Great community, very safe. The unit is very up to date and clean. I love how you do not have specific parking spaces. I enjoy having the opportunity to use the gym and tanning.

Living at the Verge has been a good experience for the most part. The worst experience here is when dealing with maintenance. They treat people poorly, with no respect, and act like the residents are an inconvenience.

Love it Love this lovely apartment.It is really nice place just go and rent there then relax and enjoy thanks the verge for being good place to live

I don't live here yet, but it's already better than The Arch. I love the big kitchen/dining area and the fact that there's more than one trash bin.

i have enjoyed living at the verge !! the rooms are spacious & has been an amazing home away from home!! It is a safe neighborhood & close to campus!! would definitely recommend!!

Horrible place to live. House was freezing in winter and hot warm weather months. We would turn the air and heating system on but that cost us over $400 in electric bills. Maintenance took over two months to come. They wrote on the website that they came in May after request was made in March. My roommates were home and said no one came. Highly disappointed in the verge.

This community is nice and quiet and a perfect way to start out on your own. I never been away from home and this place made me feel right at home.

So far, have not officially moved in yet, but everyone I have dealt with has been so helpful and the community looks very nice. So excited to move in!

The staff here are very unprofessional and very rude! The twins that work front desk are rude and I believe because the management team are no longer working at the verge and is run by whom ever in corporate they think they could speak to the residents anyhow. I believe the girl I spoke to was Elisa or Alisa but I know its one of the twins. After she hung up on me and i called back her sister then picked up with no greetings like “ hi, thank you for calling the verge,” so i knew her twin sister who also worked there told her to pick up. When you work hard for your money and having to pay rent with it, you want to be treated with respect and that your complaints matter especially when the apartments here has mice running around the apartments. One of their excuse is it’s because of the winter and the other is idk. They are very rude. Last year their staff were much more friendly and understanding. I would never recommend the verge to any of my classmates or a friend. I don’t know if leaving a comment here matters but this is unacceptable. Im sure if the tables were turn they would be very upset too and would want me to accommodate them or understand. Like who wants to live with rodents in their home. Yuck

overall my experience has been very good. i hope that i get to stay here for my entire college career. i love that it is pet friendly and has dog stations.

I really enjoy the community. i enjoy the community as well. it is a really enjoyable community. i like it here because the community is really nice and i really enjoy it

I love living here! The verge rocks! The office is a great quiet space to study and it really helps me excel in school. Id totally recommend this space.

Amazing place to stay without any restrictions in a safe society. The events are good and keep the residents interested and active. The maintenance request is fulfilled mostly on time

Maintenance requests rarely get answered, and they are only answered when given a hard time constantly. I understand they are trying to do their jobs and there are other residents. But it’s shouldn’t take the entire school year to finally hear a fix to a problem but now we are waiting again for someone to come out and fix the problem. I don’t understand why I’m not being reimbursed for this poor living. I won’t be recommending the verge to anyone. They need to tear the entire complex down and remodel it.

very peaceful community, bus access, maintenance is slow with helping but the office staff is very helpful. heating isnt as powerful as i would like it to be and the electric bill is very expensive !

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it’s great here, my friend referred me as she has been living here for about a year. she only sometimes complains of spiders but other then that she likes it

I like the apartment, but the maintenance requests take forever. People drive way too fast in the community. Also it doesn't seem like we have that security team anymore which I find concerning

Great community and a quiet neighborhood. People at the office are very helpful. Maintenance can be a tad slow but eventually the problem that we sent in was resolved. Plan on living here next year.

The community is very nice and quiet. People are minding their own business. The cleaning after the snow is good and quick. Security need improvement

It’s been a beautiful experience. The staff is very helpful, supportive and understanding. The houses are pretty big and very beautiful. And the community is also secure and clean always

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Moving in was super easy and everybody at the front desk was very helpful in person and everytime u called to ask questions about the housing unit or future lease.

Great value for the price since it includes internet. Management is always trying to get the community involved, and the bus stop is a huge plus! It would be nice to repair the roads a little though, but not a huge deal in comparison.