Major things which could be improved include unlocking the back gate or making another entrance. I enjoy amenities and appliances however 4 room units seem crowded.

West edge was a good first apartment but I’ll never live here again. The utilities and rent per month are more than my parents mortgage on a 5 bedroom house. There is also no security, leading to homeless people breaking into cars, my bike getting stolen, and numerous parties that leave the hallways smelling like weed. Also the internet sucks

Apartments are great but I believe the rent is too high for a single lease. The noise is hard to live around. Neighbors simply walking around their apartment upstairs is very loud and distracting. Residents are very careless and the halls are constantly tampered with (trash, vomit, etc.), the entrance to the building is very narrow and often dangerous. It is very difficult and unsafe for two cars to be exiting/entering at the same time. The guest parking policy is a bit hard to get around as you can only obtain a guest pass during office hours. This makes last minute visits very hard to plan. The maintenance has always done a great job of getting things fixed in a timely manner. Ritchie is great with fixing any issues. The staff has been helpful with any needs I've had and they always greet me with a smile but can sometimes come off as unprofessional. A few days ago I witnessed a staff member smoking in the garage while West Edge has a no smoking policy, I feel like this should be done outside. Overall, it has been okay but living conditions and rent prices could improve significantly.

When I first got here, it was a little hectic and unfinished, however we were compensated for that. The second semester here has been amazing and everything has improved incredibly! Great emenities, great staff, and everything seems to be fixed more promptly. The security has gotten better and I feel more safe here! I love how pet friendly it is and seeing all the puppies play outside together.

I am in love with the property. They have everything any college student could need. The staff are friendly, the building is clean and quiet, and I love all of the amenities.

It's continued to get better living here. It's quiet and there's a lot of great amenities. Being close to campus is great too. I don't really have any complaints at the moment.

It's so cool, I can't wait to move in next year. I'm so excited. Everyone has been so nice. I'm glad ill get to live close to campus again in a nice big apartment.

The effort is there and things are generally improving from their rocky start, albeit a bit slow. Things seem to suffer from a communication breakdown sometimes.

Good ammentities, and the rooms are very nice. The management is poor though, and the cleanliness of the halls is also very poor. Should spend more time cleaning the hall ways & the pool..

I wish it was more organized and built better. The staff here are cool, however I feel that it was rushed to be built and not really planned out that well

west edge has been great, everyone is super friendly and when taking the tour, the tour guide was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions in depth.

The community is nice and so are the amenities (when they are open). The front desk staff is great and very helpful. The rest of the staff and contractors are not so great. The people who work the front desk are very professional and care about the residents, much more so than the management who are usually rude and not helpful at all.

Beautiful. It’s hard to be a salt water swimming pool or a roof deck over-looking Pikes Peak. Elevators. Garage parking. Lots of places have tried to make a “luxury student living” community. West Edge succeeded. Very pleased so far.

Reply from The West Edge


Overall it is a great place to live but I wish more would be done to keep the place cleaner. There is constantly dog poop throughout the apartment as well as people’s trash, especially by the stairs.

I like how there are community events and various amenities available for us to use. I like the room set up and size and how each room has its own bathroom.

I can’t wait till it gets a little warmer to use the pool! Super excited to be outside when it gets warmer! So many amenities to use outdoors! Love it here!

Love it here. The staff helps with any issues or request we have. The events always keep us interested as well as a great way to meet people

It has been getting better since the last time I reviewed. The staff has been a lot more friendly and the amenities are working great. I’m really becoming happy at this place.

My review of my apartment community so far has been nothing but excellent lately because the staffs and the tenants are really friendly and caring towards each other. I’ve had the most exciting experience living in my apartment community.

Huge noise improvement! You where ever you have problems with neighbors and how loud they are. My only concern is that there’s not always a security guard. I got the impression that they were always be in security guard after hours.

The staff is what truly makes this best place to live. They are always friendly and always have candy and dog treats at the front desk. Everyone knows my name and my dogs name, it’s nice to be greeted everyday.

My apartment community has been nothing but extravagant and extraordinary when it comes to providing for their residents who needs a place to stay.... they also provide delicious food to help us out during finals or midterms.. #GoWestEdge

Its been an absolute blast so far. The staff here is really friendly and with them it made moving transition with ease. ! month down 5 more to go and i am super excited

Overall it is a very nice place to live, especially for students. You get really attractive, modern looking luxury apartments for an affordable price. There is a lot of nice ammenities included and all the community events are fun.

I moved in during the first week of January and I am quite pleased with my resident experience to date. My roommate is clean, neat and easily accommodated. I never see my neighbors (that's a good thing!) and each member of the Staff has been helpful and polite. If I were to change one thing, I think it would be the manner in which utility payments are managed, Right now, the account for utilities is issued to one resident in each unit. It is incumbent upon that member to collect each of the other resident's share of the monthly utility bill. From what I understand, this can lead to conflict when one or more of the residents fails to pay their monthly share. I recommend that West Edge management come up with a way to compute and add each resident's share to their monthly rental bill. This puts the onus on West Edge to collect the monthly utility expense in accordance with the Lease Agreement signed by each resident and effectively removes the burden of collection from one single resident in each unit. Other than this important issue, I am happy to be a resident at West Edge.