I love how west edge plans so many events to get students involved and helps residents to meet. I'm so excited to move in this month and experience the greatness that is west edge.

my apartment is fantastic because the staffs and tenants are amazing people. also, the apartment is very affordable for a college student and has a gorgeous view as well

There are some apartment room things that need fixed that weren't explained and I also don't understand the internet. I wish that i was given a map when I moved in.

I Absolutely love west edge so far!! The People are great here and so is the staff, they are always willing to help out! I love my new room and all of the amenities !

The service is very hospitable, however I feel like I am being somewhat ripped off without the amenities. I also thought West Edge covered electric to a certain cap off, as it implied in the first lease agreement. Also, the room was a complete mess when we first moved in. Other than that the apartment is great. .

Yah it seems really sick here it's very affordable and it's rigjt next to the campus, not to mention the apartments themselves are incredibly sleek and modern looking

So far I like it here. Everything is new and modern. I haven't used the amenities yet but I'm excited to. The reason I didn't gave 5 stars is because I feel like the apartment was rushed to be done.

Property looks poorly slapped together just so people could move in. lots of work to be done still. however the amenities are nice and everything looks good. just. red to fix the cheap construction look.

Overall the place is nice but has many problems due to rushed construction. I think after a while when construction is all caught up it will be amazing!

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The only frustrating thing about WestEdge was all of the delays. Other than that, the community is neatly built and organized well. I look forward to living here.

The complex is very, very nice, maintenance people are great so far, within walking distance to UCCS. The only issue is the late construction work, which is being remedied quickly.

It's been great so far! Everyone is friendly and willing to help as far as staff goes. There needs to be a speed limit sign in the garage though

This is awesome! Can't believe they would have something like this! This is the way to go and a prefect way to bring people in! Keep it up boiiiii

I love it here but we do need a secure wifi network for safety of the residents personal information, but I can't wait to see the building fully done!

It is a little unfinished and messy now. As soon as they're dome with construction it will be really nice. So far that's my only complaint. They people at West edge also do a lot for their residents

I wish that everything was done before move in day. And my apartment is technically considered done but it still has a lot of work that needs to be done

Staff is wonderful, only wish the building was a little cleaner but I understand with construction going on that it's not yet completed. Great place to live.

Great community and facilities. Can't wait for the rest of the amenities to finish line! Looking forward to a great year here and meeting many new faces.

I love my apartment and how beautiful everything is. I'm sad that the pool and some other amenities were not finished in time, but it will be a great year here at West Edge.

super great I really like how we are able to earn points and get rewards. it's a really nice system considering it's free and a nice little add on to moving in

The staff is not really helpful. I kept getting conflicting information one person said one thing and then the other person said another. I asked one staff member to show me where in my apartment is he didn't even want to help me he passed me off to somebody else I just thought that was really rude.

Although there are some issues with amenities not being ready, construction workers being rude, and problems with the oven and blinds in my appartment, the west edge staff have been very friendly and helpful!

Really nice apartment inside. I wish the apartments were finished so we could use all the amenities we were promised. Once that's all done I love it

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