I moved in during the first week of January and I am quite pleased with my resident experience to date. My roommate is clean, neat and easily accommodated. I never see my neighbors (that's a good thing!) and each member of the Staff has been helpful and polite. If I were to change one thing, I think it would be the manner in which utility payments are managed, Right now, the account for utilities is issued to one resident in each unit. It is incumbent upon that member to collect each of the other resident's share of the monthly utility bill. From what I understand, this can lead to conflict when one or more of the residents fails to pay their monthly share. I recommend that West Edge management come up with a way to compute and add each resident's share to their monthly rental bill. This puts the onus on West Edge to collect the monthly utility expense in accordance with the Lease Agreement signed by each resident and effectively removes the burden of collection from one single resident in each unit. Other than this important issue, I am happy to be a resident at West Edge.

I really love the hot tub! It always makes for a relaxing evening with my roommates and friends! I even invite guest over to enjoy the experience as well

Much better than the lodges. It’s nice to have fire places that actually work and a hot tub and pool. Not to mention having a ceiling fan in my room which I desperately need

I love it here at west edge! The facilities are all top notch and it is a definate plus that every resident gets to have their own bathroom. The outdoor grills are great too!

This complex is bran new, and it has lots of amnesties. Its internet speed is amazing. It is very silent. It is very close to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Only ten minutes walk to reach places in the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. It is so close to University Village in North Nevada. 5 minutes driving. It is perfect. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Enjoy it and do not miss it. :)

I think the hot tub hours should be extended, till 11pm on weekdays & 12am on weekends. To where as long as theirs no complaints then we could stay. Also, the printer needs to be fixed downstairs.

Overall it has been a good experience. Maintance is kind of iffy but other than that I have really enjoyed living in West Edge. I would definitely live here again next year.

So far it’s been okay, everyone is very helpful and tries to accommodate as best as they can. The only problem is how loud it is most of the time, and I feel like not much is done about it

Aside from the fire alarm going off all the time I’ve enjoyed living here. It feels like home. My room feels cozy and there’s a lot of stuff to do

I wish that there was heat in the apartment, also I feel somewhat unsafe living here knowing the garage has no cameras and pretty much anyone can get in.

Great apartment! Needs more storage space for the kitchen. No place to store food. But great apartment overall! The community aspect is there too! Love they way they treat you!

Appartment is beautiful and the proximity to uccs is nice. The management needs improvement and west edge is not following the guidelines of this lease.

Pretty good overall. Better than UCCS. Although the entire area seemed incomplete during moving in time. Extra fees can be a bit excessive. Good experience.

Really enjoy my living space and the amenities. Only thing is some things are not entirely worked out or organized. But overall I enjoy west edge and recommend.

This is a nice apartment complex, however things are already starting to fall a part. There are spaces where the walls dont touch the floor. My flooring is coming off, the carpet is coming up from the ground. It is easy to tell that the construction company did not put much effort into building the building

Overall pretty good. The staff is nice and prompt and the amenities are nice (while they last). They really do try and I appreciate that. -A

So far the stay hass been very good, the noise is minimum and if i ever need some matenance done I just need to place a call and the work is done prettu quick

West edge is a good place to live. It has a lot of things to do and chances to win free things, along with the resident get together a hosted by West Edge.

I like living here. It’s nice and close to campus which I love. I love having the study rooms available to use. I wish there were guest parking spaces though.

Such a good location. Just a small walk to school. Love the garage parking. It’s all starting to feel like home. So glad to find a place like this.

Great building and student accommodations. Apartments have limited space, no security cameras in garage, and cell service sucks inside the building. Great gym and lounges though! And usually pretty clean.

The community is beautiful and amenities are amazing but the entrance shows the poor planning. The apartments were very rushed and have a lot of rushed components ie. the paint

There have been quite a few issues while living here but it’s getting a little better, the WiFi should be secured like they said I️t would the second week of living here.

My apartment community has been extremely wonderful and peaceful... I couldn’t have asked for a better community to have my apartment in... good view of the community is spectacular and have an amazing view of our university.

I like my room but I never have cell service in the building and the WiFi never works, therefore hindering my academic abilities. I also dislike being harassed about renewing my lease after living here for less than 2 months and being told that if I don’t renew ASAP that I will no longer get to live here