I love living here, it’s fun and affordable. There’s always events and fun things to do and new people to meet! I love the pool area and spend a lot of time in the gym. The fact that we have our own space to get school work done too is a huge plus.

The Verge is a great place to live. They have events each month that are fun to attend, they hand out scantrons during finals, they have a great staff, and many other great qualities. Love living here.

The Verge Orlando is amazing. The office makes every resident feel important and show them that they’re priority, are the residents. The Verge is the best.

Great place to live ! So glad that it actually feels like a community! I definitely have referred some friends since living here and have had no disappointments

Great ammenities, gym, study room, pool, staff. I wish maintance would actually fix stuff though instead of just doing small repairs to end up refixing it in a month.

I've lived here for over a year now and my experience has gotten better over time. I love using this computer lab and study area! Also, I love that there are so many events hosted here, but sadly I don't get to attend any.

The staff is phenomenal and I am very much enjoying the newly renovated amenities. Please continue doing routine events - it really shows how active the property in ensuring that the resident's are having a good time living here.

It's my second year living here at the Verge and I have no complaints. Staff and maintenance are super friendly and gets the job done. My favorite is the free shuttle to campus

The Verge is a great place to live with lots of amenities, friendly staff members and tons to do! There is direct access to the UCF shuttle and they are pet friendly.

Excellent place to live! They have so many helpful amenities for students such as available computers and printers to use, and a lounge area to sit quietly and work on assignments. They also have an beautiful gym and resort style pool! Just what I want!

I've enjoyed my time living here so far. Amenities are great with lots to do. The community feels very safe and peaceful. Definitely recommend living here!

After living on campus for a year, I feel so much more relaxed living at the Verge. The community is clean, the design of the community is pretty and it's lively.

The Verge has a very nice curb appeal and the apartments are roomy. The amenities are extremely nice and being that they are open 24/7 makes them even better.

The verge has been a great experience, quiet buildings, new appliances and a nice clean stylized look to the apartments that really make them look like more than your average dorm or appartment.

Its a great experience i love it here! Everything is so noce especially the pool area and the volleyball play area as well! Really love the events as well

This is my first year living at the verge and so far it has been great. I love how convenient it is having a gym and convenience stores very close by. The only complaint is that there have been many cases of roaches in our kitchen where i live

So far The Verge has been an amazing place to live. It has provided me with a very fun and safe environment to live through my college life.

Living in The Vege is a really good experience. It is really close to campus. It has a lot of activities during the week such as grocery bingo, waffle day, etc. The apartments are very comfortable and I feel safe there.

I like the space, it is very open and free. I love to workout and the gym is perfect, I go every day. The service is great and there are activities for the residents almost every week which is amazing. The rooms are very comfortable.

Great living space and healthy environment. Lively community activities and overall superb service. Move in day was a breeze and the move in helpers were very nice

This place is amazing. From the workers to the amenities to the rooms. Ten out of ten people would easily reccomend this plave to anyone. Hella great

I have loved my experience here at the verge so far. I moved in and August and have loved all of the amenities offered to me. The roommates and I have gone to the gym and the pool several times. I also love the location of our building in the parking lots. Overall I would say I have had a great experience here.

its a great living space. the people are very nice, the amenities are all kept up really nice. I love getting back from school and calling this place my new home away from home.

It is great! I have been enjoying staying at the verge exploring all of its amentities, calendar events, and their gym. I like my roommates, they are great!

Living at the verge has been an enlightenment. I always thought living off campus would be very stressful but staying here at the verge proved it all wrong.