Great community. Love the resources available. Having a fully furnished place makes things a lot easier to do. And having a pool is always a plus

The apartments are nice and well furnished. Very spacious for a 3x3. The apartment complex is very fun and has lots of activities for the residents to do and hangout with one another

Very nice and friendly , answer your question whenever you ask, they take awhile for a work order but other then that they are very friendly

There are a few cleanliness issues on the property but the staff is really friendly, being a majority college students living here there can be often parties in the building that can keep you up.

The verge has made better approvements on keeping the grounds tidier and well kept. The amenities and events that are available to the residents are an added plus when living here.

Y'all are doing great. I think that the verge is a great place. It's clean for the most part and people are friendly. I like having a pool and gym. I wish there was a hot tub though

Great community and environment! People are super friendly and inviting! Has everything you could want! Super clean and comfortable feel to it!

Good service. Great people. Could pick up a little more around the apartment and fix a little more work orders other than that it's a great place to live.

The place is great, just wish they would match roommates better. Also there is no longer trash bins outside to throw trash away. But the pool and dog park are great

The area is really clean. The staff has been ontop of repairs as well as coming up with great community ideas. The new rewards program is great.

Started off kind of crappy, but the new staff is good. There needs to be way better lighting at night. The pool doesn't even have lights at night, which is extremely annoying.

It's a great place to live, amaizing amenities and friendly staff. There's always activities do to planned by the staff. The lease is individual no need to worry about your roomates paying bills on time.

love the pricing and the spaces. Really looking forward to being a resident, and how everything is going to fir together. Also really excited for the resident get togethers and things like that

Trash getting picked up is getting a lot better. As for the dog poop I feel that the fines should be enforced and many people will start talking it seriously.

Awesome! Excited to live at the verge. Much better than living in the dorms at New Mexico State University. Looking forward to living in my own.

The verge is a fantastic student friendly environment that offers some of the best services and living conditions in the las cruces area! Fantastic!

The verge is great for college students to live. Its not too far from campus, it is actually walking distance. The perks of living here is great also.

Great place to live for college students! Taco Tuesday and Thirsty Thursdays are the best here at the Verge Apartments located in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Apartment community is well put together, we have a pool, dog area/park, basketball court, gym access in the office, and many special events throughout the months.

Really well a lot better then from the first couple of months. I really enjoy living here and I really like all the events you guys host. It makes it feel like a community.

The apartments are nice and the community has a lot to do. The weight room is well equipped and the swimming pool is frequently clean. I also like all of the planned activities.

I really love the verge. Great community and so many amenities that I'm really excited for. Just the perfect distance from campus too, it is great!

Seems like a good website so far. it`s only my second time on this website soo i can`t really say for sure, but I do really enjoy that facct i can get free gift cards.

The staff is very friendly and there are a lot of perks to living here. The dog park is nice but if it was a little bigger, that would be better.

I really like the verge, the staff and other residents are very nice! I can't thank them enough for all the help and hospitality they've given my roommates and I!