Upon move in, the apartment had lots of cob webs and maintenance issues (missing door knob, broken microwave door, missing outlet covers, etc). After a few weeks of living here, the were so many bugs (mosquitoes, spiders, nats). For the most part, the maintenance issues have been fixed and the bug population has been reduced. The community is great, lots of social activities and events. I especially love seeing all the dogs on the grounds, it always lifts my mood. The covered parking is great, I just wish there was more parking in front of building 9. Otherwise I have enjoyed being a resident.

Decent set up and good price compared to a lot of nearby places. You're only responsible for your room in the lease so if your roommate dips out suddenly you aren't contractually obliged to cover their rent.

The apartments are great and cozy! The amenities are super convenient and nice to have! Living here was a great choice for my friends and I.

The verge Greeley has been a life saver when looking for an apartment having a place that is relatively cheap compared to other places, that also comes with all amenities which is fantastic and the staff is absolutely wonderful

I really enjoy my experience here so far. The only complaint I have is maintains is very slow and communication from the front to the maintains is horrible

The Verge is a very clean and nice community. The residents are respectful and quiet. The apartment is very spacious. I love that the apartments are furnished!

This will be my 3rd lease with this apartment complex and I have enjoyed my time I've spent here so far. The office staff as well as the maintenance staff are well trained and are always helpful. There's a pool to lounge at, personal bathrooms, walk in closets and my personal favorite, little doggos everywhere since it's a pet friendly complex. :) I'm excited to see what memories I'll create in the next year here!

The amenities are nice, however, I don't know anyone in the community and maintenance has not come to fix our stuff and it has been over 3 weeks!! The staff is really nice however.

I love living at the verge! The apartments are all very updated, the rooms and bathrooms are all good size! Being a college student I love how I am placed with other people who are also in college and the best part is the pool!!!

I love my experience here at the verge so far!! The rooms and accommodations are so nice and it's even better that I get my own bathroom and walk in closet for a great price

You guys rock. I'm very happy with my room and all the extra stuff you do. I love the courts and pool. I also enjoy my roommates and the energy throughout the verge

It was a great starter apartment and it was nice they got the people lI bing there involved in activities in the club house. Also the maintenance is great

Absolutely love it here so far. Friendly staff and great amenities! Definitely made my transition from home to here very easy, I've lived in Philadelphia for several years and the apartment I had there was nowhere as good as here

Move in was so smooth and easy!! I love my room!!! :) Everyone at the front desk is so friendly and helpful. Can't wait to spend a year here!

The entire apartment is accommodating to my needs and has a wonderful space. Initially I felt that I was confused on whether or not I needed a router for my apartment, but apart from that, everything seems to be top notch.

You're doing good! Things are hectic with love in but everything seems to have gone smoothly. My roommate and I did not receive a call telling us that someone would be moving in, which was a little inconvenient. Other than that good job.

Everyone is super helpful and we are very excited to be moved in and with the Verge Greeley. Although because of my work schedule I have not been able to go to any of the activities you have provided I think it is a great way to get all the community involved and excited for a new year.

I love how big the apartment is. When I first arrived, a door knob was barely on and my roommate didn't have a smoke detector. Fixed in 2 days

I love it here! The staff is very friendly and helpful, and maintenance gets everything done well! I'm so glad I renewed my lease and I'm excited to see what this year brings!

This place is cool! The rooms are nice. There are a couple of things. The furniture is a little out dated. But other than that this place is nice.

It's really not a bad place to live. They nickel and dime you a bit, but what apartment complex doesn't? The staff is all very nice and it's a good location. I love that they allow pets! Great amenities.

I love the way this rewards app creates more involvement. The events in the clubhouse are great too! They create a lot of interaction which I think is pretty great.

Great community with a lot of fun events, and friendly staff! I have really enjoyed living at the verge in Greeley! They have many great amenities as well.

I'm excited to join this community! The staff has been super helpful. They are always willing and available to assist new residents! It's awesome!

Great apartment and location for the price. Nice staff and great maintenance crew. If you can tolerate some noise and get along with room mates this is the perfect place for any college student.