I like living at the Verge because I love all the amenities. Having a gym within the apartment is great and the pool is awesome too, especially in the summer!

When going to the Verge my first time to view an apartment, I was greeted promptly and given a great tour. I liked it so much I decided to fill out an application right there. I'm glad that I didn't fill it out at home because I had questions when filling it out. It was so nice to have someone help me fill out an application!

I was worried about finding an apartment since I waited until the last minute, but the staff were so nice that I signed as soon as I got home. My friend came along to look at the model and ended up signing for one as well!

The living is very affordable for a college budget although the apartment itself is very noisy. I enjoy having my own bathroom and walk in closet and not having to pay extra for internet. The good outweighs the bad for sure!

I haven't started living there yet, but I have visited a few friends that already have an apartment there, and I loved it! I loved the set up, the features, just everything about it made me excited to move in!

Everything have been great working with the verge at grand forks North Dakota and they made it easy to have a smooth transition into apartment living.

Although I have not yet moved in, I have visited the facilities before and I have noticed that they are very accommodating and the rooms look very nice

So for everythings gone smoothly, the place itsself is super cool, rooms are spacious, i love the bathroom and walkin closet that every room has!

I don't actually live here yet but i have friends do and visit all the time and so far all my experiences have been super positive. I love the rooms with their individual bathrooms and large closets. A bit expensive but it's nice.

love the pool and all the amenities you have given us! Also love the fact that my furry friend feels right at home as well. keep up all the good work!

You are doing okay so far. Love the pool and how aocual the whole community is. I am looking forward to living here for hopefully longer then just a year.

The verge is a great place for people looking for a budget to love with a full furnished area and tons of benefits included. The group of people best targeted are college kids. This is a great starter apartment with making things easy to find and having a bunch of help from the staff makes the whole experience so easy and fun.

Great place for college students to live and very affordable. Once I moved to grand forks I did not know where I was going to move. Tons of people and ads have told me about the verge and it looked very promising from the beginning. Now me and my friend are roommates next year thanks to the verge and will be a great year not having to live in the dorms again.

great price for all that it has to offer! also love that pets are allowed and there are so many facilities offered like gym, volleyball and lobby

It's ok place to live. Pretty expensive with it being about 500 a month. If you don't know anyone though they give you roommates which is nice.. amenities would be nice if you use the bus

This is my very first apartment ever and I love it! The staff are very welcoming and helpful. There are so many different amenities that everyone can find fun and useful. I would definitely recommend The Verge to all my friends!

It is very nice living at the verge. I love the amenities and staff here. Everyone is very nice and helpful. I renewed my lease because it's been so great.

Great place to live!!!! Would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of living near the university of North Dakota campus or even simply in the grand forks area.

I love living here. Its a great place to live and stay. I was able to meet a lot of new friends and the staff here are great. Love the verge!

It has been a great place to live so far. The amenities are good and maintenance is quick when needed. The staff is friendly and helpful all the time.

Great incentive! This app is a wonderful to reward those who are renting and allowing a selection for the gift cards is even better! Who doesn't love free

Over all the verge is great! Everyone is very friendly. Don't get out much? Just join a volleyball game or start a fire at the pit. You will meet new people and they will be happy to hang out.

The Verge creates a closely-knit, community styled atmosphere for its residents through activities and gatherings along with some great amenities that allow for endless entertainment

Doing great! Its furnished I don't have to buy any big stuff. The environment is good. Epically the are spaces between each building. This will make the environment quite.

I enjoy my time at the verge. If I ever need something they are there to help. The Verge has very helpful and friendly staff. Would recommend to friends