West Edge is always very dirty. No one ever cleans the hallways or the gym machines. We are paying way too much for our apartment building not to be clean.

Horrible experience. They were late with the completion of the apartment, we didn't move in but still had to pay a cancellation fee. Never had a walk through as agreed.

Location is good. Everything else is pretty bad. Nothing is very good quality. Random people walking around all the time. Nothing is ever clean.

THIS PLACE IS NOT SAFE. I tried saying way more but apparently being honest is considered “spam” to you guys. Thanks for not letting your residents speak there minds where people can see it.

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I am living in a brand new apartment. I am unable to use my BROKEN dryer, and dish washer. My counter is shattered in my bathroom. No one is doing anything about it. I'm paying for broken electronics.

I am a new resident here at west edge. I startedliving here in august of 2017. At the beggining it was great. But then the more people lived her, the more chaotic it became. The halls started being dirty, the fire alarm went off everyother week at some point during the night.

this place sucks ruined a whole year for me. The place is cheap and has horrible management. All they do is lie and make up excuses. With new management and a management that actually can think about the residents this place might be nice but for now no one should pay to live at this place! The management will treat you like your 5 years old and you will get texts from them daily

Okay place to live. Rent is expensive and not really worth what you get, rooms are small and management is in competent. They don’t treat you like adults or respect you here.

Thus far I am less than pleased with west edge. Telling lies and breaking promises is not a good way to keep customers. Most of use may be in college but we aren't stupid. I didn't even want to give the half a star rating I gave but there is no option for no stars if there was I would submit no stars

The apartment community is bad. The staff rarely helpful, the whole apartment complex is dirty, no one ever cleans the carpets in the hallways, things break all the time in our apartment, people get bacterial infections from the pool, and rent is super expensive.

Rushed move in. Amen totes not complete only given $100 for that. No updates on things being built. Construction everywhere and tractors close to hitting me

I got my car stolen from the 4th floor of they're garage and no one cared or even seemed empathetic. Besides that and the dirty halls thats smells like poop because dog poop in them and no one cleans it. It's okay

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Being brand new to the area, this apartment complex as really given me a sense of community and I’ve met so many friends because of west edge.

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Overall this place is one of a kind. Since poeple are wanting to move they have to sublease so they post their rooms on Craigslist. Next thing you know you meet people on the roof top who are like 40 years old and aren’t students.. thought this was supposed to be STUDENT housing.

the move in was rushed big time. None of the amenities are finished that we were promised. The building is always under construction. i swear someone will get hit by a tractor

Terrible. Y’all have changed my lease twice now on me and my car got broken into here and my boy friends car got towed because you guys couldn’t update us on policies. Lost 325$ thanks. And you tow it all the way to fountain..... 🙄

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The entire management team should be fired. Criminal and civil actions are ongoing against this slum. I have personally signed onto a civil rights action against this place.

All in all the amenities are fantastic. Everything is only a year old and somehow already has years of wear and tear, especially the bathrooms and kitchens. The keys to get into the entrances rarely work and it took them weeks for me to get a key to my own bedroom. The fire alarm goes off at least once a week and they have done nothing about it. It went off three times one night at 2:30 am. If the managment didnt hate their jobs and if the majority of the staff wasnt college students, this place might be better. Also there is an absurd amount of dog poop everywhere, if the tennants aernt going to clean it up, then the staff needs too because the rest dont want to have to watch our every step to avoid it.

Would not recommend. Will tow anyone's car that is not parked in the right spot no matter the circumstances. Safety is also an issue, garage door doesn't have cameras and anyone can get in, someone actually broke into people's car and west edge did nothing about the issue

They change the noice complaint number so that they don’t get any calls. It’s a college apartment so if you’re okay with beer cans in the hall way and elevator this is the place for you!

Missing $1,000 in visa gift card. So much wrong with room and unfinished. Very disappointing to not have what has been promised all year long

It would be great if animal waste was cleaned up in a timely manor. There is literally urine and feces everywhere in the halls. The garage needs to be cleaned routinely

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I was given a reward code to enter into this website, and there isn't even a place to enter it. Are you guys even trying? You get one star because they finally cleaned up the hallways.

Everything is messy and out of control we still haven't gotten things fixed and I heard the pipes arent up to code and are dangerous because they aren't locked. Too many corners cut