I like that there is a private shuttle to campus. The management here and my roommates aren’t the best though. They didn’t give me an opportunity to do roommate matching, so I’m stuck with loud, obnoxious, not very clean roommates.

So far so good the new staff is very efficient and friendly the Unit as well as the community is clean I always feel safe due to the on call security guards at all times

Great place to live for students. Furnitures are best in the apartment. Faculty are so kind. I love staying at wyatt because they provide a free parking and a shuttle drives directly to WMU

Really friendly community, awesome roommates and apartment, faculty is really helpful and nice! solid 10/10 would recommend to my friends! !

It’s close to the highway and stores all around the city of Kalamazoo. The parking is ok i guess but it’s great. Been here for about three years

Great complex for the money spent. Enjoy the things they do for the residents, but wish they would fix all roads in complex and out dog trash cans by each apartment.

It's a nice clean quite community n they'll work with you on rent the beds are not that great and also the rooms come with cable and wifi that's fast

So far so good. I love the complex. The apartments are cute, cozy and relatively affordable. The pool is awesome and the work out center is accessible and filled with great cardio equipment.

It's not the worst. BUT the walls are super thin, so you hear everything. When I moved in, the place was a pit. Half of the stove burners don't work. The washer doesn't ring out the clothes, the dryer doesn't dry a small load even after 50 min cycle. The heat does kick so it's easy to keep it set at 65 in the winter. I don't blame the messiness on the complex because there was 3 other people living there before I moved in. They are great about involvement. Texting about little treats or random surprises.

Pretty cool laid back with lots to do. The environment is awesome. Everything is right there and convenient. Nice clean and updated living quarters. Spacious and attentive staff. Feels like home for real.

Always a great help However my sliding door is still broken. The office staff is very friendly and understanding. I can find to then about anything

I have had multiple problems with roommates and maintenance issues in my apartment. The gym seems that it has been closed more than it’s open and in the warmer months the pool wasn’t clean. I do like my renovated apartment, but I wish they would’ve replaced the carpets in the bedrooms because they are awful.

I can hear everything above & around me so it’s hard to really have peace and quiet. Also there has been multiple occasions where someone who worked in the office had walked into our apartment without letting someone answer the door. That makes us feel very uncomfortable knowing anyone who works there can walk in whenever they feel

I have really cool roommates, the location is wonderful, it's cool that a pool and hot tob and fitness room is included, and everything is furnished.

Roommates kinda annoying and gross. The Kitchen Tile and tub caulking needs to be redone. Good price tho. Maintenance usually shows up in a timely fashion. Office people are nice

Poor communication needs work! Pool is always gross and so does the hot tub it never gets hot! The size of the apartments are nice! And some units are nice

The appartment space is exactly what I was looking for. It's a great price and with the shuttle to campus plus all of the amenities it seems worth it to me. The people in the office are nice and have taken care of everything for me and my roomates.

The washer has been broken since I moved in and no matter how many service requests we have put in no one will come fix it. Every time we call everyone is extremely rude as well and never calls back like they say they will.

I like living here. It's peaceful and really comforting. The private bus is convenient. All the managers are very helpful. The gym is really good.

Good rate, rooms are nice, people are friendly, and availabale parking. In addition, most of the staff here is very friendly and attentive to your needs.

Since living in our apartment, there hasn’t really been anything wonderful. Besides the haunted noises being heard and ruckus always after midnight in the room above mine, everything else has been fine.

Great space to live, not to big and not to small. I will start with the negative aspects. First, the recent lack of snowplowing and clearing of side walks is unlike years in the past. Also, a greater number of parking spots are now being filled with snow instead of removed like in years past. Maintenance is usually quick and efficient with their time in and out of the apartment. The furniture that is provided is comfortable and will being sufficient for myself holding all my belongings. Other then the recent change in snow removal and change in company, this community works well together and only has small imperfections to work on.

The staff do everything they can to help make sure the residents are taken care of. The community and buildings are a lot nicer then other complexes around.

I just recently moved in but my experience has been great so far. The office has been very helpful and my roommates are both extremely nice and welcoming.

Everything here is good except the room temperature. The air conditioner cannot keep the same temperature for the whole apartment, so we have different temperatures in different rooms.