I love living here and it’s super affordable! The best part are the events that take place and the staff is super nice and will fix any problems!

It is far from campus and in the beginning of the year it takes them weeks to fix things due to maintenance being swamped with orders. The pool is nice and the remodeled clubhouse.

It is nice i like the people, the staff, and the environment. I also like how the Wyatt is keeping everyone active with them throughout the community

The front desk staff are awesome. The maintenance get things in a timely manner. I've had a lot of trouble with my roommate and i get blamed for everything that happens.

Overall, it was a pretty nice place to live. Maintenance was slow at some points to fix what was broken but eventually came. The residents were mostly the problem with noise but other than that, the place was tolerable.

I’m really liking it here so far at the Wyatt. It’s clean, nice, and I have plenty of space for my dog to run. It’s nice to have an affordable place

My check in process went well. The only complaint was that I wasn’t told beforehand that only money orders were accepted, so I almost wasn’t able to get into my room after driving two hours. However, the staff seems friendly and the apartment itself is nice. I love that there is in-unit laundry!

I love it. it’s not too loud and the staff are nice apartment is great. The new set up in the leasing office is beautiful and the neighborhood is close to a lot of stores. Amazing place to live

I’ve lived here for 3 years and I’ve had my up and downs but overall it is a great place to live. Also they remodel everything and they have improved big time!

Living here has been great. Maintenance is always quick to respond and very helpful. The workers in the office are always so helpful and friendly.

Overall I have been here for 8 months and it has been nice. Prior to my stay here I lived in 58west and that wasn’t a good fit for me the place just wasn’t for me. Moving here was a great choice and I wish I would e moved here sooner! Maintenance is pretty quick and nice. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. The apartment complex it’s self is nice and I’m glad that there is a private shuttle!

I love this place!!! The pool is always fun, they have a clubhouse I can study in when my roommates are noisy, and a great gym. The office staff is always so nice and helpful.

It’s close to westerns campus which is convenient for college students , and has a weight room that you can walk to, affordable rent, nice area

Apartment is very nice but staff needs some work..people labeled managers don’t seem to know anything more than the normal staff. Also staff was kind of rude.

It's a great calm location in a safe place that is near Target, Starbucks, restaurant chains and many other stores as well. Kalamazoo 10 is also near by walking distance.

I really enjoy living at The Wyatt. Property management is very easy and accessible to deal with. Rent, utilities, and other fees aren't too crazy.

They almost never cut the grass here. Our grass is over a foot long and it is very annoying. Please come cut the grass as it is annoying to look at.

A lot of the stuff in our place is broken. We are contacting maintenance to fix it. They still haven’t come yet. Really bad parking lots, lots of pot holes.

I really like it here so far even though I am a newer resident here. I like how The Wyatt engages the resident to participate in community activities.

It was good my first two years here, but this past year has been really uncomfortable I stayed at other places half of the time. Was planning on renewing my lease, but now I am doubting it.

So far my experience has been decent. I hope with all the time i have here a lot will improve. Possibly when the new term starts things will be better.

What I first liked when I moved in is how neat it is and that it’s furnished. I also like that we each get our own bathroom and don’t have to share. The balcony is also a nice addition.

I took over a Lease - the process itself was super easy which was refreshing! After moving in I discovered somethings were wrong with the apartment (my main concern was the water pressure and how it was causing mold and mildew in the bathroom). At first the GM was very apologetic, but then after discovering I was a take over she explained that I took the apartment 'as-is' but that she would still send someone over. I'm very glad that the water pressure was adjusted so the showers are no longer painful, but hope the next person can get the mold/mildew problem taken care of. No one should have to worry about their health while living here. The people in the office have been wonderful. Super helpful and they actually know who I am. I wish I could give this place 5 stars... Adia is amazing.

Overall been here 3 months and just had minor issues that were solved. Office staff can be a bit much have to repeat yourself over and over but you just have to let them know. Room is decent size and besides the issues you can make it work

Our neighbors are extremely loud, especially on week nights when my roommates and I have to be up early for class the next morning. Other than the neighbor situation, The Wyatt has been a nice place to live. The amenities are good and our apartment looks a lot nicer now that we had renovations done to it.