The apartment was filthy when we moved in, we spent over 2 hours cleaning and the kitchen drawers still had stuff in them from residents before. It is loud all the time.

I love my apartment. I love the location, I love my room, and I am getting along with my roommates. The maintenance side of this has been the only issue. A lot of things needed/still need to be fixed and it's been taking a while to have someone come and look at it. My roommates and I also had to deep clean a lot of things that I feel like should've already been clean. Overall, I'm pleased with the Verge and it's a good bang for your buck. Just a few minor setbacks that could be improved.

It is not quite what I expected. It isn't bad, but it obviously is still a party apartment complex. There is constantly noise from cars playing music too loud. But, it is still one of the best apartments in Eburg.

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The apartment is run down the furniture is broken and beat up as well as the appliances. The stairs need to be pressure washed, but i enjoy using the gym.

Haven't been here very long so it's hard to really know what it's going to be like but so far things are going pretty well. It's close to campus.

Good roommates, good maintenance. Great upkeep of the lawn and amenities. Front desk is super helpful with any concerns. Some trouble with the mailbox.

You guys are doing great. I just wish you guys had longer business hours. Especially for some of us that work or have late classes. Perhaps also allowing us to allow another friend or resident pick up a package?

I enjoy the area that the apartment is around and the like that the staff are helpful in fixing issues in the apartment. However, during the weekends and at night I can feel and hear music coming from the apartment below. This occasionally occurs during quiet hours.

Haven't moved in yet but I'm so excited to have my first apartment in the Fall at the Verge! I like the atmosphere and that it had a pool! It will be nice in summer

I would rate the verge ellensburg a 3 out of 5. They aren't fast with matinence. All of the amenities are nice though. I really like the gym.

I throughly enjoy the amenities provided for us. The pool is a very nice addition and I enjoy it so much during the summer/spring time. The tanning bed is so nice after a good gym workout.

Pretty good place to live. Random fees sometimes but they will fix it if you call. Getting things fixed takes forever. Also the walls are very thin so your neighbors can make or break your experience here.

The verge is a very nice apartment complex and I am enjoying my stay here for the most part. I do have one complaint though. My neighbors are extremely loud.

Very friendly staff who were welcoming when my friends and I came to tour the apartments. They are helpful whenever you call or email them about an issue.

Room was in decent condition upon move in, and I was placed with room mates I can get along with. Amenities are great, though the gym is unfortunately very small. If the gym sees little use (and I mean only one or two people at the same time as me at the most), then it's a perfect place to exercise alone. However, I'm worried that in the near future I'll need to look elsewhere for my weight lifting needs. Only time will tell.

I like the amenities! The clubhouse is great, particularly the tanning and social areas. The grounds are well kept and the pool is available during the summer. Less fond of the cows next door.

Make sure roommates have more in common, like age. My roommate and I have a 15 year difference, it is very awkward and uncomfortable. She is closer to my parents age then mine.

The walls are far too thin. Some of the staff are great, but a few of them have no idea what they're doing. I love having my own bathroom and large closet though.

My overall experience at the verge has been pretty decent. I didn't make a good decision in terms of roommates, so that' has been a hindrance. My main concern is just how thin the walls are. There is almost no difference in sound and volume whether I have my door open or closed.

Fees. Asides from all the pointless fees it's a good place to live. Maintenance has been a lot faster recently and you guys tend to have your things together more than last year

Helped me work through a lot of problems which was nice but the problems could have been avoided. Need to work on getting maintenance requests done faster. Thanks for making living here fun!!

The Verge is a nice starter place to live as it comes with furniture. However, the community is loud and known for partying. In addition, because of this partying the ground are often messy, filled with trash, and it never seems to get cleaned up. Overall, it is a reasonable and nice place to live, just be prepared for parties.

the apartment was so dirty when we moved in and there were other people's things left behind in the drawers. On top of that majority of our things were broken.

Love living here. It's close to campus and the staff is friendly. I like that it's pet friendly, and also has great amenities. I just wish there was more parking spaces.

They are really nice, the staff try their best to help accommodate you and get you what you need. However, they could also be a little slow on getting things waved for you.