The community is very nice and quiet. People are minding their own business. The cleaning after the snow is good and quick. Security need improvement

It’s been a beautiful experience. The staff is very helpful, supportive and understanding. The houses are pretty big and very beautiful. And the community is also secure and clean always

Wow is all that I can say but I have to enter a minimum of 140 characters for this to be considered valid. So that is what I shall do mhmm mhmm mhmm.

Moving in was super easy and everybody at the front desk was very helpful in person and everytime u called to ask questions about the housing unit or future lease.

Great value for the price since it includes internet. Management is always trying to get the community involved, and the bus stop is a huge plus! It would be nice to repair the roads a little though, but not a huge deal in comparison.


It's in a nice area that is close to campus and it is a much better value than the Arch. However, the Arch is still newer which makes it look nicer than the Verge.

I enjoyed my experience here. A couple issues were with maintence and having people actually show up when you called multiple times. But besides that a very nice community.

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Since I have changed my residence from my old place at the Verge it has been a much better experience. There are still things that can be fixed at my current residence.

The verge is a nice area to live off campus. Only downfall its not really good to walk to campus so if you have a car its definitely a good place for you!! Maintenance is so kind and is willing to do whatever they can to help fix issues in your home.

It is a very convenient place, i’ve leaved in many places but the Verge is the best of them. The office are vary helpful. Maintenance some times very late but when they come they make it done

The Verge has the best houses with secured surrounding with good security. The front desk is helpful but little negligent at times. Apart from that everything is good.

Electric bill can be unreliable- but the apartment is clean and you cannot hear the neighbors so it is plenty quiet. Parking directly in front of your property is a great perk

Maintenance request takes a while to complete. Should work on competing order in a timely manner. Staff is nice. Parking free. Guess pass free. Private room and bathroom.

The apartment had alot of damages and the dryer doesn’t work and neither did the garbage disposal and the sunks didnt drain, and the blinds all broke and fell and the coach was gross and messed up. Maintenance fixed the garbage disposal and thats all and the dryer can cause a lint fire. Other then that the rent is fair but wish utilities were included. I cleaned/fixed up the apartment and put more work into it then anything. Other then that its nice and roomy

Spacious and comfortably furnished houses are the one important factor. Proximity to margins supermarket and bus connectivity to doorstep made it that much more appealing

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Everything has been a great experience besides a few maintenance issues. I definitely would recommend other students to live in the verge because the community is so calming all together.

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i really enjoy living a the verge !!! it’s a great community && the houses are very spacious !!! we haven’t had many issues with anything!!!

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Gd place to be safe and security, best transport bus and roads, individual rooms are Gd with in one house . The best place to be peaceful living

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The place had been cozy and swell. It didn't take to long to get everything sorted out and ready for move in. The place feels like a home of it's own.

It's been a really good experience living here! The only thing I wish was different would be that non-smokers don't have to live next to (ie sharing a deck and front porch with) smokers. It's the only thing I can really think of that's a negative!

I love the Verge. For the past 2 years now, it has been nothing but a blessing to live in this house. I have had some great roommates that have lived with me as well.

The community is nice at The Verge. There are always different specials or rewards happening. The staff at the office is always responsive and cares about our concerns.

I enjoy all of the amentities that are offered. The larger 2x2 aparrments have a great kitchen space and good sized bedrooms. The AC unit runs well and so is the water pressure.