Living at the Verge has its ups and downs. But everything has been pretty good overall! The maintenance staff is awesome and helps you with any problem. The one main downside is that some residents don’t know how to use the trash compactor, so trash piles up outside of it.

I have lived here for three years and have nothing but good things to say about this place! All the amenities you could need for a reasonable price. Staff at the Verge always strive to provide a great experience for everyone!

The verge is awesome got the gate fixed. Everyone is very nice! They are constantly making improvements to the place to make it look nice for the resisdence.

My roommates and neighbors are great. The maintenance and staff is extremely slow. The staff and maintenance though is extremely nice along with the neighbors and roommates.

It’s awesome the staff here is great and the location is really nice as well the apartment is nice and furnished that was a big plus can’t wait for the pool to open!

I enjoy all the amenities that are included at The Verge. The apartments have great open space. Having your own personal bathroom is a huge plus!

The process of getting my friend a lease agreement was super easy and the front office did a great job making sure everything was ready. Really looking forward to the next year.

I was very pleased with the staff in helping me figure out my lease. I especially love the apartment complex and the idea of having my own little space while still living with others.

I just moved in a couple days ago and i love it! The staff is great. The place is so clean and comfortable. I love how it is also gated. The price is a bonus.

Maintenance is nice and work orders are taken care of quickly, office staff is super nice! The only problem with this place is other residents who don't clean up after their dogs and don't sleep at reasonable hours

I have lived here for two years now and I am sad to be moving out, but it's been an overall great experience. The staff is awesome and the units are great.

I really enjoyed the verge from the apartments to the way you pay rent which is fast and easy to pay through the the verge website and also the price range of rent.

Love the area! The amenities are awesome. I get a pool, game room, and a 24 hour gym. Even though it is a little far from campus it is only a 7 minute drive to my classes. I love the apartment. I was matched with two great roommates and my room is huge!

So far, my experience with The Verge has been wonderful. They've been accommodating and helpful. Breanna, especially, has been extremely helpful as she's gone out of her way to assist me with all my requests.

This place is amazing. They have everything you could possibly want or need... and for cheap too. Plus they cater to any young persons lifestyle. I can't wait to move in!

The people are so friendly and I feel very safe. The place is clean and it’s ckmfortable. It’s definetly a place I can call home. The people really are amazing

I think living at the Verge is amazing! I have already signed my lease for the following year! I especially love that they do events because it is a great way to get out and meet new people!

This has been one of my favorite places to live. You get the college lifestyle while still being independent. It’s a good location and it’s all in all a beautiful place to live.

Everyone’s been so nice and the beginning tour was amazing. We were sold right away and I can’t wait to move in. Having all the furniture and utilities supplied is such a stress off my shoulders.

Really great place to live. They are very understanding and accommodating. They have great amenities that make it a great place to live for a relatively cheap price.

Great overall! Definitely some of the best student housing off-camous in Greeley. As it is a complex that primarily houses students, it can be pretty noisy. People can have pets and a lot of people don't pick up after them. Those are my only complaints. I've been very happy here.

I love living here! I love the privacy in the apartment. I also love the community get-togethers that we have. Those help me connect with other people.

Very welcoming and warm. The guest services were extremely helpful. So excited to move in and get to become part of the community. The Verge is by far the best apartments in Greeley

I love Bre. She’s a great person and super kind! The room is great, and even though my roommates and I were strangers, they are actually really awesome.

I’ve really liked it here. It’s not to far from campus, I can take the bus and not have to drive, they provide awesome benefits and great service.