I have lived here for 3 years and compared to the experiences of my other friends somewhere else, this complex is one if the better ones. With the new updates it elevated the experience.

Since I moved into the Verge over 2 years ago I have seen nothing but amazing things happening here they've installed new roofs air conditioners granite countertops LED lighting throughout the house new carpet new wood wooden flooring the place is just amazing. I would have to say this is the number one property in this area for student housing the office is very polite and professional the maintenance staff is second to none or workers get completed within 2 days and less parts or items have to be ordered it's just an amazing place to live.

The verge apartment is a really nice place to stay. I’m only staying in the summer. It’s a cute room. I’m staying in a 4x4 and the rooms are a good size

Place is beautiful, everybody who resides here are nice and generous, employees take their time to assist you in anything needed done, honestly a perfect place to live for a college student.

I’ve been living here for a few weeks now and I really love it! Staff is SO sweet and caring. They hold events to get everyone together and it’s such a great community.

Un hospedaje único te sientes en un resort, tranquilo y muy bueno para el estudiante universitario recomiendo este hospedaje uno muy bueno v

I have no complaints living here for the past year. The amenities are great and the employees and maintenance workers are very friendly and helpful.

So far I’ve liked it a ton. It’s a pretty environment and has interesting things for the residents to do. The staff are very inviting and friendly and only want to help you. It’s been a blast

love the verge! So much community involvement and the staff here are awesome. Could not have chosen a better location so close to ucf. I love it!

Everyone and everything is lovely. Everyone is always so helpful. Macitence is great as well. I've been living here since March of last year and i love it.

I liked saying at the Verge .. the staff was really nice and also had activities going on. The updates that was done to the apartment was really good

I love living at The Verge. The apartments are spacious and well furnished, the amenities are so amazing and have made this place quickly feel like home to me.

I love living at the verge and couldn't see myself living anywhere else! Happy I renewed! Besides the pest problem I have been having, it's been a great place to be a resident at! The RA's are great and the activities they plan are so fun!

Everything runs so smoothly at the verge! And they have the best amenities for their residents. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.

I love living at the Verge. The amenities are all upgraded and new, they are pet friendly and offer great community events. Overall an awesome place to live!

The Verge has been the perfect home for my time in College. It feels like a home away from home instead of just student housing. I always feel welcomed here.

Great Place to live! Although the internet may not work every so often, all the other amenities, like the gym or clubhouse, are always in great shape at the Verge!

I love my apartment community. I've never felt uncomfortable around any of my neighbors or the staff here. Everyone is very welcoming, especially the awesome maintenance.

Its a really nice place with friendly people and cool roomates. The gym and the club house is also really nice. Hey fix everything reslly fast to.

The verge is an amazing place to stay . The pool and gym are beautifully built . The staff actually cares and cery involved in our connunity.

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I literally be right across from UCF. The staff is also the best ! I have been living here for almost two years and haven’t had any problems !

The Verge has the best staff, they are so friendly and helpful. Management is amazing too, they are very on top of things and they care a lot about their residents!

I love living at The Verge! It's close to the UCF campus, relatively quiet, maintained well and has great amenities. The apartments themselves are up to date and are a decent size. Also love that it is pet friendly!

I love it here! The grounds are clean and beautiful, there are loads of amenities, and the events are fun. The utilities (laundry, oven, furniture) are low quality though.

I’ve had a very good and pleasant experience. I love this place so much and always find myself recommending it. I’ve had very few issues so far. Renewed my lease.