybody that’s need a great place to live. I have really enjoyed my two years at the Verge Ellensburg

Because of how thin the walls are between units and how central the pool is between most of the unit buildings, the noise level is pretty bad (especially in the spring and summer months). But otherwise, the actual units are a pretty good deal for the price. And in-unit washer and dryers are a huge selling point.

The staff has helped me with everything I've needed and I've never come across an issue with the Verge as a resident. This is the best placed I've lived so far here in Ellensburg.

The amenities are great, people are great. Little loud. The apartment is a good size, I love the size of the bathroom. The kitchen could be a little bigger for 3 people

I have really enjoyed The Verge in the two months I’ve been here. Love the community here everyone is so friendly and open and it’s also a huge bonus that my dog gets to enjoy this too.

Living here has been very convienent. It is close to class and to my work. There are also very clean and updated facilities such as the gym and pool that I have taken full advantage of. Maintenance is very prompt on fixing things in our apartment.

The community is improving. I haven't dealt with management this year yet. Maintainence is quick this year, Omar is very nice and helpful. I'm content.

Though I do not live at the verge yet, there is a parking issue. There are way too many handicap spaces that no one ever parks in because there are maybe 3 people that have the qualified permits to do so, and even some of theirs are expired. They just use them to get a closer spot when the parking lots are full around their building.

Pretty great place to live. It’s definitely student housing and can get a little loud on Friday and Saturday nights. Fitness center, pool and grills are convenient and nice to have available. Biggest downside is cost.

I’ve lived here for two years and always had a good experience. Until this year where I was running into obstacles left and right and no one would help.

So far I've really enjoyed my stay at the Verge! I love the community activities and wish I had more time to partake in them! I do wish that the pool were open later though.

Love it here! Honestly would recommend this place to anyone with all the perks that come with the place it makes it worth it and paying rent and everything else makes it so much easy and less of a struggle

This year, the noise isn't as bad! I love how cheap my tech is and everything it includes! My cat loves it here and I like having a big bathroom for her litter box!

So far so good. Furniture is nice but bed needed a foam topper. Management is ok. Some people are loud at night. The fact that everything is included is handy and convenient.

Great place to live in. Friendly staff and team. You can have a lot of fun living at the verge, going to gym or swimming at the pool. I recommend this nice apartments for everyone.

I enjoy the speedy answer to all questions and the great customer service. It is a great environment and encourages me to be a better resident.

A big part of why I love living at the verge so much is because of the amazing staff who know everyone by their first names. It's amazing how well they treat not only each other, but all residents

This is my first year at the verge and I really enjoy all the amenities that it offers. Maintenance is also always on top of it by always being available to fix any problems i run into.

It's been pretty great living here. The office can definitely work on getting their stuff together... I had many issues with the office not taking my federal aid check clearance into consideration. They're constantly giving me late fees.

Cons; Neighbors relatively loud, had to park somewhat far from the building if it was a prime time of the day. Pros; Timely maintenance, friendly staff, landscape upkeep.

I love my apartment! I am going to miss it when I graduate! My roommates are great and I love having my own bathroom and a giant walk in closet! It's great!

I have really enjoyed living here! I have lived here for two years, and think that the price is fair, and the ample space is well worth the thin walls! Some nights, the partying goes on wayyy too long, but it is nice to have a gym here

The community is chill I cant wait to explore more. The amenities are great for the price that it is listed at. I hope that the people I am roomed with are just as good.

Everyone is super nice and the accommodations made for new residents is great. The people in the lease office have been more than helpful. The neighbors are cool.