The appartment space is exactly what I was looking for. It's a great price and with the shuttle to campus plus all of the amenities it seems worth it to me. The people in the office are nice and have taken care of everything for me and my roomates.

I like living here. It's peaceful and really comforting. The private bus is convenient. All the managers are very helpful. The gym is really good.

Good rate, rooms are nice, people are friendly, and availabale parking. In addition, most of the staff here is very friendly and attentive to your needs.

Great space to live, not to big and not to small. I will start with the negative aspects. First, the recent lack of snowplowing and clearing of side walks is unlike years in the past. Also, a greater number of parking spots are now being filled with snow instead of removed like in years past. Maintenance is usually quick and efficient with their time in and out of the apartment. The furniture that is provided is comfortable and will being sufficient for myself holding all my belongings. Other then the recent change in snow removal and change in company, this community works well together and only has small imperfections to work on.

The staff do everything they can to help make sure the residents are taken care of. The community and buildings are a lot nicer then other complexes around.

I just recently moved in but my experience has been great so far. The office has been very helpful and my roommates are both extremely nice and welcoming.

Everything here is good except the room temperature. The air conditioner cannot keep the same temperature for the whole apartment, so we have different temperatures in different rooms.

Great community for students, nice people, great location, and clean apartments. Also, it is safe to live in. They have free parking for the first card but if you have another card, you will pay $25 for the parking.

The maintenance is amazingly on time with requests and staff are very friendly. Not much activities lately, but overall, its pretty good experience living here for my 3rd year.

Could of been way better. Didn’t like how when it’s winter out nobody puts salt down to clear steps or the roads so nobody to slide or slip.

I really like the atmosphere here. The staff is very cooperative and understanding. The maintainance people never dissapoint and the bus service is just the icing on the cake.

The buildings are nice and the bus and gym are very nice perks to living at the Wyatt. The lack of toner in the printer is a problem when something needs to be printed off last minute. Also the lack of wipes in the gym.

It is quite nice living here! I love that there is a shuttle to & from campus so I save a lot on gas! I also like that visitors can basically park anywhere without getting a ticket unlike a lot of other apartment places. The only thing that has bothered me so far are the bugs. I have had bees falling out of my vents & other bugs up until it got cold outside. When i told the front office they said they would send an exterminator and the never did.

Its very decent and nice The people get along well and the office does a great job with everything I would definitely tell people to come and live here

Apartments rooms are decent size. The carpet is stain but it’s manageable. You have plenty of parking and not as noisy as expected. Kitchen is nice and clean.

The place itself is nice, especially now that we got upgraded renovations. The walls between each unit are thin, however, and when you have noisy neighbors who make noise until 2am almost every night, it's very annoying.

Overall, it hasn’t been that bad. When we first moved in, the carpets were nasty along with the countertops, but they got that fixed for us really fast. The only thing is our counter never got completely finished. That would be my biggest complaint. Also, it’s taken 3 months for my lock to get fixed as that is also annoying. Other than that, the staff is nice and the apartment isn’t to bad either.

I have been here since 2016, my favorite thing to do here is go to the gym. I really enjoy it here I have great roommates and a nice spacious room

Moving in was chaotic (the process could have been more structured). Things were broke and I’m still waiting for a replacement refrigerator.

The staff is very helpful and willing to accommodate. The townhouse I am living in was redone and updated. With the new hardwood floor, this place looks great!

I love it here . I love my rooomates , my room. The staff is amazing ! They are always nice and willing to help you , especially with problems at your home.

Lived here since 2014 and still loving it. 2nd year in the one bedroom and it’s even better. Definitely thinking about renewing for the 2019-2020 year!

Moving in, we had a lot of issues, however since being here it has improved lot. Any request that we put in has been taken care of almost immediately, and the staff has been very helpful.

The experience here at the Wyatt has been pretty memorable. The residents and staff greeted me and made me feel at home. I like the atmosphere of the main office/ weight room.

The apartments at the Wyatt have been very nice to live at for the last year and a half. The staff had been helpful and the new gr renovations have been nice.