it was a very average apartment, terrible outdated windows, mold growing in air ducts, constantly got sick. didnt have hot water for days, unlivable conditions upon move in

The apartment we live in now is much better than the last one! Definitely recommend a 4 bed 4 bath. Very spacious and comfortable. And love that we’re closer to the amenities

The verge has great amenities. I used The gym and pool a ton. Likewise, the maintenance staff were always friendly. The room are a bit small for my liking

place is nice, when I moved in it was a little dirty. The front door had mold, and the couch was missing two cushions. You can tell my bathroom tub was not cleaned.

The staff is friendly and nice. Haven’t had a problem yet. Maintenance stuff gets done fairly quickly and they do their best to answer whatever questions you have.

I love living here. I am now starting my second year at the verge and love the friendly faces I see all the time. The amenities are wonderful and I couldn’t ask for more

Very clean and friendly community. I love you pet friendly the verge is! The office staff is very helpful and kind. They do a good job organizing and keeping the apartments in top shape.

Maintenance is great, most of them will help you with anything you need. But the office is picky about what work orders they want to do.....

Great community service from all the community assistants and front desk workers. Maintenance is always persistence when issues are at concern with the units. Clean and well-kept environment. Monthly/weekly activities always keep the guests involved and more welcomed at The Verge.

The Verge is not entirely perfect, as there are times one can here an emergency vehicle come by or the alarms go off for no apparent reason. However, it is a still good place to live, and is very convenient for those attending UCF.

So far my experience has great. Maintenance has been quick to respond to the issues I have had so far and when I was sick and unable to get tot the door, the staff who came to check on me were very understanding and supportive. It was late at night and I can’t thank them enough.

Perfect for students! It’s located right across from campus and is close to grocery stores and shops. It also has tons of amenities for residents right in the apartment complex like a gym, pool, and study areas!

Fleas are a major problem here. Staff is nice. Pool is great and always maintained. Man times there are miscommunications and you have to repeat your issues to multiple people. Becomes an inconvenience when they visit the wrong apartment multiple times.

Being a resident of The Verge has made my college experience comfortable and safe! Two things that sometimes is hard to find at once, so I love it. They are all super nice and care about our lifestyles. Have and will recommend to others.

The amenities are nice. The staff is helpful at times but some things are very inconvenient for residents. They make it seem required we talk and be friends with our roommates and have to go to them first. Really we should just be able to operate without them at the complex.

The leasing office has a lot of miscommunication at the cost of the residents wallets!! Other than that it’s one of the nicer apartment places on Alafaya and just renewed!!

okay! student housing has its ups and downs but if you can afford it here its a safe community with nice amenities. i dont think it justifies rent but its still nice.

Apartments are very run down with mold and bug problems. Things that are in urgent need of repairs are only given temporary fixes. Not worth what is being paid

Overall my experience living here has been pretty great! All the amenities are really nice and useful, and the apartments are fairly decent. The only downside is being so close to the main road and hearing the loud cars going down the street during the middle of the night.

It was decent. My neighbors below me were pretty annoying and would constantly smoke on their port he and would smell awful. Other than that, the community was pretty good.

I very much enjoyed my time living at the verge orlando. he community provided me with my three most important qualifications and that is safety, reliable amenities, and location.

Very nice place. Very close to UCF. Maintained moderately well. Security could be better at times, especially when it comes to bike theft and stuff.

Good this has been a struggle to have all of the problems fixed here but finally we have no other problems other than the cable being absolutely terrible

Potentially one of the worst apartments I have ever lived at. I Dealt with multiple roaches infestations and nothing was ever done about it.

Garbage do not live here. The management are complete liars who will lie to your face and smile while you sign the contract and take your money. Do not live here!