I've loved living here this year. Having only one bill to take care of is nice being that I use to live in a house with MANY different bills! Also, having my own bathroom is a plus as well, no more having to share with 2 other people! It's been a great experience.

Peaceful place to live. The people working there are great to talk to. If there is any issues with appliances, they fix it right away which is a huge plus. 💁🏻

Sometimes it takes a while for maintenance to come, but other than that my experience as a whole has been good! It can get a little noisy but that’s nothing the staff can control.

Living at The Verge has been such an amazing experience. The workers at the club house are kind and respectful, always very friendly and full of energy. The apartment itself is convenient for a college student as it provides everything a person may need.

The place is great overall. Just wish that maintenance was able to keep up a little bit better. Other than that I have no complaints at all!

Love living at the verege because its so convienient and close to the school, on the weekends it does get a little roudy but thats a given because its a college appartment complex. Overall prerty satisfied though.

So relaxing and feels like I’m at home. I have my own little space and can do homework in my room without anyone disturbing me. I’m away from school so I don’t need to see anyone unless I want to

The staff is very friendly and the clubhouse leasing office is so nicely decorated! They have a pool table and an air hockey table with much more. Not to mention free coffee all day!

I like living here at the Verge Ellensburg because its so close to Central Washington University. I’ve been living here for over a year now and I must say that this place is quiet and I would recommend this place

Lovin the community vibe, so many more ppl live here that I knew that I never knew actually lived here. It’s a dope place to live and I’m down to renew the lease

I've toured the Verge and I love it. Its a great balance between campus and independent living. The apartments are perfect size and its great they all have their own closets and bathrooms.

The staff is so helpful and my dad and I came in to look around and we got a tour from Cassidy who was very helpful as well. I was doing a lease tack over and they did their best to assist in finding someone who was wanting to sell their lease.

I love living here! They have a great spot for my dog and even though I didn’t know my roommates when I️ moved in we are good friends now. Thanks the verge

This year is even better than last year! I still love rewards and this year I met wonderful people! I wasn't able to go home for thanksgiving and one of the older residents in the apartment invited me over. I met her through the vip party the apartment held!

I’ve absolutely loved living here! Loving the 24 hour gym, and my dog loves going to the dog park every day! I also love how close it is to everything! Best experience so far!

i love living at the verge. i have found that whenever i have a problem maintenance is always able to come right away to fix my problems. I also really enjoy the free tanning and access to a gym all the time.

I love the Verge! Since moving in, the staff is very friendly and eager to help. Every reported repair request has been completed in a very fast time period. Can't say enough about these guys! I'm glad I moved to the Verge. This is home for me forever. Check out their activities and they are fun!

Very helpful during the whole move in process and with any help I needed. Got paired up with nice rooomafes and met really awesome neighbors.

So far so good. I haven’t had any major problems with anything. The furniture is decent, the added cable is awesome and the free internet is even better.

I have loved living at the verge! the apartment was very clean and well maintained when I moved in! I have enjoyed my stay at the verge, and would definitely refer it to my friends. The community has been great, and all of the benefits have been really nice! Parking can be a bit of a hassle, but it's a problem I am willing to live with since everything else has been so perfect!

I like living here, it is fairly close to campus and walking takes 10-15 min tops. Always plenty of parking around here. Everyone seems friendly.

Staff is amazing yet wells are extremely thin, The beds are also not the greatest it would be way cooler if we could bring our own beds at least.

It has been good so far, I really like my roommates and that I can live with my little dog. The only thing that bothers me is that there's some people who have big dogs and don't clean their poop.

It has been a great experience so far!!! I'm glad I chose the verge over the other housing options it is by far the best!!! I hope everyone has the same experience

Love it here! Every time I have gone to the office with questions or to pick up a package everyone has been extremely helpful and very nice!