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A little too expensive. However, facilities are good. Trash place is too far way. Overall, staff members are nice and helpful (at least for now). Lease transfer fee is too much.

I really enjoy the staff and events. The gym and volleyball court is nice. The rent is more than I want to pay which is the only reason why I am moving out.

My experience with all the staff has been great. One time they couldn't find my package. They had three staff members look then said they would get back to me. Once the cabinet cleared, they were able to find it for me. My maintenance request were completed within a timely manner.

I absolutely love living here at the view! Always special events going on to keep residents happy and upbeat. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Great facility, with clean and modern apartments. Amazing amenities and environment! Maintenance is always super fast. Love that the view is pet friendly.

Amazing experience. Worth every penny. Great staff. Amazing amenities. Love having a fitness center and access to it 24/7. The other residents are really friendly.

Spacious and clean! I love the 24-hour gym and having a safe storage for my packages, which I can pick up at any time that is convenient for me.

I overall enjoy living at The View. It's set in a very nice area in State College, and it's a nice place for college students to live! I also love how many activities the View offers during the year.

I love the events. I love the free coffee and tea. I think the apartments are often noisy (thin walls) and the view is limited in many rooms. My room looks out into a brick wall.

The apartment is very good though there is a lot of noise from the construction of the Valley. So each morning there will be a LOT of noise starting at around 5am

My experience at The View has been great these past two years. There were no major incidents. I enjoy having my own bathroom as well as a washer and dryer.

The View is a fantastic place to live as a grad student. It is quiet, clean, and in a great location. Staff are wonderful. The free coffee and food events are a major plus. The 24/7 study spaces are my favorite part.

The staff is readily available to help with problems and respond quickly. Issues are resolved in a timely manner and to the best of the staff's ability.

Great amenities and good value for everyone getting their own bathroom and bedroom. Staff can be very condescending and difficult to work with. Also rent prices have increased despite the community aging and newer ones being built just yards away.

This place is nice! The walls are very thin so it makes having neighbors a little annoying sometimes. But the apartments are kept well and maintenance comes quickly.

everything is pretty good, maintenance issues have been a slight problem. our dryer doesn’t work and we’ve had maintenance come numerous times and it still doesn’t fully work

The best part of The View is the friendly staff and the timeliness of work orders. Work orders are usually done that or the next day! The amenities are also nice to have like free printing and a gym.

Living here is the greatest experience! This has absolutely been the best place I’ve lived during college and I’m dreading having to move out! My only complaint is that the dumpster is so far away from my apartment which makes taking the trash out super inconvienent.

I absolutely love my apartment. Having a nice space to come home to after class allows me to relax. The rooms are a great size and the bathroom and closet are as well. I do wish the kitchen had more counter space but I can live with it. It’d also be nice to have a different cable package. Other than that, it’s been a great fit for me.

Really good place for a really good price. Made lots of good friends here and have lots of events with them. Kitchen is a bit small but it is liveable

I love the apartment and the amenities that come with it. However, I do wish the hours of the different amenities would be extended. Since I would like to have coffee as I continue to study within the library.

Overall the experience were good, the amenities and the living environment is great, and the staff are pretty nice. There are also gym for me to do my exercise. So I think that overall it is pretty good.

The view is absolutely one of the best places to live in State College. The grounds are clean, clubhouse is very nice, and the staff is friendly. The only struggle is the distance from downtown and campus. The bus is a easy, quick trip, but sometimes not ideal.

It’s solid. Furniture is kind of lackluster and cheap, and walls are thin. But it’s been a decent living experience. Amenities like the coffee station and gym are a nice addition.