Beautiful place and nice ammenities in a great community! Close enough to Central Washington University too. The staff is also nice and understanding!

Very good! So far everything has currently been perfect and i don't have any complaints. The staff is nice and everyone else who lives there is also very nice!

I love it here! Just enough of my own space but also enough that I need to share. The staff is super nice and helpful as well! I love that my dog can live with me and we are both comfortable!

The managers here at the Grove have been very nice and friendly, they accommodated us when something went wrong and have been very nice. It's always fun to go to the club house and see them there!

Great place to live lots of fun and nice people and always a fun activity in the club house. Also, love having my own bathroom is a really great pirk for how cheap the cost of rent is!

Living at the grove is dope! Especially the free tanning and free color printing! The apartments are big and having your own bathroom is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I have lived here at the Grove for two years now and it's pretty nice. I like the amenities that are included and appreciate the maintenance staff immensely!

Great! Love all the amenities and everything I get for the price. I love that the Grove takes animals too! The staff is nice and helpful. I also love the rooms and personal space that is provided.

The Grove has been a pretty great place to live over the last six months. I was definitely concerned when I moved in, considering the reputation for being party-central, but I was luckily placed with good room mates who are very agreeable.

Great apartment complex. Pool is awesome. Workout room is awesome with freeweights, treadmills, bike, tanning beds and medicine balls. Plus free coffee!

great, good services and lots of things to do. I like the room and the amount of space. its fun and a good firsr experience. can't wait for the rest.

From what I have experienced, The Grove is a great place to live. Only thing is its a little far from campus. All the bad things I heard as a freshmen have been proven very very wrong!!

I love living at the grove! It's great! I love that they plan events and things to do within the community! That's one of the reasons why I chose to live at the Grove!

Everything is going pretty smothly around this place. Many people are nice and i love that I can have my best friend with me here. My pets! The pets are a great plus!!!

I am loving the new staff and renovations! I've been here for 3 years now and I can say that this last year has definitely been the best. The new management is great and I love all the new interactive things that's been going on. Can't wait to see what more awesome things are in store!

Pretty good. The sprinklers and lawnmowers in the morning wake me up sometimes and the walls are really thin so I can hear everything. But I like having cable in my house and my own bathroom

Doing good very good. Would reccommend to other people and also the new management is awesome. Pool is actually now useable and thats good because its so hot nowadays.

My experience at the verge has been really fun and affordable! I liked coming in with the idea of it being furnished and I was surprised how big the rooms were. I didn't know my roommate when I moved in but so far it's been a good match.

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I can't wait to live here, all I've heard are great things. It is a great value for what we're paying for. It's going to be a great experience.

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They are doing an incredible job helping me with getting settled in for Fall 2016. I'm very excited to be moving in. I can't wait to see the grove grow and become The Verge.

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I love everything about The Verge! The location is great, perfect for any CWU student. The staff is so friendly and helpful with anything I need. All of the amenities included with The Verge are really amazing and were a great selling point.

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So far so good in my opinion. Happy with everything. The experience has been different than stuff I have done previously, but it is a welcoming change.

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This place is changed tremendously over the last year I've been here in a good way the new manager seems to really care about people. There's now a dog park, they actually clean the pool now. It's getting better and better every day.

So far the verge management had been great to get me signed up for a lease. Hopefully the service and management stays the same throughout my year at the grove.

Haven't lived here yet. Can't wait to see what this place holds. Can't wait to get in hot tub. I hate to ramble on but have no choice in order to get reward. Nice