I love living here! I love how close it is to UCCS and the events that the west edge team puts on are so much fun to go to. I enjoy taking advantage of all the different amenities as well.

So far things have been getting better with the new staff that they got! I have been pleased with how organized they have been. Hopefully they will continue to improve!

It’s great, staff is amazing and the employees are super lit. Carter is the dude and always gets his work done on time and alerts me of packages

Nice place great pool great community but it’s weird having random people who don’t live there at the pool or events and they just sneak in with nobody

I really enjoy working with the staff and they are absolutely amazing! I am very excited for the things to come this next year with all new residents and students!

Overall, it was a very positive experience and I would recommend it. The only thing I was hoping for was an earlier move in date, however I was satisfied with the accommodations.

At west edge it was easy to sign my lease and start the application and move in process. I like that its close to UCCS and has very nice amenities. The pool is very nice and is in a very fun environment, as well as the whole outdoor area

Very fun but place to live everyone is very involved with eachother and welcoming I’ve only lived here a few months and met a ton of people westedge offers great plus such as the pool,gym and the roof im really glad I chose this as my home

The apartment is very close to UCCS which makes it very convenient. The amenities are very nice. There are some security issues that need to be improved.

It would be great if animal waste was cleaned up in a timely manor. There is literally urine and feces everywhere in the halls. The garage needs to be cleaned routinely

My time here at West Edge has been very pleasant. Despite the fire alarm pulls and other sorts of issues, I find that the bad outweighs the good heavily.

So far it great price point is good There are thing you have to. Get use to but things happen anyplace you live. I plan to stay here as long can

The events hosted here are pretty good, especially the Thirsty Thursdays. I love the amenities, I just wish it were a little cleaner in the halls and in the dog park.

The apartments are great. Very spacious and have top of the line amenities. The location is great for student of UCCS and they feel like home when you walk in.

The apartment is great with a variety of amenities. The staff that work here are very friendly and will go out of their way to do anything for you.

Love living at west edge. Wish the other residents were more courteous to the property. No issues or complaints with management or other staff.

Amenities are so nice and it is obvious they are very involved as they prove get togethers and offer food to residents. Rooms are nice and furnished which I love!

Everyone is so nice! We have came by a few times to show our families and the staff has always been so helpful! I can not wait to move in in August

Love it! They just need to be more mindful of the people who are parking their cars in the garage. I got it towed for the tag falling in my car!

Friendly staff and I love how they have events to meet other people and friends. I love how affordable the rent is. And they are always willing to help

This apartment has nice amenities, but they’re always so packed you can’t even enjoy them. The apartments are tiny and not well made. The fire alarms go off often and wake you up.

The main downsides to living here is the narrow parking garage and the fire alarms going off more than they should. But isn’t a bad place to live. Close to UCCS campus.

West edge is an awesome place to live, staff is awesome, maintenance is very helpful, and living conditions are great. David the maintenance guy deserves a raise!

Great amenities, great views, but everything is always trashed or closed because of inadequate security. We need cameras in the hallways to keep this from happening.

Fun and inviting place to live, endless activities, friendly staff, and free food which is always a plus. It was a great experience and I’m happy I got to live there.