The apartments are very nice. The people are extremely friendly and helpful. I enjoy everyone in the community. Great place to live and lots to do.

I love the vibe here all the cool events love that I have my own bathroom and really enjoy my roommates a great place to live love the bonfire and grills the pool the gym

Great job keeping up with maintenance. The staff is friendly and always ready to answer questions or concerns you may have. Will definitely recommend

I think the verge has a lot of advantage because it is so close to campus and one of the most optimal places. It is completely furnished and just what a student is looking for. If you all can make the rent a little more affordable and also improve your maintenance on site, it will make a huge difference.

Good staff, crappy neighbors who leave trash everywhere. The convenience fee for paying on the app is really annoying and I think you guys would have better rates if that were gone

The Verge is a great place to live. It's super close to NMSU main campus, is pet friendly, comes fully furnished and is home to many great people. Plus, The Verge does so much extra for its residents! There's so much to do in the clubhouse, like watching TV, studying, drinking coffee, playing pool and so much more! I just really enjoy living here.

Pays attention and good at paying attention to individuals customers. Possibly be able to explain internet stuff more and that would be very helpful

Everything has been good so far have been living here for a year now and it's nice to have every amenity. My only complaint is that people are careless and throw trash where ever they want

Love this site it's a fun way to earn points to brag about where I live and be able to gain gift cards! I think this is a fun way to do all this

The verge staff has been very welcoming and ecstatic about my plans to live there. Everyone seems friendly and I love how close it is to campus.

Great place for college students. Many college students have the convinces of the campus close by and the space is great. People of all ages will like this place.

It's GREAT! The staff is friendly, the apartments are conviniently located from both NMSU and DACC as well as restaurants and shops. Best off all you have your own room and bathroom with a nice walk in closet.

Haven't moved in yet, but they waived the community fee so i like that. Also, when you go to check out the model apartment you can snag a candy bar and a soft drink.

Youre doing great! I really like the apartments my sister lived there while she was studing and she had a great experience👏🏼 and now its my turn in my opinion the apartments are great and that you have your own privacy and your own bathroom thats amazing specially for girls! Because we tend to fight for those things, besides that the amenities are really cool! What i liked the most was the gym and the pool

The apartment is good, the biggest issue is the amount of pet waste around this is a pretty big turn off to stay here.The other issue is the carpet should be cleaned every year because it looks like in some spots has been dirty for years.

Love the apartment, love the community here. The swimming pool is always nice and open to take a dip in on a hot day and the gym is nice and usually not full

Good, although I have to fill out more work orders than id like. Staff is friendly and the apartment is pretty big. I really like how close we are to NMSU as it only takes 5 minutes to get from here to my classes.

The Verge is a great place to live if you're a college student! They have free dinners, give-a-ways, and activities frequently. It is also very convenient that you live close by to campus.

The verge has been an awesome experience for me. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help! They always throw events for the residents which keeps us all in tune and it is wonderful!

I like the complex just the dog poop is my issue. The noise is tolerable and my roommates are always willing to listen to the feed back we have.

I love this place! It's going to be hard to find another place like this when I graduate! The staff is so great and very easy to talk to, especially about any problems that I have.

The people around the apartment are cool. Everyone seems to be at least okay, with few exceptions. Staff is polite. Apartment is not really what I'm looking for and is expensive af

Great living environment for college students! It's like living in a dorm but without having to share everything. Always has friendly and helpful staff

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Great living space! Enjoy the space and people around. Front office is always so nice and efficient with everything. Enjoyed living here and meeting new people.

People are nice, offers are great, sometimes maintenance requests take too long to be completed and you have to resubmit requests but other than that, its a good place